Hello, Holmes, if you don't mind,

jediholmshenwatson2 mini

I am your personal helper and scout in the STEEM Blockchain. You want to know more about STEEM or Steemit? ... just ask me.
I know a lot and want to know even more and I have even more answers. The Blockchain never forgets but it covers up.
So I'm helping you find the needle in the STEEM pile. No question is too complicated for me.

My Watson (S2DB)

Of course, I don't work alone. So that I can get you answers, I need a S2DB instance, that's my Watson, my helper for all cases.

An S2DB instance converts the STEEM data for a relational database and stores it there. The whole thing has the reason, only so I can search correctly. Especially fast. You have to know the blockchain is a great thing and is a huge transaction directory, but as far as the searchability is concerned unfortunately very impracticable. That's why I need my Watson ... because I can't do without him.

Who did it?

As so often, projects are not created by individuals. The following people helped to create me:

  • pcsg-dev (STEEMIT Holmes & S2DB)
  • dehenne (STEEMIT Holmes & S2DB)
  • RivalzZz (Logo for STEEMIT Holmes)
  • jedigeiss (Help with server placement, ideas and as Papa Smurf)

You are a witness?

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