NextColony is a last days space simulation with RPG elements and tradeable collectibles built on the Steem blockchain

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User Couter 2,651
User Authentifications 2651
Accounts as a Reciever 347
Trans. Recieved Total 3,573
Outgoing Steem Volume 132,108.38
Outgoing SBD Volume 11,289.18
Accounts as a Sender 113
Trans. Sent Total 232
incoming Steem Volume 5,349.04
incoming SBD Volume 8,534.80
JSON TID Users Counter 2,866
JSON TID Transaction Counter 497,602
JSON RPA payment Accounts 1
JSON RPA Transaction Counter 3

Steem: 0.18$

2021-01-26 04:27:23

BitCoin: 31,887.45$

2021-01-26 04:27:23
  • 100,000 STEEM in only two weeks
    What a wild journey. This journey has been exhausting, turbulent, emotional, motivating, inspiring and consumed a lot of coffee and donuts. We raised 100,000 STEEM in only two weeks and that means also that we have a huge reward pool to distribute. Current reward pool: 30,000 STEEM 30% of the income flows into the reward pool Doesn't sound 30,000 STEEM cool? There are three main ways to receive sweet honey from the reward pool: Wonder of the universe Successful players Active players ... more
    2019-05-05 06:30:18 Block Num: 32633892
  • 10 Facts about the Battle module
    We’re working under high pressure on the NextColony Battle module and have already made very good progress. Today we give you a little insight into the module, so that you know what to expect on June 8th. Okay, let’s go… You have 21 battleships at your disposal. There are Corvette, Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Carrier and Dreadnought each in three versions. The exact dates of the battleships will be published on June 8th. The balancing of the Battle module is already largely ... more
    2019-05-03 08:59:21 Block Num: 32579327
  • Battle starts on June 8th
    Immediately after the launch of NextColony about 2 weeks ago, we made countless optimizations and fixed bugs. An essential optimization is the API and therefore NextColony runs much smoother. We were really overwhelmed by the mass of players. We are now working on our next big module, the battle module. The date for the start of the battle module is now fixed. Battle starts on June 8, 2019 20:00:00 UTC Now it's your turn! Expand your mines, choose the skills you want to enhance, explor ... more
    2019-04-30 16:19:15 Block Num: 32501784
  • Runes are now limited
    A special concern for us is the establishment of a functioning ecosystem. Trading is an elementary component of NextColony. In order to give all traders a real benefit, it is therefore important that we are limiting some items. This is why we are going to fulfilling this wish today. This sentence is on the NextColony website and we take it very seriously: Trade digital collectibles We announce today that we limit the Runes from now on. There are three different Runes, which are limite ... more
    2019-04-25 11:37:18 Block Num: 32352223
Accounts ID: 1231305
Accounts Name: nextcolony
Recovery Account oliverschmid
Post Count 1,083
Voting Power: 0
Is Able To Vote true
Current Mana 2,285,816,953,312
Last Post 2020-05-13T20:46:00
Last Root Post 2020-05-13T20:46:00
Last Vote Time 2020-05-13T06:53:45
Post Bandwidth 0
Pending Claimed Accounts 1,180
Balance 0 STEEM
Balance 0 STEEM
SBD Balance 0 SBD
SBD Savings Balance 0 SBD
Steem Reward Balance 0 STEEM
SBD Reward Balance 0 SBD
Vesting Balance 0 STEEM
Vesting Reward Balance 0 VESTS
Vesting Reward Steem 0 STEEM
Vesting Shares 0 VESTS
Delegated Vesting Shares 0 VESTS
Recieved Vesting Shares 0 VESTS
Vesting Withdraw Rate 0 VESTS
Withdrawn 2,285,816,953,312
To Withdraw 2,285,816,953,312
Curation Rewards 7,944,700
Posting Rewards 8,440,193
Reputation: 127,522,303,246,628

Json Metadata

    "profile": {
        "name": "NextColony",
        "about": "Explore. Colonize. Battle. Collect.",
        "website": "https:\/\/\/",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmVUKcFEZDPuyoip7byvCwd1G2VfbSShEXeppnvbP4Ybet\/back.png",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmSKU2jLvUvAJ1XXhfWFdxD616RvV7TPPwhk8Q3FwjPZhy\/icon_w_back.png",
        "redirect_uris": [
        "type": "app",
        "dtube_pub": "mwAFhLrvxc2rJXrbdFbUatKd1ee861NDWFnGi4sTWpCH"

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