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User Couter 3,044
User Authentifications 2313
Accounts as a Reciever 1,259
Trans. Recieved Total 141,589
Outgoing Steem Volume 647,092.24
Outgoing SBD Volume 100,009.84
Accounts as a Sender 3,044
Trans. Sent Total 271,421
incoming Steem Volume 646,137.65
incoming SBD Volume 99,955.20
JSON TID Users Counter 487
JSON TID Transaction Counter 53,654
JSON RPA payment Accounts 18
JSON RPA Transaction Counter 7,630

Steem: 0.43$

2021-03-01 16:44:04

BitCoin: 49,289.81$

2021-03-01 16:44:04
    We have officially launched the Beta of our card Rental Market. This was the long time dream of @aggroed and many other Hodlers of cards: How to make residual income from the mass amounts of cards they have while also making higher levels of the game more accessible to more players. Spread the news, share the post... rental market only works if we let renters know there are cards ready to be rented. BUT FIRST THE UI CHANGES... COLLECTION UI CHANGES Now you can quickly see information like ... more
    2019-04-17 17:04:36 Block Num: 32128479
    RENTAL MARKET UPDATE Some may know this as "delegation market"... we're calling it the "Rental Market" because it is more intuitive to new users. SteemPeak made a change to the Protocol layer which allows users to play with cards another user lends them. But ownership never has to change hands. There is a huge amount of User Interface potential for this small underlying code change. We've been hard at work. CHALLENGE US ON DETAILS Anyone have any questions about Rental Market? Feel free to gr ... more
    2019-04-14 00:25:39 Block Num: 32022170
  • PEAKMONSTERS UPDATE - Preparing UI for delegations, bids update and more
    Just a quick update about what we're doing over on BID UPDATE There have been a few important changes on steemmonsters that we need to catch up on and bids is one of those things. First of all it's not very public knowledge but on steemmonsters you can list a card for up to 3 decimal places. This means we're updating PeakMonsters 1. Soon you'll be able to list a card at 3 decimal places 2. Bids have always been doable at 3 decimal places and now they'll pick up ca ... more
    2019-03-31 14:05:21 Block Num: 31637198
  • Statistical Analysis on Pricing
    While we eagerly await CARD DELEGATION MARKET ... let's play with some numbers. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS In testing for future possible automated features I sometimes do manual analysis. That's what I did with a nice little google spreadsheet of all the prices form today and exactly 1 week ago. I have been doing the prsent analysis style which takes over an hour to calculate by hand 3 times now over the span of 21 days. I thought I'd share specially because it describes prices from a deep low ... more
    2019-03-24 22:59:21 Block Num: 31446368
Accounts ID: 1096687
Accounts Name: peakmonsters
Recovery Account steemmonsters
Post Count 629
Voting Power: 0
Is Able To Vote true
Current Mana 39,407,066,211
Last Post 2020-06-02T00:13:27
Last Root Post 2020-06-02T00:13:27
Last Vote Time 2020-06-02T00:30:30
Post Bandwidth 0
Pending Claimed Accounts 0
Balance 0 STEEM
Balance 0 STEEM
SBD Balance 0 SBD
SBD Savings Balance 0 SBD
Steem Reward Balance 0 STEEM
SBD Reward Balance 0 SBD
Vesting Balance 0 STEEM
Vesting Reward Balance 0 VESTS
Vesting Reward Steem 0 STEEM
Vesting Shares 30,168 VESTS
Delegated Vesting Shares 29,702 VESTS
Recieved Vesting Shares 0 VESTS
Vesting Withdraw Rate 0 VESTS
Withdrawn 38,940,297,886
To Withdraw 38,940,297,886
Curation Rewards 11,549
Posting Rewards 1,080,166
Reputation: 22,817,382,529,778

Json Metadata

    "profile": {
        "name": "PeakMonsters",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmSPd38A2etGPsHXBL6TSiZxJJXaupZUfgg8rNF4R9eLWo\/peakmonsters.png",
        "website": "https:\/\/",
        "about": "Quick\/Easy\/Bulk\/informative SteemMonsters Market",
        "location": "SplinterLands"

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