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2019-12-08 16:59:01
  • More Smoke Cannabis Than Cigarettes in Seattle
    # In Seattle, more citizens smoke cannabis than cigarettes.  What a sea change!In a major shift, as cannabis has been legalized in Washington, we have seen the effects of an increase in supply to the existing demand.Will this hold true as cannabis is legalized around the United States and the rest of the world?  Only time will tell. # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2019-12-07 05:20:48 Block Num: 38,820,040
  • Steemit Poll- Do You Get an Annual Checkup?
    Do you get an annual health checkup? Yes No If not, why not? According to recent medical consensus, an annual health screening checkup is not required for healthy adults. But, many American adults continue to go. I do not get an annual checkup, because I believe going to the doctor too much when healthy can lead to unnecessary testing and risk. Who needs the stress? As I age, I will go more often. Are you similar in this view? Men go to the doctor less than women, and this is no s ... more
    2019-12-06 22:17:36 Block Num: 38,811,596
  • How Can We Properly Perform Valuation on Cryptocurrency at All?
    how-can-we-properly-perform-valuation-on-cryptocurrency-at-all How do you value a cryptocurrency? What can we do as investors to ensure out due diligence has been undertaken? Bitcoin is only 10-years old, so are investors actually speculators? What factors must you take into consideration when doing so? Scalability Total supply Unique value proposition Unique features of the underlying technology Economic moat P ... more
    2019-12-06 21:26:42 Block Num: 38,810,578
  • Reading- Rocket Fuel for Creatives and Leaders
    As cliche as it sounds, the old saying that "leaders read" is true. Reading gives you examples of leaders you can look up to. Reading is rocket fuel for both creatives and leaders. Reading the book Endurance by Alfred Lansing is a great way for a leader to get an example of leadership in action. Shackleton was an Arctic expedition leader whose ship crashed and broke in the Arctic. He returned home after months of hard labor with no loss of life. His leadership efforts saved the lives of ... more
    2019-12-06 20:47:15 Block Num: 38,809,790
  • Friday Thoughts- Facing Up to a New Reality
    The world is changing. The richest cities in the world of antiquity including Cairo, Athens, Rome and even Detroit have all risen and fallen in their position. The technologies we use are all different. Out philosophies on life have changed. I drive past fields of crops daily that are harvested by tractors and hay bailers that make food production efficient. I don't look like I did a decade ago. My car has a backup camera and a motion sensor. My house has security cameras and a security s ... more
    2019-12-06 14:46:21 Block Num: 38,802,581
  • San Fransisco- Luxury Cannabis Retail Flourishes
    # Union Square is home to luxury retail in San Francisco, and has become a hot spot for competition of luxury cannabis retailers.Cannabis is recreationally legal in Califonia, and the completion for prime real estate is heating up.With cannabis becomming a hot commodity, luxury brands will come to consumer's attention. # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2019-12-06 03:31:39 Block Num: 38,789,115
  • Reacting to Bad News- How to Keep it Together
    When I picked up the phone, I could tell this was going to be bad. I knew the caller's number, and this was a late hour they never stayed up for. I answered it, and the next 3-weeks are a blur in my mind. Doctors surrounded the bed where she lay. They weren't so concerned at the time, but her frailty was on full display. The strong and vibrant woman she once was had been muted by the circumstances. It was jarring. After 2-weeks in bed, she became more talkative and seemed to be improving, ... more
    2019-12-05 18:11:06 Block Num: 38,777,929
  • Why Do People Turn on Their Own?
    I have never understood this dynamic. Why do people turn on their own? What gain is there to be found? Cooperation and peace are so key to life in our society. When I hear about families, team mates and coworkers turning on one another, it makes me sad. We are here to help one another, but the way things are going that may be detrimental. If you want to build an empire or a stack, it is better to do so in secret more often than not. This is why cryptocurrency is so popular today. It can ... more
    2019-12-05 16:33:39 Block Num: 38,775,983

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