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2019-09-22 04:25:37

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2019-09-22 04:25:37
  • Getting Gold's even after not Playing a lot
    I am still getting my regular Gold Foil Cards courtesy of my +100% Gold Foil Potion but I have to say that I haven't been able to play a lot lately as I am travelling. Yes I can play it on the chrome browser but it would have been a lot easier for me if there was a dedicated App on the Playstore for Splinterlands. On another note thanks to the Potions I am able to make my Highland Archer to Level 8 fully Gold Foiled and I am very happy about that. My Gd Foil Potion will only last a few more ... more
    2019-09-09 04:33:00 Block Num: 36,261,206
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 8 2019
    It's a nice morning out here and it's time for me to post yesterday's step count. As usual I have crossed over 10000 steps as I have been walking a lot. Infact my legs are hurt a lot after all the walking. 13691 Walking ... more
    2019-09-09 01:35:48 Block Num: 36,257,674
  • Currently at an Event
    This is the main reason that I travelled all the way from my house to a Coastal Area of our state. Her name is Megh and she is the daughter of a very close friend of mine and today is her Annaprasan(It's a ceremony where we feed food to the infant baby for the very first Time). Me and some of our other University mates were supposed to attend this Ceremony but everyone bailed at the last moment and now it's only me and one other friend who is yet to drop in here that are attending this Ceremon ... more
    2019-09-08 07:48:18 Block Num: 36,236,401
  • WhatsApp's Latest Features and Updates
    # WhatsApp has always tried to broaden it's horizon by implementing new creatures that makes the whole WhatsApp experience a very pleasant one but there are a lot of features that most of you guys might not yet know about. I am talking about the Features available to the Beta Testers. WhatsApp rolls a lot of updates to the people who have applied for Beta Testing like Dark Mode and making of Boomerang Videos and later on only decided to give the update to all their users once they have b ... more
    2019-09-08 07:28:00 Block Num: 36,235,999
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 7 2019
    I feel like lately I am forgetting to upload my Daily step counts via Actifit especially since I am out of home and walking a lot which is resulting in me getting quite tired and famished. On the plus side I am walking a lot and making each step count. Hehe. 10749 Walking ... more
    2019-09-08 04:38:12 Block Num: 36,232,617
  • Reached my Destination with a Lot of Hardships
    After a lot of hardships I am finally here on the Beach of Digha,West Bengal. You might be wondering what hardships I am talking about as it should be easy to travel to a popular location right. But this GS get awfully tough when you miss your Train and you have to improvise a lot to get here. If that was not bad enough apparently there is a No Single policy here in Digha which basically means that if you are travelling Solo you might not get any rooms to stay. When I first heard about this ... more
    2019-09-08 01:48:57 Block Num: 36,229,243
  • Steem Basic Income Share Giveaway - 39
    It has been a long time since I last did my Steem Basic Income Shares Giveaway, I might not be wrong if I say it has been almost a year. That being said I am back with some more Steem Basic Share Giveaways and I have made the Rules for this Pretty SImple. So here are the Rules - RULES You should be an Active Steemian by which I mean you should at least Publish 5 Posts a Week. Upvoting and Resteeming this Post is Mandatory. I will be giving away 3 SBI Shares and the winners will be select ... more
    2019-09-07 08:08:24 Block Num: 36,208,111
  • Travelling to Someplace Else
    I am currently in my way to visit someplace new and I hope it will be fun. The original program was for us 4 friends to go together but three of them bailed on me and now I am left all alone to go out. But I just felt like screw them I will go out and enjoy in my own so here I am now standing in the Station waiting for my Train to arrive. It is going to be a long journey so I am hoping I don't get fucked up in the road. I already have one of my Arms acting little antsy do I am a little conc ... more
    2019-09-07 00:02:33 Block Num: 36,198,436

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    "profile": {
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        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/8gx5wxiitj.jpg",
        "name": "Arunava Mahato",
        "location": "India",
        "about": "I have Many Hobbies among which the Top two spots is taken By Food And Travel Although I find it Hard to find a Companion for my Travels.",
        "bitcoin": "",
        "dtube_pub": "2Aavn8thw59moPiVBVKQPbLiJihnPNg7mNi7y33Pmhrm4"
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