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2019-10-20 03:05:01

BitCoin: 7,921.75$

2019-10-20 03:05:01
  • Lighting Strike Startles Cat
    "During the early moments of the storm, when the rain came down in sheets and the rumble of thunder was still a good distance away, I walked out onto my balcony to take it all in. Max, my kitty cat, cautiously joined me. The wind began to blow the linen of rain onto the balcony, so Max and I returned into the house. " Poor cat, 8 lives left.. ... more
    2017-06-29 23:49:54 Block Num: 13,258,124
  • Esteem problem with uploading pictures
    Every time I try to upload photo I am receiving error: ![image]([object Object ]) It's driving me crazy. Anyone else having this issue with esteem? ... more
    2017-06-11 17:38:54 Block Num: 12,733,149
  • The sounding of the cannon marks the time of iftar
    The sounding of the cannon marks the time of iftar Historically, cannons were used to alert people about the call to prayer from village to village. Image source:klix The firing of the Ramadan cannon above Sarajevo is a tradition of Bosnian Muslims over a hundred years old, which was abolished during the reign of the previous political regime, but it has been revived in the early 90's. Thousands of Muslims, every night of the month of Ramadan, are awaiting a shoot, indicating that it is time ... more
    2017-06-07 19:51:51 Block Num: 12,620,697
  • TUTORIAL - How to add profile image on Steemit
    How to add profile image on Steemit? I have noticed that a lot of new users don't know how to add a profile image. 1. Go to 2. Click "New post" 3. Click "Get share links". 4. Copy link ( I am using BBCode link without [img] tags) 5. Go to and paste link That's it! WELCOME TO MY BLOG! Follow me and upvote for more posts. ... more
    2017-06-04 12:56:36 Block Num: 12,526,067
  • Hi Steemit! My introduction post
    My introduction post I'm excited to be part of this family. I am a fourth-year student in electrical engineering and I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our capital, Sarajevo: I love electronics, coding and photography. It's been a month since I started playing with a STM32 microcontroller: My progress is still very slow but I'm not giving up :) I regularly upload videos on my youtube channel and website where I teach students on various topics related to electrical engineering. I'm look ... more
    2017-05-16 19:24:15 Block Num: 11,987,134

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    "profile": {
        "profile_image": "http:\/\/\/Znm5YEU.png",
        "about": "Student of Electrical Engineering",
        "location": "Bosnia"
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