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  • A Plan to Restore America
    a-plan-to-restore-america A Plan to Restore America It's become clear that the American culture has been infiltrated and exploited by people and groups that act as parasites to our way of life. Decades ago we were warned about this parasitic enemy by the likes of President Kennedy and Eisenhower, but the American public has been manipulated into turning a blind eye to this threa ... more
    2020-04-25 22:00:00 Block Num: 42,842,819
  • Splinterlands Saturday - Strategy Session
    splinterlands-saturday-strategy-session Splinterlands Saturday - Strategy Session Splinterlands is a multi-faceted game. There is the decentralized crypto asset portion to the game which probably got most of the original group of players involved. There is the collectible and marketplace aspect which draws all sorts of people from all around the world to the game. Most importantly, there is the gam ... more
    2020-01-19 06:49:00 Block Num: 40,057,895
  • Splinterlands Saturday - Defense
    DEFENSE The defense / offense balance you create when picking out your hand can be thought of as a spectrum with 100% Offense--------------------100% Defense being the two polar edges. Ideally you'll set up a hand that is balanced with a coherent Offensive attack and a stout well rounded Defense, but there are certain scenarios where you may want to go heavy on the ... more
    2019-12-15 02:05:21 Block Num: 39,046,117
  • Splinterlands Saturday's - The Shield Wall
    THE SHIELD WALL The Shield Wall is best used against an opponent that concentrates their attack against the front line of your defense. The addition of the Taunt ability in the Untamed series of cards adds an extra dimension to this strategy as you are able to force the opposing team to attack your main defense while keeping your low defense / high offense at ... more
    2019-12-08 07:56:27 Block Num: 38,851,895
  • Splinterlands Saturday - Double Tap
    GAMEPLAN THEORY & DESCRIPTION Not to be confused with the Double Strike ability, the Double Tap uses monster cards with the Sneak, Snipe, or Opportunity abilities to get behind the font line of defense presented by your opponent and attack his main ranged attack, magic attack, and support cards first. With ... more
    2019-12-01 02:41:30 Block Num: 38,644,373
  • Splinterlands Saturday - Battle Strategies
    THE TRAMPLE ATTACK GAMEPLAN THEORY & DESCRIPTION The Trample Ability allows a moster with melee attack to hit 2x in one turn if their first strike is a kill shot vs. the opposing defense. This ability is usually found in an offensive Tank card that is the first or second position in your hand. The key to using this strategy successfully is timing your Trample attack to hit the enemy's front line when it is weak and vunerable, this m ... more
    2019-11-24 00:52:21 Block Num: 38,440,969
  • All about Splinterlands
    The basics of the collectible fantasy card game, Splinterlands. Provably rare and deflationary supply thanks to the wonders of blockchain, fun and entertaining because of it's unique structure and dynamic game play. More to come on specific strategy and marketplace shenanigans. A link to the main game's website where you can log in with your steemit account... A link to their kickstarter where you can pre-order cards from the next edition of decks the ... more
    2019-10-13 05:09:03 Block Num: 37,238,856
  • Exciting Times - A new writing venture
    It's been a busy year for me and I haven't made time to write anything for a while now. Earlier this year when my literary side was more active a start up news site headed by NYT best selling author Matt Palumbo came across my work and invited me to write for their startup blockchain / tech focused site. Something I have been looking forward to as the back end of the site was getting developed and built over the last few months. The site has officially launched and I'm excited to say my writi ... more
    2018-10-20 20:18:03 Block Num: 26,982,426

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