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2021-01-26 03:34:46

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2021-01-26 03:34:46
  • THE DIARY GAME 3: 24/01/2021
    Hello dear steemians, accept warm greetings from this end and happy Sunday to my christian brothers and sisters on this wonderful platform. Hope we all had a blessed day ?. For me, it was splendid as I took the kids to spend time with Grandma. I got up from bed at 7:00am, and this is not like me because I usually get up from bed early. Today,the narrative was different, as I changed environment, early in the morning, the cold I experienced was terrific. Maybe I was feeling much cold because my ... more
    2021-01-24 23:33:15 Block Num: 50,621,271
  • THE DIARY GAME 3: 23/01/2021
    Hello dear steemians accept warm greetings from this end, and happy weekend. Today is another exciting day of steeming, and I decided to take the kids let's spend it with their paternal grandmother. I got up at 6:00am to prepare breakfast and equally prepare our things we will take along. I had to do laundry, do all my house chores , keep the house in order before leaving the house. I equally bath my self, my daughter and my son. My husband had left for work. The kids were too excited to leav ... more
    2021-01-23 18:27:54 Block Num: 50,586,765
  • Internet Contest 23/01/2021 @chant
    Hello steemians, accept warm greetings from this end. When I saw this contest "Can you do without Internet?", I was wondering if actually one can cope without internet in the age of modernization. Though it is costly but in relative terms it's actually pretty good when the purpose for the activated internet is gainful. Without internet, I can't even upload pictures on this platform. Why I am of the opinion that I don't think ?? one can cope during this period or age without internet. I could ... more
    2021-01-23 11:28:15 Block Num: 50,578,460
    For the joy that was set before him, He endured the cross, despising the shame ... HEBREW 12:2 KJV Jesus disesteemed the shame that accompanied His crucifixion because of the Father's love for us, He chose to focus on the joy. He knew the cross wasn't going to be the end. He knew that he would triumph over satan and liberate the the human race. He saw our bondages, hurts, pains, sicknesses , diseases and poverty. He said I am going to die to redeem them. I am going to bring joy. Do you ... more
    2021-01-23 05:47:36 Block Num: 50,571,720
  • THE DIARY GAME 3: 22/01/2021
    Hello dear steemians accept warm greetings from me and my family and welcome to all the newbies on this great platform. The week is gradually coming to an end, and it's the seminar day organized by the country representative of Cameroon @saxopedia. Today, I got up from bed early enough, did my morning meditation before heading to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family. While in the kitchen I realized that today is the day we had agreed on the Cameroon steemit community WhatsApp group ... more
    2021-01-23 05:37:12 Block Num: 50,571,516
    And he saw that there was no man , AND WONDERED THAT THERE WAS NO INTERCESSOR : therefore his arm brought salvation unto him, and his righteousness, it sustained him. Isaiah 59:16 The secret to victory without casualties is intercession. Intercession gives you victory without casualties. Intercession is a priority ministry of the body of Christ. 1 Tim 2:1-2 Intercession is a spiritual Intervention that blocks the work of the devil. WHAT CAN INTERCESSION DO? Intercession saves lives: ... more
    2021-01-22 05:38:06 Block Num: 50,543,053
  • THE DIARY GAME 3: 21/01/2021
    Hello dear steemians, accept warm greetings from this end. The end of the week is approaching and we can't wait for weekend to rest, relaxed,visit love ones, and some people vacation for a weekend is just what they want to relieved stressful work week ???. For me, it's going to be either of the aforementioned. I have to busy over the weekend, with house chores and the kids. Nonetheless, it's always a good one though as I have time to follow up my kids, play with them, and assist my daughter wit ... more
    2021-01-22 05:31:15 Block Num: 50,542,919
  • Slowly but surely
    But the path of the just is as the shinning light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. " Proverbs 4:18 (KJN ) The life of a child of God is supposed to be full of progress, forward movement and positive changes. But the enemy does not want this to happen. So the devil uses the yoke of delay to keep believers at the same spot in life. The devil is excited when a child of God does not make progress in life and has little or no results to show. Many people experience delays in ... more
    2021-01-21 12:31:36 Block Num: 50,522,758

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