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2020-01-26 00:42:27

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2020-01-26 00:42:27
  • I'm Woke So Let's Make You Broke
    Hey Jessielected representatives I don't often follow politics because I feel they are just the "Hollywood" of the news stirring up issues for issue's sake and because of it what they have always done. They get a salary to entertain and misdirect the masses while policies the back and systems they benefit from strip the ordinary man of wealth. We all know they are a highly ineffective way of conducting social change; the whole point of it is to stall until the next regime comes in. It be a st ... more
    2020-01-24 07:10:24 Block Num: 40,202,042
  • Brownies for frownies
    Played football tonight and while I didn’t have the best game I thought I did okay I didn’t score tonight but set up a few goals but one of my team mates was really not pulling their weight and it showed So frustrating when guys egos won’t let them see they’re costing the team Lucky I could drown my sorrows in a sugar rush with one of these bad boys! Way to sweet to have in one go but so good! ![]( ) ... more
    2020-01-23 20:29:21 Block Num: 40,189,247
  • In A World Of Negative Interest Rates Time Has No Value
    Hey Jessecomics majors There's an old saying that "time is money" and for many years that used to be true. You traded your time thinking or providing labour or services in exchange for money. You invested your wealth with others who used it to produce value, and you would get a return based on an agreed % of the profits called interest rates. Earning money using your time effectively is how most people accumulate wealth but now in this crazy world of central banking and fiat money, we've got ... more
    2020-01-23 07:11:33 Block Num: 40,173,322
  • Celsius Network Launches Compound Interest on BTC
    I didn’t work out today because I thought I’d be playing soccer today but the match was canceled but I was till able to run around and got my 5k I’ve been investing a little BTC with Celsius Network after being recommended to it by @minimining and so far it’s been good I get around 1100 SATS per week which isn’t bad at all! Today however they’ve launched compound interest so I can earn even more on my deposits and encouraging me to invest a little more I’m still not too keen to put in too ... more
    2020-01-22 21:20:06 Block Num: 40,161,515
  • Week 94 - Pay It Forward Curation Entry
    Hey Steemains Last week I came in with a late entry so this week, I'm going the other way and trying to get in super early lol, what can I say i'm a man of excess and polar opposites? Don't like it? Get at me dog! Its that time of the week again, where I go a bit of treasure hunting or dumpster diving you choose by the quality of the posts I find. If you're keen to find posts but don't know where to start, I would highly recommend using Steem Look Up So let's dive in and see what we can find ... more
    2020-01-22 14:55:03 Block Num: 40,153,828
  • Is There A Point To Company Tax?
    As economic disparity continues to widen and the rest of the world looks keen to catch up with South Africa's Gini coefficient, many politicians are calling for taxing the rich and of course taxing the companies. The only way to correct the wealth gap is to put into law a way to remove wealth from the rich, so it can be given to bureaucrats and somehow trickled back to the ordinary citizen through various social relief programs and jobs. Taxing companies more has long been echoed as the soluti ... more
    2020-01-22 07:04:03 Block Num: 40,144,429
  • My Actifit Report Card: January 21 2020
    Did some weight training today nothing too hectic just biceps and chest today now relaxing and watching the Arsenal game and gosh do we ever get a break? Mustafi has to be the worst defender ever to play for this club he is a working wrecking ball I don’t know how a professional can be so bad! Seriously needs to get sold as quick as possible along with Luiz and Sokratis I’d rather deal with Saliba, Chambers, Holding and Mavprapanos! I don’t know how coaches persist with Mustafi he has prov ... more
    2020-01-21 21:39:51 Block Num: 40,133,165
  • Can Social Media on the Blockchain Work in the Real World?
    It's that time again when the leos let out their weekly roar on one or other financial topic. This weeks assignment is super applicable and exciting, asking us to make a case for blockchain and social media. Having ditched most traditional social media sites, I came to steemit looking for something new and something to get me paid boy, hell yeah let's get this digital paper. I've also checked out sites like Trybe, Cent and Publish0X as well as steem clones like Weku which all have their idea o ... more
    2020-01-21 13:09:48 Block Num: 40,122,985

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        "about": "Digital marketer - Blogger - Crypto - Gaming - Soccer",
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        "location": "Cape Town, South Africa",
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        "instagram": "chekohler",
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