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Accounts ID: 975152
Accounts Name: chris.geese
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Voting Power: 6,248
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Current Mana 21,137,283,275
Last Post 2018-08-11T19:15:06
Last Root Post 2018-05-16T21:47:27
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Curation Rewards 51
Posting Rewards 2,812
Reputation: 36,677,280,275

Steem: 0.12$

2019-12-09 06:39:31

BitCoin: 7,517.64$

2019-12-09 06:39:31
  • What Is the Airspeed Velocity of an Unladen Swallow?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersAn African or European swallow? ... more
    2018-05-16 00:13:54 Block Num: 22,465,785
  • Whats your favorite thing about Earth?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersIt’s a flat, hollow disk at the center of the universe.. and I live here. ... more
    2018-05-15 22:03:03 Block Num: 22,463,168
  • Give the best and simplest definition of Blockchain?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersA decentralized ledger of immutable transactions. ... more
    2018-05-15 13:52:09 Block Num: 22,453,350
  • What's your lame superpower?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersI have the ability to upset my wife.......... while sleeping.. ... more
    2018-05-15 13:42:42 Block Num: 22,453,161
  • What can I learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of my life?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersHow to tie a knot. ... more
    2018-05-15 11:56:06 Block Num: 22,451,029
  • What do you say to the people who say cryptos have no real value?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersAlthough you do not poses a tangible item with which you can immediately exchange for goods or services does not mean it has no value. In fact, once a transaction is recorded in the blockchain it is immutable meaning no one can even take it away from you without your permission. Its more secure than the cash in your wallet.. ... more
    2018-05-15 04:17:57 Block Num: 22,441,866
  • Do you think Steemit should enable users to sign up instantly and for free?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see other answersIn my opinion No. Although the wait time was a slight annoyance I patiently awaited my account activation. I believe the delay is an excellent measure to deter would be spammers and scam artists. ... more
    2018-05-15 04:12:24 Block Num: 22,441,755
  • What does the future hold for Electroneum?
    Question originally asked on - Click here to see answers ... more
    2018-05-15 02:40:00 Block Num: 22,439,907

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    "profile": {
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmcseaLgEU1cP4CoDEKCmZkPSHKYvy5Ud8eWuRnxiMppoA\/C90AFF97-67E1-418E-94E7-74CE5D1EAB8F.jpeg",
        "name": "DrkCyd",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmeuzgFt8YUfz1ccq8PkUds4cQ5nhBQF867ioAdsUEm23y\/B97F8915-6915-4338-9C01-03B90336CE2E.jpeg",
        "about": "Independent tech enthusiast hell bent on world domination through the use of mind-control enabled mind-powered tadpoles one orange at a time. ",
        "location": "U.S.A."
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