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2020-04-02 06:34:22

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2020-04-02 06:34:22
  • 6 Simple Habits to be Happy
    There's a lot of people out there who would like to be happier, but they're not even sure where to start. Making small changes in your habits can make a big difference in the long term. Here are some changes you can make. Surround yourself in nature. We live in cities and forget that we come from nature, but it's always simple enough to return. Studies have shown that even having plants in your home can make you happier, starting by improving your air quality and moderating humidity. Cold s ... more
    2019-04-08 11:14:09 Block Num: 31,863,650
  • Doers Don't Hate, Haters Don't Do
    Non-doers love to say "That will never work." Doers say "Man... I dunno. Let's try it." People who don't do anything tend to have very strong opinions about what is impossible. Or maybe they don't believe it's impossible... So they say, it's been done before, and therefore it's not worth doing. Doers are more humble about their knowledge of the world, because they've been humbled so many times in the past. They've tried things that they didn't expect to work, and then seen them work. If y ... more
    2018-10-01 18:24:24 Block Num: 26,433,330
  • What has been given to you
    There's nothing quite like having opposable thumbs. Not everybody has them, and like many things you were born with or forgot how you learnt, you might take them for granted. These babies really bring it all together, from typing to playing piano and guitar, climbing mountains and riding motorcycles. Many of you remember the fable of the ten silver talents. The anxious and over cautious servant buried his coin, and was later berated by his master. The bold and risk inclined servant lent his c ... more
    2018-09-19 13:33:09 Block Num: 26,082,365
  • Heaven has a plan for us
    I wrote this on my phone for Instagram a few days ago, and I thought y'all Steemians might get something out of it. The journey begins On the train to Sydney, on my way to Europe. It's going to be an adventure... I'm going to make it an adventure. ✈ ? Fate or coincidence Something I've been thinking about lately, so many chance things happen to us, especially while traveling... Decide to leave a town a few days early, and you happen to meet a new friend who becomes a friend for life - how ... more
    2018-08-07 03:19:48 Block Num: 24,847,798
  • Getting Caught Up In A Mad Crowd
    Years ago, I was on Hollywood Boulevard and a fellow started telling me about how the end of the world was nigh, that a radio preacher named Harold Camping had found certain clues in the Bible which revealed the date of the Christian rapture. I listened to him and considered what he said, and for obvious reasons, ultimately I was unconvinced. I confess, I do remember thinking that a confident man could make a lot of money in the USA, leading these people who were like sheep without a shepherd ... more
    2018-07-06 10:32:36 Block Num: 23,935,771
  • Tom DeLonge's desire to believe and be deceived by government
    The other day I watched rockstar Tom DeLonge's interview with Joe Rogan. At the time it came out, everyone was talking saying Tom was a raving lunatic, and that's what Rogan seems to think of it too. For me, he doesn't strike me as having gone off the rails, his thoughts are obviously quite clear and intelligible, and he is often grounded enough to say things in a way that can communicate with those around him. However, there were a few indications of eccentricity - his lack of awareness that ... more
    2018-06-24 03:21:57 Block Num: 23,591,529
  • Thank you, Colourman
    I sat. There is a moment in seated meditation when your consciousness will suddenly shift, normally around 12-15 minutes in. If you're aware, the shift is noticeable - as significant a shift as if you were to instantly be drunk or otherwise intoxicated. I had a vision. My hands were covered in colours, like the coloured beads used by the Wixarika and other cultures through the Americas to make artworks. Sky blue, ocean blue, cloud white, and sunset oranges. Occasionally, the colours seemed to ... more
    2018-05-07 10:01:33 Block Num: 22,218,364
  • Meditation is its own reward
    Here's an idea that I've found practical lately. Once you sit to meditate, it doesn't really matter what happens after that. Your mind might be busy, quiet or silent. You might visualise, or have visions, or see emptiness, or not see. You might analyse things, or become emotional. You might feel hope, faith or love, or gratitude. You might pray. Seated meditation is something that is so simple and pure that once you do it, as long as you do it, it doesn't matter how you do it. You don't ever ... more
    2018-05-01 08:14:57 Block Num: 22,043,490

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        "location": "Paradise",
        "about": "Travel, spirituality, psychedelics, who knows what"
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