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2020-07-08 15:19:19

BitCoin: 9,306.28$

2020-07-08 15:19:19
  • Littleton Coin Company Contest for 50 American Silver Eagles!
    Hey there everyone, In case you want a chance to win 50 ASEs for free, follow the link: I am not affiliated in any way. It's a free contest too! Just thought I would share! ... more
    2019-10-02 22:33:03 Block Num: 36,943,545
  • New Silver Acquisitions!
    I hope you all are doing well. It is time for my bi-weekly post of silver! I would post more but the orders can come in only so fast! Check these out! Indian Head Incuse You can tell I've had my grubby hands on this one! This took forever to come in and I way overpaid It's still silver though Cool new piece. A George! White Lion of Mortimer looking extra fine! I like how the shadow on the queen makes it look like she has a fu-man-chu beard! ... more
    2019-09-23 23:48:48 Block Num: 36,686,406
  • FREE Gold Backs!!
    Howdy y'alls. Just got this in the mail and I thought it was cool enough to share! It is a real Golden Dollar, 24K gold, 1/1000th Troy ounce. It weighs 1.1 grams, so it must be laminated gold leaf or something. Actual gold weight is 0.0311 grams which comes out to $1.50 in gold! Get yours free by signing up at and they'll send it free of charge. FYI I am not affiliated, just think it's cool. Jelly? ... more
    2019-09-08 03:53:06 Block Num: 36,231,718
  • A New Silver Medal and A Little Bonus Surprise!
    Hey everyone! Check out what came in the mail today! The new 2019 American Liberty High Relief Silver Medal! Removed the slip cover. The card is really nice actually, it's textured and the stars are glittery Seems like the box is broken, but the ends are finished nicely so I guess it's on purpose? Box isn't bad, I think it's some sort of MDF. Inside! There's a black cloth pad here. Everything is black and unless you guys pay for me to have a new/better camera, this is what you're getting ... more
    2019-08-22 02:03:12 Block Num: 35,762,501
  • Pesos to Dollars! Something interesting in precious metals!
    Howdy ya'll! I got a golden mail call this time! Ebay was having one of their ebay bucks deals and you could get an extra 8% in ebay credit to spend later if you bought online, and 10% if you used the app! Here's what I got and what I found out:!/v/cryptofuwealth/QmZAhP6dDZaGV1uVcBpo84ZCypk751QTr9qrpfUCiBuHng Thanks for watching! ... more
    2019-08-09 14:26:12 Block Num: 35,403,590
  • Keep on adding to the stack!
    I'm attacking the stack this week! I think this will be the last one for a week or two. I placed an order yesterday for some random ASEs so we'll see what I get then! For now, feast your eyes on more American Silver Eagles!!/v/cryptofuwealth/QmezDvRqrp2T1MYQUL3YEBDRArPvDMcRfeHFE1yPNzfr3W ... more
    2019-07-28 04:30:09 Block Num: 35,047,606
  • No Silver Eagles today, but I did receive an old order today!
    Howdy! Today I finally received a long awaited and much anticipated silver coins from Golden State Mint. These coins depict the Ponzi Scheme we are all a part of, the US Dollar fiat currency. It's all going to come crashing down at some point, this debt is unsustainable. Stack silver! Gloriful. Amazderful. Spectaculary. Explicit. ... more
    2019-07-27 15:46:30 Block Num: 35,032,351
  • 2-3 Additional American Silver Eagles!
    I told y'all these were coming in fast!!/v/cryptofuwealth/QmPyJdx6BjjWwNquizbMFP9wnUYW4WAJeE7d2kGjHjZVtq ... more
    2019-07-26 02:33:48 Block Num: 34,987,735

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    "profile": {
        "name": "Crypto Future Wealth",
        "about": "CFW is a channel I created to provide information to new and seasoned investors alike. I do this as a hobby and for fun. Please donate if you can.",
        "location": "Everywhere",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/01\/Top-10-Cryptocurrencies-2018-1.jpg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/a\/JJHhl",
        "dtube_pub": "uud1y1QoBv4B8qX3H3dFJvgBfyyumiJeW6BgdF1f5cjU"
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