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2020-04-02 06:13:12

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2020-04-02 06:13:12
  • Community Prayer By MCGI.ORG: Join Us For A Livestreaming Prayer 'Round The Clock 24/7
    Img Src "The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry". (Psalms 34:15) Join us in praying via the MCGI Community Prayer broadcast at and Omega DigiBible App. Apple App Store & Google Playstore ... more
    2020-04-01 13:32:24 Block Num: 42,158,855
  • Everything In My Place Went Up With Its Price Despite The Government's Price Freeze Order In This Lockdown Situation
    Yesterday after my session at the hospital we went at the roadside fruits vendor so that I could buy some fruits for myself and my parents. I told my mother to buy me some watermelon and ripe Mangoes so that I could eat a piece after my meal just to serve as my dessert and my daily fiber and vitamin requirements. I just lie the tastes of those fruits which is why I always long to buy them as much as possible. So our vehicle stopped-by and my mother went to ask for the prices to only come bac ... more
    2020-04-01 10:35:45 Block Num: 42,155,371
  • Time For My Siesta In This Hot And Peaceful Day
    Last night I was able to sleep which just meant that the Caffeine that I used for my dialysis got washed-out via dialysis almost completely. In fact I just felt a lot of uncontrollable yawn which is just a signal that i have to stop what I am doing and finally rest. I had a satisfactory rest, my sleep although very light is still intermittent, I believe that so many factors contribute to my poor sleep quality namely my pain issues, the hot weather, my blood pressure, ad my overall health con ... more
    2020-04-01 05:10:27 Block Num: 42,148,953
  • I'm Watching A Private Link Of My Prayer Meeting And Worship Service At The Moment
    Src I am happy, glad, and thankful that I am remotely fulfilling my task as a Christian by fellowshipping online together with my other brethren with this private link given to me by my church administrators. Because of the lockdown due to the corona virus we have to obey to the government so that the spread of the disease would not propagate. Now I can never have the lost opportunity to attend church because thanks to our modern technology of the Internet and other computer programs and appli ... more
    2020-04-01 01:39:00 Block Num: 42,144,773
  • Persons With Disabilities (PWD's) Will Be Granted By My Government Some Cash Support Due To The CoVid19 Lockdown
    My parents are already senior citizens and I think that they also belong to the Social Amelioration Program of the Philippine government which was funded with 200 Billion pesos which is one of the largest government support for affected citizens in history of my country. I am also surprised that I might also be included regarding this cash and maybe even some relief good because I am a disability card holder as well. The money if God-willing I can receive it through our town mayor I will ju ... more
    2020-03-31 15:52:03 Block Num: 42,133,185
  • I Like The Natural Sauna Treatment Of The Weather Today ♨??
    Source The weather is oh so right for me although my laptop is protesting because of the heat it generates, I do not play video games in it though because I think that I am too old for games now pllus I thought that my lappy is a gamer type but it seems that it is not. It doesn't matter much anyway because again I am not a gamer anymore. I get bored of a lot of things, in fact I get bored when I am watching a movie I just want it to end soon when I do try. Now I just end up watching youtube ... more
    2020-03-31 09:05:12 Block Num: 42,125,154
  • We Just Failed To Purchase Our Vitamin C Supply As Went Home After My Dialysis
    We Only Got 20 Tablets Of These Vitamin C After my session today we just went straight at the center of the city where the branch of a big drugstore is located so that I can be able to purchase my Renvela and my Cinacalcet. I also asked my mother to ask for vitamin C because I only have a few left in my bottle. It is an Ascorbic acid but what my mother was able to buy was a "Sodium Ascorbate" which is an non-acidic form of Vitamin C. My mother took it anyway, the last of the vitamin C suppl ... more
    2020-03-31 04:10:03 Block Num: 42,119,324
  • We Will Try If We Can Purchase Rubbing Alcohol And Vitamin C Tomorrow At The Drug Store
    We plan to go to the drug store after my dialysis session and try to see if we can buy our needed Vitamin C and rubbing alcohol. We are currently short of supply right now and we were trying to buy for about two weeks already with no luck. The supplies really had dwindled ever since the lockdown so now even with some food items are not available and it really is a hard situation regarding supplies. The vitamin C that I ordered online I guess will only get delivered after the lockdown which ... more
    2020-03-30 15:13:30 Block Num: 42,104,002

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    "profile": {
        "name": "cryptopie",
        "about": "A Dialysis, Leontiasis, Hyperparathyroidism patient with complications and living a day at a time with cryptos and enjoying blogging to support my medical needs",
        "website": "https:\/\/\/cryptopie",
        "location": "I'm needing your prayers",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/3devnPb.jpg?1",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmaCuEk3HH2LH1xSTz76Pbq6AG6ApJGPYW8SUDunAtwReU\/Screenshot_20190207-164038_2.jpg"
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