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2019-09-22 03:39:46

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2019-09-22 03:39:46
  • New Trading Volume In Venezuela
    newtradingvolumeinvenezuela-szf1x3y7az   As the debilitating effects of hyperinflation rage on in Venezuela, we have seen continuous growth in cryptocurrency trades with Bitcoin (BTC) trading hitting a new record. It has been revealed that the trading volume on P2P cryptocurrency exchanges experience another spike in trading volume hitting a new all-time high of 114 billion sovereign bolivars exchanged hands in LocalBitcoins. This is significantly higher than that o ... more
    2019-09-09 11:22:51 Block Num: 36,269,372
  • Bank-To-Bank Blockchain Payment Solutions Raises $12 Million
    bank-to-bankblockchainpaymentsolutionsraises12million-t6udtxquhs A blockchain startup from California has recently raised around $12 million Series A funding, led by Trinity Ventures. Baton Systems, the blockchain startup in question states that the money raised in the funding round will be used to scale its blockchan-enhance B2B payment solution. It was also revealed that Baton Systems have already executed and processed over $13 billion in payments from implementing its solution for market ... more
    2019-09-09 09:51:51 Block Num: 36,267,563
  • Broken International Monetary System Opportunity For Cryptos
    brokeninternationalmonetarysystemopportunityforcryptos-mnzjxbre9d It has a widely known fact that the international monetary system is broken and we have history on our side to prove that this statement is correct. This fact poses a huge opportunity for cryptographers behind cryptocurrency and blockhain technology to prove that their approach is better than the prevailing system we have today which have failed us time and time again. As such central bankers should take heed to the call of outg ... more
    2019-09-09 09:45:39 Block Num: 36,267,439
  • City Of Sao Paulo Will Use Blockchain Technology On Its Public Works Registry
    cityofsaopaulowilluseblockchaintechnologyonitspublicworksregistry-nvuc06g2zg Construtivo is a blockchain firm contracted by the Municipal Secretariat of Urban Infrastructure and Works of the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo to create a blockchain solution for the registry of public works projects. The initiative aims to make public works projects more transparent after pas inefficiencies that cause the closure of several bridges and roads due to poor condition despite significant public funding in constructing ... more
    2019-09-09 09:38:24 Block Num: 36,267,294
  • Manny Pacquiao Releases His Own Cryptocurrency
    mannypacquiaoreleaseshisowncryptocurrency-pmaquu0l82 Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has recently released his own cryptocurrency dubbed as the Pac token. This was done with the financial support from private investors such as ex-Liverpool and England soccer star Michael Owen and Sheik Khaled bin Zayed al-Nahyan from the ruling family of Abu Dhabi. Pac token will be listed in Singapore’s Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX), enabling holders of the new crypto chance to buy unique m ... more
    2019-09-09 08:31:45 Block Num: 36,265,965
  • Headlines for the world of Cryptocurrencies - September 01, 2019
    Largest Payment Processor In Brazil Now Supports Crypto The largest payment processor in Brazil will be supporting cryptocurrencies on its point-of-sale (POS) devices. This… Read more Telegram Open Network Compatible With Ethereum The match anticipated blockchain project of Telegram will apparently be compatible with Ethereum, this was according… Read more Coinbase To Move Euro Accounts Amid Brexit One of the largest bitcoin crypto brokers and exchanges, Coinbase, will be moving all ... more
    2019-09-09 07:26:27 Block Num: 36,264,662
  • Trading Volume Up 130% At CME Bitcoin Futures
    tradingvolumeup130atcmebitcoinfutures-jbbfp1eecf The trading volume of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Bitcoin Futures is reaching new trading volume records averaging 7,237 contracts per day. This represents 132% increase from the same period last year and a 300% increase since mid-December 2018 from a low of $3,130 USD which is currently trading at around 9,600 USD at the time of this writing. According to TIm McCourt, the managing director at CME group May was its most su ... more
    2019-09-09 07:20:06 Block Num: 36,264,536
  • Earn As You Drive App Unveiled By Continental
    earnasyoudriveappunveiledbycontinental-lznzukjnl5 Continental, a well known automotive supplier has recently launched an application dubbed as Earn As You Drive which utilizes blockchain technology to monetize driver data. This was made possible through the partnership of Continental, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and, an open-source network provider. The application enables drivers to earn digital currency for sharing information such as street parking availability th ... more
    2019-09-09 07:11:51 Block Num: 36,264,371

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