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2019-08-23 12:25:52

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2019-08-23 12:25:52
  • What is your stablecoin of choice?
    View the original post on Musing.ioHere is my answer to what is my favorite stablecoin. My pick is DAI as it is probably the most decentralized stablecoin in the market. Despite Ethereum being down more than 80% since peak, DAI has been serving it's purpose by not deviating too much from USD since it's launch. In addition, DAI is also the leading stablecoin used in DeFi applications. Lending out your DAI generates generous interest at the range of 8%-20% per annum. ... more
    2019-08-17 06:18:12 Block Num: 35,623,845
  • Possible reason for today's crypto selloff
    The crypto market is going through a major selloff even while I am writing this post. Bitcoin went as low as $9.5k today and ethereum went below $180 at a point. The market has stabilized a little right now with Bitcoin back over $10k. The selloff caused major panic leading to most other altcoins being sold. Heading over to Coin360 and you will be greeted with a sea of red. In the past couple of weeks when the stocks market was getting increasing volatile, Bitcoin was doing rather well. In f ... more
    2019-08-15 10:59:18 Block Num: 35,571,948
  • Learning "Single Point of Failure" from "One Piece"
    I am an avid reader of the "One Piece" manga. After so many years, I still find the story developments interesting. Certain parts are funny, some are touching and some gets you really fired up, which are the characteristics of shonen manga. In one of the recent chapters, 946 to be specific, there is even a lesson on why we need to avoid single-point-of-failure (SPoF) in critical infrastructures. Background In the world of "One Piece", people with each other remotely through the "Den Den Mush ... more
    2019-08-09 02:43:36 Block Num: 35,389,569
  • Capital One Data Breach - Over 100 Million Users Affected
    I was trying to share the news on the Capital One data breach through Share2Steem and it was not successfully posted here on Steem. This is the 2nd time it failed and I guess @share2steem is officially down? I headed over to their profile page and there isn't an official announcement of them being shutdown. However, they have not been posting for the past 2 weeks and that is kind of weird as they used to be quite active. In any case, here is what I intended to share: My original Tweet: Yet ... more
    2019-08-03 03:18:48 Block Num: 35,218,653
  • Cybersecurity hygiene for the wanderlusts
    There are many of us who love to travel. The lures of adventures and scenery overseas are too much for many of us to handle. Hence, we pack our luggage/backpacks and off we go for our holidays. But wait, are you ready for the cybersecurity threats out there while you are happily on your holidays? Here are some cybersecurity tips for you wanderlusts :) Source Protect yourself before you go Next time while you plan your itineraries, pack your stuff and psyche yourself up for the next adventure ... more
    2019-07-28 01:57:54 Block Num: 35,044,564
  • Metamask unveils mobile app
    I tweeted about this yesterday. Unfortunately, Share2steem didn't seem to work. So I am using Partiko now to manually share my thoughts. And since there is no character limit over here, I am going to expand it further :) Here is my original tweet: Having #metamask on mobile essentially unlocks a vast market of users who only uses a smartphone. This group is typically the unbanked from developing countries. They now have access to #Dapps and #DeFi. Which is huge! share2steem Article I w ... more
    2019-07-25 00:19:45 Block Num: 34,956,628
  • Why decentralization is important
    Decentralization is one of the factors in the blockchain scalability trilemma. Typically, being more decentralized is going to hurt scalability. However, it is difficult for a blockchain to reach a high level of decentralization in the first place. There must be sufficient number of people who believe in the project to achieve high decentralization. That is why many newer crypto projects chose to focus on scalability rather than decentralization. Catching government's attention Recently US p ... more
    2019-07-20 02:19:30 Block Num: 34,815,235
  • Coinbase Earn - Have you started learning (earning)?
    With interest on cryptocurrencies re-ignited, I am sure many people now wish to find out more about cryptocurrencies. Of course the first coin that will be searched is likely Bitcoin. Eventually, people will get to learn about altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, EOS, Stellar Lumens and many others. Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrencies exchange and most people know about it. But what most people may not know is their Coinbase Earn program which allows learners like us to earn cryptocurren ... more
    2019-07-13 01:57:06 Block Num: 34,613,419

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