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2020-08-14 12:46:45

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2020-08-14 12:46:45
  • Happy Halving!
    Honored to have just witnessed Bitcoin reach Block # 630,000. Happy halving day folks! ... more
    2020-05-11 19:29:21 Block Num: 43,289,435
  • Recommendation: Speed-Up Enemy Monsters
    Hold up. I know the subject line sounds nucking futs; but, before you take to the comments and question my sanity, hear me out. There is nothing like the sweet satisfaction of utilizing the "Creeping Ooze" to decrease the speed of your enemy's monsters; or, just the same, leverage the "Brownie" Earth Monster to speed up all friendly monsters. Nevertheless, battle rules sometimes dictate that "monsters with the lowest speed attack first". So, just as we use the "Creeping Ooze" to slow down ene ... more
    2020-03-20 14:03:36 Block Num: 41,818,807
  • Preferred Privacy Search Engine
    Preferred Privacy Search Engine Google is our favorite love-hate relationship to have; yet, even for us Android die-hards, there comes a point where the fingerprinting, cookies, cross-site trackers, personalized ads and general spam gets both annoying and concerning. In your efforts to steer clear of Google, what's your preferred search engine that claims to value your privacy? If you go w/ the OTHER option, try to avoid the temptation to list Bing, Yahoo or AOL ;) DuckDuckGo St ... more
    2020-02-21 14:34:33 Block Num: 41,015,636
  • Preferred Gold-Backed Stablecoin
    Preferred Gold-Backed Stablecoin For all you precious metals and stablecoin lovers out there: Diversification is par for the Investing 101 course; and, you need not be a sophomore in logic to see the benefit of including in your portfolio an asset that has never been worth $0. With the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, US-China trade wars, Brexit, ongoing tensions in the Middle East -- Gold has seen some nice gains as of late...and, THANKS TO BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY, we can now own and trad ... more
    2020-02-21 14:25:27 Block Num: 41,015,455
  • Classic Samuel Johnson Quote
    Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink Brandy. ... more
    2020-02-06 03:04:42 Block Num: 40,570,759
  • McGregor Chats w/ Ariel Helwani ahead of UFC 246.
    # Check out this video link for Conor McGregor's latest interview with Ariel Helwani. "Notorious" sat down with Helwani ahead of his return this coming Saturday at UFC 246 to discuss training, personal well-being improvements, Khabib, Cowboy, Floyd, and a possible boxing match w/ Pacquiao.He certainly seems more self-ware and focused than in recent bouts; so, we shall see how this materialized at UFC 246.   # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2020-01-14 15:13:36 Block Num: 39,924,254
  • Conor McGregor on UFC 246, Khabib, Mayweather | Extended Interview | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show
    23nz8ahvw9r Brand new Conor interview w/ Ariel Helwania head of his return to the Octagon this coming Saturday at UFC 246. He certainly seems more focused and self-aware than he was in recent bouts. ▶️ DTube ▶️ YouTube ... more
    2020-01-14 15:08:18 Block Num: 39,924,148
  • Horizen: Privacy-focused Crypto and Sidechain
    # Horizen is a cool new blockchain / crypto community that I recently discovered. Here are some cool features:Privacy transactionsSidechain platform & dApp developmentActive Discord and Telegram communities ZEN faucetHighlightsSidechain PlatformWhat's really neat -- and potentially critical for mass blockchain adoption -- is that in addition to its main public blockchain, it hosts a sidechain developer platform. What's great here is that you can build private sidechains in the lang ... more
    2020-01-02 15:38:42 Block Num: 39,579,813

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        "name": "Nathan Lexington",
        "dtube_pub": "25jYJraSVXXous4vpTzX1fEwdchxgqrjnYDqhA7xe4ke9",
        "about": "Just a kid with a dream..."
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