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2019-08-23 01:19:35

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2019-08-23 01:19:35
  • A mixture of two insane criminals from the Amalgam comics
    Hello! Now I will tell you about a character named Nuke. His real name is Bane Simpson. This character is a hybrid of Bane and Nuke. All actions take place on common Earth 9602. Bane, trained from childhood on the art of death, grew up within the brutal boundaries of the fortress of Santa Prisca, owned by an organization called HYDRA. As a result, Simpson became the perfect killer. When the Green Skull needed a test subject for a new supersteriod called "Venom", Alexander decided that the protag ... more
    2019-08-21 11:02:30 Block Num: 35,744,510
  • A powerful version of the crazy what-if villain
    Hello! Today we will talk about a character named King Goblin. His real name is Norman Osborn, also known as the Green Goblin. All actions take place on Earth TRN630. It all started when Norman became the director of a new organization called H. A. M. M. E. R. (TRN630). A few days later, Osborn gained access to information that the Earth’s defenders TRN630 carefully concealed from humanity. It turned out that among these secrets was also hidden "Infinity gauntlet" (TRN630). A few days later, the ... more
    2019-08-20 09:03:18 Block Num: 35,713,383
  • Corrected Heir in the Web-Warriors series
    Hello! Now I present to you a character named New Master Weaver. His real name is Karn. Actions began to take place on Earth 1. It all started when Karn moved 1 Web-Warriors to Earth, which included: * Spider-Gwen (65) * Spiderman Noir (90214) * Spider-UK (833) * Spider-ham (8311) * Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) (982) * Spiderman India * Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon (616)) After a short conversation, Mayday and Gwen, thanks to the New Master Weaver, move to Earth 9105. After some time, the main chara ... more
    2019-08-14 20:07:42 Block Num: 35,554,146
  • Female version of Dr. Octopus in the series "Web-Warriors"
    Hello! Today I will tell you about a character named Doctor Octopus. Her real name is Octavia Otto. Actions began to take place on Earth 1104. Octavia is a member of the Young Avengers (1104), which include: * Hawkeye (Kate Bishop (1104)) * Iron kid (1104) * Patriot (1104) * Hulkling (1104) * Loki (1104) * Marvel-Boy (1104) * Miss America (1104) * Prodigy (1104) * Speed (1104) * Sting (1104) * Wiccan (1104) * Jessica Jones (1104) * Dr. Octopus Parker Peters, also known as Spider Woman (1104), tu ... more
    2019-08-14 09:42:33 Block Num: 35,541,664
  • Spiderman Daughter in The Amazing Spiderman: Renew Your Vows
    Hello! Now we will talk about a character named Spiderling. Her real name is Anna-May "Annie" Parker, also known as Spider-Girl and Patternmaker. Actions began to take place on Earth 18119. It all started when Spiderman (18119) reconciled with the death of Aunt May (18119), as a result of which he did not make a deal with Mephisto (18119). A few months later, Peter and Mary Jane had a daughter with spider abilities. A few years later, the action continued in the “Battleworld”. Also, actions cont ... more
    2019-08-13 19:32:03 Block Num: 35,524,681
  • Spiderman Aunt's Steam Version of the Spider verse Series
    Hello! Now I present to you a character named Spider-Lady. Her real name is May Reilly. Actions began to take place on Earth 803. On this Earth, all actions take place in the "Age of Steam Engines". It all started when May discovered one of her father’s cells, in which an ordinary spider was sitting. When Reilly brought her hand to the spider, he bit her. As a result, the main character decided not to get into her father’s cells anymore. A few years later, when his father died, May used the spar ... more
    2019-08-13 08:56:54 Block Num: 35,512,003
  • Pig version of Spiderman from the Spider-ham 25th Anniversary series
    Hello! Today I will tell you about a character named Spider-ham. His real name is Peter Porker. Actions began to take place on Earth 25. On this Earth, all people are animals. It all started when an ordinary spider lived in the basement of May Porker (25), who was trying to create a fusion dryer on nuclear fusion. May thought that her invention, the world's first atomic hair dryer, would revolutionize the American beauty salon. Unfortunately, May tested her hair dryer on herself, something went ... more
    2019-08-12 09:10:57 Block Num: 35,483,534
  • The Infernal Spiderman from the Exiles series
    Hello! Now we will talk about a character named Spider-Demon. All actions take place on Earth 32081. It all started when Spider-Demon captured New York (32081). After 10 years, the main character is attacked by Morph (1081). A fight ensued, during which Morph defeats the Spider-Demon. It all ended in the fact that the main character, having suffered a defeat, ceased to rule New York. Spider-Demon has: * crawling on the walls * gender changes * superhuman dense fabric * superhuman strength * mult ... more
    2019-08-11 18:16:03 Block Num: 35,465,668

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