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2020-08-14 12:58:04

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2020-08-14 12:58:04
  • Stores Already Prepping For 2nd Wave
    stores-already-prepping-for-2nd-wave There has been plenty of talk about a second wave coming and some stores, along with many individuals, are already making plans for it. This includes stocking up on necessities that might be available now, which could become hard to come by in the months ahead if things get worse, and we see another situation like we did in the early part of the year with many empty shelves. That might mean grabbing some extra toi ... more
    2020-08-14 00:11:42 Block Num: 45,966,462
  • Man Sentenced to Life in Prison For $30 of Cannabis Set Free
    man-sentenced-to-life-in-prison-for-usd30-of-cannabis-set-free D. Harris had been sentenced to life in prison without parole for $30 worth of cannabis. He was supposed to spend his remaining life behind bars in state prison, because of a 2008 sale of cannabis to an officer. Harris was recently re-sentenced to time fully served. That is thanks to the Promise of Justice Initiative which ended up with Harris being re-sentenced to 9 years instead of life without parole. He isn't the ... more
    2020-08-11 13:23:18 Block Num: 45,896,563
  • A Boost For The Growing Healthcare App Market
    a-boost-for-the-growing-healthcare-app-market Last year some estimates had suggested that as much as 25 percent or more of the doctors in the United States were using some sort of app to help them connect with their patients. A majority of doctors have reported that they believe these apps can help them to connect better with their patients and ultimately provide better service at the end of the day for them. Still, adoption for patient, doctors, and government regulatio ... more
    2020-08-11 10:05:24 Block Num: 45,892,634
  • $6 Million in Overtime Pay For Policing Protests
    usd6-million-in-overtime-pay-for-policing-protests The police around the country have been operating with generous budgets for years. When they didn't have enough money, we have seen them engage in arguably unconstitutional practices that helped to flood those police funds with assets that came mostly from innocent individuals who had never been charged with a crime or convicted of any wrongdoing, but had their boat, car, money, house etc, stolen regardless. They have ear ... more
    2020-08-10 05:59:39 Block Num: 45,859,251
  • What Propaganda Looks Like
    The police decided to take out an ad in the paper highlighting the need to 'stand up for Boston's Finest', insisting that they've got some of the "best officers in the world". It isn't because of a few officers in another part of the country that there is a growing call for police reform. There have been problems with law enforcement agents around the country for years now. From Chicago to Washington, California, and elsewhere. And Boston is not immune to that corruption. Officers from ... more
    2020-08-08 22:50:15 Block Num: 45,822,246
  • Two Thirds Of Americans Agree Civilians Need Power To Hold Police Accountable
    two-thirds-of-americans-agree-civilians-need-power-to-hold-police-accountable Some of the people who are receiving the security service that the police offer today, which is largely funded by coercion and theft, want to be able to have some sort of power to hold those actors accountable when they aren't happy with that service. When the actors engage in harmful wrongdoing and unconstitutional behavior etc, they want the power to be able to seek justice and not just file a complaint that ... more
    2020-08-07 05:36:18 Block Num: 45,774,933
  • Hand Sanitizer Recalls Continue
    hand-sanitizer-recalls-continue When the lockdown came into effect back earlier in the year, it meant that quickly hand sanitizer supplies sold out in many places around the world. It became one of the hottest items on the market and soon there were many new producers jumping in on that demand to try and capitalize on the opportunity to turn a profit from the surge in need for this product. It meant that we saw alcohol beverage companies, fashion companies ... more
    2020-08-06 23:53:57 Block Num: 45,768,149
  • Social Distancing Isn't Slowing Down Food Truck Business
    social-distancing-isn-t-slowing-down-food-truck-business In a time when many businesses have been forced to propose social distancing rules for their business and mask rules for their customers etc, or they have had to close or severely limit indoor dining, food trucks are able to continue thriving through the storm. As far as social distancing goes the food trucks were already winning because they didn't need to worry about indoor dining, people just come up and order and take the ... more
    2020-08-06 06:50:24 Block Num: 45,747,856

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