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2020-08-14 14:14:47

BitCoin: 11,741.55$

2020-08-14 14:14:47
  • Brought our little syberian husky Atlas ? at the park today, so much fun for us, ...
    ... just started editing the new vlog, can’t wait to see his reaction when he sees the first snowing days ?? ... more
    2020-08-06 13:57:36 Block Num: 45,756,323
  • New little friend! ?? His name is Atlas, a syberian husky we just adopted and ...
    ... brought to @tammyfit95 house, my 14 years old english setter will probably sniff him a little and won’t care at all, like he always does with other dogs ?? ... more
    2020-07-27 10:07:42 Block Num: 45,466,177
  • Holidays are almost here! ?? Next week I’ll be recording the first vlog on my new ...
    ... channel, this is going to be fun! Try and guess who the guests are ??? ... more
    2020-07-23 17:01:09 Block Num: 45,360,151
  • **”The main focus”** ? | I can’t believe to see @tammyfit95 being so concentrated ...
    ... on her phone while on top of a 7000 feet mountain, but...I can forgive her if she was checking Appics’ notifications ?? ... more
    2020-07-23 10:20:00 Block Num: 45,352,193
  • At the top of mount Lussari, DSLR photo shooting with @teo93, @tammyfit95 and @m ...
    ... ichelavidali ?? amazing experience despite the long walk to get at almost 7000 feet, you can’t see it very well here but there’s a steep climb ?? but it was worth it, because the view is priceless, now I also have plenty of pictures for Appics too! ?? ... more
    2020-07-20 10:34:09 Block Num: 45,266,815
  • Finally almost back at it! ??Decentralized social media is such a hot topic these ...
    ... days where censorship is in full effect, glad to be part of the revolution! ? ... more
    2020-07-14 14:46:30 Block Num: 45,100,560
  • Can’t wait to get my training equipment! ?? The recent lockdown motivated me and ...
    ... my friend @teo93 to build a professional gym in my garage, it’s quite an ambitious project that should be completed around the end of September but none will be able stop us at that point ?? ... more
    2020-07-13 17:37:21 Block Num: 45,075,415
  • Summer sunset at 10 pm! ?? Glad to be living by the sea, at least in the evening ...
    ... you can breathe some fresh air ? ... more
    2020-07-09 20:17:51 Block Num: 44,964,504

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    "profile": {
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/fe\/feb4d249d7.jpeg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/file\/steempeak\/fedesox\/g54BpGp1-Facetune_23-06-2018-22-06-00.jpg",
        "name": "Fede",
        "about": "Former known italian fitness youtuber who decided to go full Steem | 'Olio di Balena' Steem community",
        "location": "Block #15,399,221",
        "website": "",
        "facebook": "",
        "youtube": "",
        "dtube_pub": "c9ABeZ8GcW7YQXfA3ipMedhfLjGi7DCZnFGVrJdNJj5F"
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