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  • pictures from
    pictures-from-steem-camp It was good to see the campers again and some new faces, too. ... more
    2019-08-18 11:38:18 Block Num: 35,658,979
  • is coming to an end
    steem-camp-is-coming-to-an-end We even had 2 boats and direct beach access. ... more
    2019-08-11 08:25:09 Block Num: 35,453,869
  • early morning
    steem-camp-early-morning I am having a hard time typing more than a few words on my phone. How do people even post with these things ? is going well - it only rained once, so far. Quick greeting to all, who stayed at home :) ... more
    2019-08-09 05:22:42 Block Num: 35,392,744
  • just a quick thought about the recent_claims
    While looking at STEEM's new rewards function - which is a bit scattered in the code - I noticed, how the turning points of the reward curve appear to be a function of recentclaims. If that was the case, you could (maybe?) mildly exploit this; If you were to gather a lot of claimable rewards and all claim them at once (given that your claim is big enough) you could impact the recentclaims parameter, move the turning points and influence the actual payout of the trending section. It would be at t ... more
    2019-08-05 09:37:54 Block Num: 35,283,718
  • Rant on Vegetables
    rant-on-vegetables This pumpkin is one of the few vegetables that the animals barely touch. All other plants have been overrun, even though I do not have rabbits in the garden this year. If you think buying vegetables instead of meat from the store is saving animals lives or the environment in general, you are mistaken. To commercially grow vegetables on a big scale, you have to do some are all of these use peat keep animals out kill weeds (spray pesticides, fungicides) You ... more
    2019-08-01 10:54:45 Block Num: 35,170,287
  • My Sepp Holzer Experience
    Last winter, I read a book by Sepp Holzer, Sepp Holzer's Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale, Integrative Farming and Gardening (2011)* The guy is a famous figure in the permaculture scene. I was not impressed by the book. The guy talks mostly about himself and his Kramerhof. There is very little practical advice. There seems to be something that Mr. Holzer delibaretely misunderstands; Commercial farmers grow their plants in rows and in monoculture mainly to reduce costs of labor ... more
    2019-07-19 10:29:06 Block Num: 34,796,263
  • Bangkok or not ?
    First of all: Sorry for raiding the #roadtosteemfest tag, without reading any of the other posts. I am here considering whether I should go or not and I will read the posts afterwards to finalize my decision. As a Steemfest veteran with 3 consecutive Steemfests in a row, I feel a certain obligation to go. I am till undecided though. # Location # The last ti ... more
    2019-07-08 07:36:30 Block Num: 34,476,342
  • Why I am not buying charcoal
    During summer, I barbecue regularly - like most Germans. While everybody is talking about climate change, nobody seems to be particularly bothered about where their charcoal comes from. I see people buying a bag each weekend. # Even if you leave out the emissions from the production, just the transportation of it is already totally unnecessary, as wood literally grows on trees. It is not only the environmentally friendly option*, it is also completely free. # ... more
    2019-06-06 10:01:57 Block Num: 33,559,045

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