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  • Charlie Lee Sets the Record Straight on Litecoin
    Today Charlie Lee sent out a Tweetstorm... Setting the record straight on Litecoin (LTC)… Check it out below. Per SatoshiLite… He goes on… Continuing… The Tweet reaches storm status… MW and CT nice… Charlie concludes… Awesome, ... more
    2019-08-11 20:34:15 Block Num: 35,468,426
  • Interview with Saifedean Ammous, Author of The Bitcoin Standard
    Saifedean Ammous is an economist and author focusing on bitcoin, who authored the first academic book on the economics of bitcoin, The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking. I’m slowly making my way through his book… certainly not light summer reading! Saifedean recently did an interview on What Bitcoin Did, link below. The interview with Saifedean is on What Bitcon Did. You can check it out by clicking the link. A ... more
    2019-08-07 19:12:27 Block Num: 35,351,841
  • Interview with Rune Christensen of Maker DAO – The Central Bank of Web 3.0
    Maker is a decentralized autonomous organization comprised of a decentralized stablecoin, collateral loans, and community governance. Check out the website, the CDP Portal and the DAI Dashboard. Below is a link to a great interview with Rune Christensen, the founder of MakerDAO. You can find the interview here. Topics discussed: Recap of how single collateral DAI is kept at peg of 1 USD Why was DAI intermittently trading at < 1USD Gover ... more
    2019-08-05 18:56:09 Block Num: 35,294,859
  • When Lambo?
    When Lambo?... the dream of all crypto investors. A lot of people probably need BTC to go to a million or over to get a Lambo… But what if there was a better way? Well, there is, Rally Road. Full disclosure that’s a referral link. Rally Road lets you pool your money with others to invest in collectible cars and other collectibles. They started with cars and recently added others, like a 1906 Honus Wagner baseball card, a Rolex, and a first edit ... more
    2019-08-02 19:01:33 Block Num: 35,208,732
  • The Top Blockchains for Enterprises
    I read a bunch of newsletters. One I like is the ‘f(x) = ex‘ newsletter from Dr. Mark van Rijmenam put out through MIT Tech. (It's e to the power of x) (On a side note MIT Tech still thinks people will pay for their content, but you get some free articles.) Anyways, if you want you can subscribe by clicking on the link. Now, on to the top blockchains for enterprises. Crypto investors are doing their best to identify which crypto platforms will be ... more
    2019-07-31 20:04:39 Block Num: 35,152,522
  • Maduro Knows Petro is a Crapcoin, Uses Bitcoin
    Venezuela… known for massive mismanaged oil assets and economically backward dictators. This time around its Nicolas Maduro. At the end of 2018 he was try sell oil for the petro. And recently he was ordering the national bank to take it. But none of that matters when inflation is 445,000%. But just because the petro failed doesn’t mean Maduro doesn’t know about crypto. Discovered an investigation by Spanish newspaper ABC, the Maduro administra ... more
    2019-07-30 00:37:24 Block Num: 35,100,461
  • How NOT to Buy Bitcoin
    Kind of sad seeing this article from CoinTelegraph. The good news is that 83% of US investors are interested in dipping their toes into bitcoin… The bad news…    The bad news… they want to see bitcoin ‘gain traction’ before making an investment. In other words, they need to see higher prices. Shaking my head here… it’s buy low and sell high… not the other way around. Best time to buy is when there’s maximum fear, like December 2018 and the first ... more
    2019-07-26 16:09:09 Block Num: 35,004,029
  • Justin Tron… Shakin’ My Head
    Shameless self-promotor and CEO of Tron, Justin Sun, finally flew too close to the sun. As you recall, he won an eBay charity auction to have lunch with Warren Buffett back in June. He paid $4.57 million and planned on making a premier event. To make it a big event he planned on inviting the who’s who of crypto. For example, he invited Charlie Lee of Litecoin. Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire was also on the list. As was eToro founder Yoni Assia. Well ... more
    2019-07-25 21:25:54 Block Num: 34,981,584

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