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2019-12-09 06:24:51

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2019-12-09 06:24:51
  • Path of Exile Competition - Legion
    ( 3 months have passed, and a league has ended. Now it's time for the Legion league to start, and @mattclarke is hosting his own solo self-found PoE race again! These races are really making me absolutely love SSFHC, it's a totally new experience, and I can say that I actually like it more than the standard leagues by now. Link to the race: ... more
    2019-06-07 17:02:51 Block Num: 33,596,216
  • Path of Exile Competition Entry - Synthesis
    Hello everyone! Profile: ( Seems like it's time again! @mattclarke is hosting his Path of Exile competition, and I would like to participate! I have absolutely no clue of the new skills but I think I'll do something different and leave my dual wield sunderer duelist and make some spellcaster character. ... more
    2019-03-07 21:14:12 Block Num: 30,955,014
  • Path of Exile competition by @mattclarke - Betrayal League
    ( The time has come again! New league, and a new awesome race from @mattclarke! Link to the race details: My profile: Waterhorse I have absolutely no idea what to play at the moment, and I'll probably be in a huge disadvantage since the league will only last 24 hours and I'll only get home ... more
    2018-12-06 22:38:36 Block Num: 28,338,002
  • Path of Exile Competition by @mattclarke - #3
    Hello everyone! Here is my profile: Waterhorse First of all I'd like to thank @mattclarke for hosting these competitions, and rewarding the winners very generously, both of the competitions so far were amazing! :) Last time I played a dual-wield sunderer slayer, and a Fireball/Vaal Fireball elementalist.   I'm not sure how will I progress, and what to build (I still have to check the patch notes and mess around a little bit with Path of Building, rip sunder) but I'll probably go ... more
    2018-08-29 20:10:45 Block Num: 25,501,342
  • Path of Exile Incursion League competition entry
    Hello everyone, it's @gamingchimp here! I would like to participate in the competition hosted by @mattclarke. (You can find more info about it here: The last competition was really fun and it went pretty well for me, I coul ... more
    2018-05-31 14:05:42 Block Num: 22,913,976
  • Path of Exile - Act 1 - Act 5 Speedrun Practice
    Hello everyone, it's @gamingchimp here! Today I'll be practicing Path of Exile (gotta get in shape for @mattclarke's competition which can be found here: I hope you'll enjoy the stream, make sure to ask whatever you would like to. :) My live stream is at DLive ... more
    2018-05-21 17:45:24 Block Num: 22,630,785
  • Path of Exile - Warmup for @mattclarke's competition!
    Hello everyone! There is a great league coming up on the 1st of June, but with it, there is also a great competition that @mattclarke will host! You can learn more about it here: I'll start a brand new hardcore char, and will try to practice rushing the game! I'll do an Act 5 run today, a full run would take way too much time fo ... more
    2018-05-20 16:56:57 Block Num: 22,601,018
  • League of Legends - Gold V to Platinum #16
    Hey everyone! Slowly, but progressing towards that plat rank, hopefully, I'll get the promos today! I'll probably go and play some mages at mid-lane if it's not possible I'll go for some Yasuo action in the top lane! Hop in the chat to say hello, or ask to ask me anything, and most importantly have fun guys! My live stream is at DLive ... more
    2018-05-18 13:07:24 Block Num: 22,538,840

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