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2020-06-03 10:30:58

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2020-06-03 10:30:58
  • I'm BACK!!!
    So What's Up Guys? Now I know it's been months since I last posted here. Honestly I'm not even sure how long it's been cause I lost track of time?. There was a couple of school stuff which involved some competitions here and there and a couple of exams but as of now, I'm in a major break. Not for long though since I still got my General Certificate Exams (G.C.E) coming up in 2-3 months, but with this time I'm hoping to continue posting?. So this time I wanna post A LOT! I'm thinking of uploadi ... more
    2019-07-16 16:21:03 Block Num: 34,716,978
    Don't lose hope in your confidence in God. Hold on to your dreams. Count every trials and disappointment of your life, compute them together and still rejoice in the Lord because He knows the end from the beginning. God will surely perfect that which He has started in you in Jesus name. ... more
    2018-08-16 22:55:03 Block Num: 25,130,397
  • Icy Feelings
    Good afternoon everyone, or whatever time zone you may be in. Today I'm here again to be grateful. My third term exams just started today but just yesterday I fell sick. Now I'm not the kinda person that gets sick 'cause of exams, because I'm pretty confident in the knowledge and excelling spirit God gave me. Normally due to where I live in, I really appreciate the cold seasons 'cause every other time its like a raging inferno. As nice as the cold is, it really sucks when I get a cold or as we c ... more
    2018-07-09 13:50:57 Block Num: 24,026,102
  • Being Glad For Steemit and my Brothers
    First I'll be glad about my brothers. They're both at University and being the last born and all I'm the only kid at home. Though I'm happy that they're in school and doing well despite the occasional problems in the educational system like strikes that come out of nowhere or hostel issues where they say they're renovating but they actually aren't doing anything. But above all that I'm still grateful to God. I'm also glad that I discovered steemit. Just like @mayowaajisafe said, that was around ... more
    2018-06-14 12:08:21 Block Num: 23,314,131
  • The Future
    Who am I? I am an infant, a member of the infantry who fights the battles of tomorrow. I am a child I may be a bit wild but do not be riled, I am not senile, I'm simply tensile of my profession to take this world into our possession, To remove this city from a state of decay and remould it like it is wet clay, Then let it dry for the day and then serve it to the next generation of our generation on a tray. I am a boy, The battles that I will fight are more intense than the battle at Troy, T ... more
    2018-06-03 17:07:36 Block Num: 23,003,970
  • The Bridge
    Yeah, I know, it's a cliche title but try to focus on what I'm trying to tell you instead. At times people think there are only two points in life, the start and the finish, but one is missing. Life is a journey between three cliffs, the start, the checkpoint and then success. In a way this article could also be referring to the bridge to success, if your definition of success is fulfilling your goals and purpose which is pretty much the essence of our existence. Standing on the first cliff w ... more
    2018-03-20 15:45:27 Block Num: 20,844,557
  • Lust
    Let me tell you something about Lust, You see, lust gets you lost in a bundle of feigned emotions, Driving you into an urge, Creating your obsession for things you are desperate to have in your possession, Rational thinking gets tossed into a trash can, 'Cause you think you can acquire the things that aren't yours, The seething urge to purge anything that stands in your way, And once the deed has been done and all that desire is gone, You question yourself and ask "What have I done?", Think ... more
    2018-03-10 22:11:57 Block Num: 20,564,558
  • The Writer's Words I
    Halt, for the writer is about to speak, He is about to express his imagination at its highest peak, Listen to the introduction as it blows your mind, Filling every gap, leaving you gaping at the greatness of such creativity, Such ingenuity, Words only abstract none physical, Yet none of it is typical, Everything so critical, At the turns and junctions and have you seen the sequel? To every word he speaks it's like something clicks, Like he is shaping your mind to perceive things you have ... more
    2018-03-09 16:46:18 Block Num: 20,529,341

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