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2020-08-14 13:06:17

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2020-08-14 13:06:17
  • STEEMCITY: HIVE statement, Rebranding, Updates
    HIVE statement All of you probably already know what's happening around with fork and new chain - HIVE. It's time to say few words officialy how steemcity will react on that. Most of our players support HIVE, our team also... We would like to move to hive but at this stage we are dependent on Steem-Engine. For now we will operate as usual on steem, but when there will be chance to switch we will switch to HIVE. Also reward pool in few hours will get some extra hive tokens, which belong to ... more
    2020-03-20 11:50:09 Block Num: 41,816,158
  • SteemCity - UI Updates, DPOS game-governance, density effect
    Hello SteemCity players, here are some important updates that you should know that we have implemented. Map/Dashboard button on Web Page Now players can see more details and stats on cards, with ability to filter through cards. Double click the Map/Dashboard button to switch between the menues. New options on Market Page History where you can track all the sales of your cards on the market Trade SIM and Trade BEER button that will direct you to steem-engine sim/beer market DPoS Game ... more
    2020-03-12 23:25:27 Block Num: 41,600,020
  • SteemCITY - first rewards and few updates
    Welcome to Steem City As you may have heard, Steem City is a fast growing popular Steem nft game. Here you can build your city and earn steem as it grows. This post is an update to keep all of you in the loop. Check out below to see what's happening with us. Steem Rewards First batch of steem rewards was distributed - 2162 steem to top 100 players. You can view top100 ranking in game here along with the steem you're likely to receive. Market Trades As those of you that play the game regul ... more
    2020-03-01 22:49:15 Block Num: 41,284,060
  • Announcing SteemCITY, a Game Based on Steem-Engine Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)
    Hello! After a few weeks being underground, SteemCity game is officialy out. The game is created by me - game code in python, web page is created by @mys in js vue, graphics are created by @zaxan. Here is the web page for the game: How to Play SteemCITY This will be a short and quick guide into the SteemCity mechanics to set you on the right path to help you grow. Everyone wants to grow, right? SteemCITY will allow players to optimize their cities in term ... more
    2020-02-22 18:13:12 Block Num: 41,048,749
  • gerbot update, ^buyers, ^sellers is back + more incoming
    ^sellers and ^buyers were most often used commands on gerbot, people like to know who's buying or selling their tokens. When a few weeks ago steem-engine had problems with nodes, after replay I noticed that trade history missing names, and that command didn't work from that time. As a result, I wrote a script that streams blocks on steem-engine side-chain, checks output for market smart contract and match trades( it needed some math rules for proper matching, as info in blocks is not clear). ... more
    2019-12-21 19:53:57 Block Num: 39,239,932
  • gerbot updates, candles for 30 days chart
    Now SE API returns open and close price and gerbot will draw 30 days candlesticks chart for you, ^chart30 symbol. Rest of the charts 7 days and total I left unchanged. The display of charts is broken for some tokens anyway, due to high differences in prices. Spreadsheet masters can get daily data with open and close price using ^historycsv symbol. ^buyers and ^sellers commands are not supported anymore, requests to the API not returning names of users selling/buying tokens. You can also lin ... more
    2019-10-24 15:20:09 Block Num: 37,567,217
  • gerbot - new charts and invite link
    Yesterday I updated my discord bot with new commands: ^buyers token ^sellers token gerbot will return simple charts like that one above with top sellers or buyers in last ~24h. Charts are generated from realized trades. That way you can easily check who's buying or selling your token, without scrolling through block explorer. From now you can also ask bot for a list of commands using ^help: You can play with bot on steemleo discord: Few people asked about the ... more
    2019-10-13 02:14:03 Block Num: 37,235,363
  • Steem-Engine tokens charts on discord
    Last 2 months I spent most of my time on learning python. 99% of my code is steem, SE or discord related. Thank you @cadawg for the time you spent teaching me... Yesterday I made a very simple code to generate charts for steem-engine tokens and I implemented it into gerbot, my discord bot :) How to use it: ^chart token = generate all-time chart ^chart7 or chart30 = generate 7 or 30 days chart some tokens have broken display due to very high price from time to time, so you can limit Y(price) ... more
    2019-10-04 22:15:36 Block Num: 37,000,677

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