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  • POINS Blockchain Technology: What you need to Know About #POINS and POINS ICO
    The crypto verse is getting crowded every other day with new coins and tokens getting onboard. The investor community is torn between the very many digital assets options on offer. It is important to always do a thorough background check before adopting any virtual coin. To this end, here is a simplified analysis of the upcoming and yet promising POINS network. What is POINS? Just to bring you up to speed, POINS is an upcoming blockchain based ecosystem that is set to offer the highest spe ... more
    2018-11-04 08:45:03 Block Num: 27,400,266
  • BizShake, a New Economy Sharing Kid on the Block: Pawnng and Lending Made Easy
    With the various risks in the controlled P2P sharing economies, users are keeping away from the traditional outfits and opting for a more decentralized platforms where there is transparency and secure platform where their data id safe and cannot be shared by third parties.  BizShake is set to bring back the already eroded confidence in the industry using the immutable blockchain technology.  As much as market leaders in the shared economy like Airbnb and Uber have had their succes ... more
    2018-10-26 12:46:03 Block Num: 27,146,056
  • ONAM Exchange ICO: The Only Seamless Global Trading Platform So Far
    The dynamism of technology has not spared that of blockchain and consumers keep demanding more in the market every day break. Old systems tend to get absolute with time and new shinny entrants attract more patronage and this is the same with cryptocurrency exchanges. The ONAM Exchange is a result of evolving technologies and seeks to fill the gap that has been left gapping by older platforms. Crypto aware investors are looking for credible exchanges where they can perform their trades with ... more
    2018-10-17 08:57:42 Block Num: 26,882,497
  • Your Data Safe (YDS) ICO Review: #Your Data Safe Project Ready to Monetize your Personal Data
    Ever imagined that one day you will earn from data that you have been sharing for free? Find out how... The data trading market keeps on growing and the trade is done behind your back. It is about time to take control over your data that is being sold behind your back. individuals and companies are using your data without your consent and they are making millions in profits while you get nothing out of it and Your Data Safe (YDS) is about to change all that. Your Data Safe is set to change ... more
    2018-10-16 09:00:15 Block Num: 26,853,755
  • BrikBit: The Blockchain Backed Real Estate Game Changer
                              It is no brainer that the blockchain revolution is not stopping at sending and receiving those invisible coins called cryptos; it is a real deal also in the investment end and BrikBit is in the forefront to demystify the real estate sector by making it easy for everyone to have access to the lucrative industry. Investors have been exploring sa ... more
    2018-10-10 15:48:09 Block Num: 26,689,262
  • Plaza’s MerchantChain™: The Future of B-Commerce Unfolding; a Short #Plaza’s MerchantChain™ Review
    The blockchain and crypto hype appears to be taking a surprising turn; digital asset users are now looking for platforms that make their lives better in one way or the other. The e-commerce sector has always provided solutions to the online shopping goer and has the market giants have always taken advantage of their monopoly by fleecing the customer. With the entry of Plaza’s MerchantChain™, the consumer experience is about to change for good from the traditional e-commerce to b-commerce. T ... more
    2018-10-09 10:19:12 Block Num: 26,653,894
  • DataFund Review: Securing and Exchanging Personal Data through Blockchain App
    Has your data ever been compromised or used without your consent to benefit those you entrust with it? Well, son your woes will come to an end and DataFund ushers in a new era of data decentralization through their groundbreaking app. Your personal data is a very precious asset that you need to safeguard and DataFund is ready to show you how. With DataFund, you are assured that your data is highly secured and you are in control of the amount of data that you share. The system stores all you ... more
    2018-10-07 13:16:12 Block Num: 26,599,862
  • IUNO Banking: All you need to Know About the #IUNO Banking Ecosystem
    For anyone who has used the traditional baking system, they can be able to tell how intimidating these financial institutions are. These are purely in business and the more profits they get the better for their stakeholders. The consumer has no say over their assets but that is about to change thanks to IUNO; a banking system that is powered by blockchain. For the few who can access the convectional banks, all transactions are attached to a certain fee and by the end of the day; you end up ... more
    2018-10-06 17:48:12 Block Num: 26,576,524

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