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2020-08-14 13:40:20

BitCoin: 11,754.52$

2020-08-14 13:40:20
  • Attending a health promotion program Basic health information dissemination for ...
    ... the whole community really needs to be discussed to be better understood for all communities in the village ... more
    2020-01-24 13:30:39 Block Num: 40,209,630
  • My favorite coffee, with the addition of simple local snacks Coffee with a snack ...
    ... menu in the morning has become a daily routine in our family, this old habit has become a routine family activity with the addition of tea which makes morning more enjoyable ... more
    2020-01-14 15:22:54 Block Num: 39,924,439
  • Ceremonial in preparing children to open the show Children with primary school ...
    ... age as an early age, giving plenty of time for every parent to support the education of every child, trying to give the best in the world of children's education, so that every child will be ready to become an adult human by having good knowledge and understanding of life . Give each child the opportunity to develop and grow according to his current age ... more
    2020-01-13 09:55:06 Block Num: 39,889,151
  • coffee with everything tastes amazing
    EXPRESSO sanger coffee that feels special ... always happy to enjoy it every day after work and rest choose hot exspresso coffee with pleasant mini cups the atmosphere looks more crowded today in the coffee shop where I visited late afternoon. or expect that cold exspresso in a large glass will look incredible Posted using Partiko Android ... more
    2020-01-09 10:41:48 Block Num: 39,775,107
  • Local coffee where I live, feels very original
    In our community's daily life, finding a cup of coffee in the morning is common for many people. Today I shop for a bag of natural black powder coffee which we often consume as an appetizer every morning. Some of the various simple dough cakes found in this coffee shop, provide a better atmosphere when enjoying a cup of coffee at home with my family members. This morning was amazing even though full of busyness, coffee as a complement to the day for my inspiration in daily activitie ... more
    2020-01-06 03:36:42 Block Num: 39,680,408
  • Complementary exspresso coffee for my day off
    Coffee in the morning will be very good for health, of course, after breakfast is done. Enjoying a cup of coffee on holidays makes my rest more perfect. Coffee express with natural coffee beans will give extraordinary taste and aroma. Posted using Partiko Android ... more
    2020-01-05 04:32:24 Block Num: 39,652,766
  • A sunny morning with a cup of espresso
    This morning after doing daily activities at home, made me to get a short break and choose coffeeshop as my main goal this morning. Enjoying hot exspresso in a small cup is enough to make my eyes open again from the fatigue that has been felt a week. And on school days the children are now giving me more time with them. A cup of exspresso coffee today is enough to make my day back. Enjoy your day with a cup of coffee to enhance the atmosphere Posted using Partiko Android ... more
    2019-12-24 04:11:51 Block Num: 39,307,361
  • Afternoon food menu with a glass of ea cappuccino
    I like some kind of taste from coffee, I started to feel the pleasure of coffee since I spent my college days. so that coffee has been one of my pavorite drinks since then This afternoon I ordered a traditional, aceh, Chanee food menu in addition to a glass of cold, pleasant exspresso coffee Posted using Partiko Android ... more
    2019-12-01 11:45:12 Block Num: 38,655,230

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