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2020-04-05 13:58:08
  • Lesson 9: Fixed and temporary alterations / Lezione 9: Alterazioni fisse e momentanee.
    Steemians friends welcome back! Another small appointment with a music theory lesson. Today we see the difference of the alterations of the musical notes, in key and temporary. Fixed alterations. The alterations (sharp or flat) are called musical alterations or accidents because they alter the pitch of the notes to which they refer by half tone (ascending or descending in the respective cases). When the alterations are written in the clef, they are valid for the whole staff or space and for a ... more
    2020-01-20 18:19:03 Block Num: 40,100,412
  • Practice lesson 3: Alternate picking double strings / Lezione Pratica 3: Pennata alternata su due corde adiacenti
    Alternate Picking on two adjacent strings Steemians friends welcome back on the second practical appointment! In the last lesson we saw exercises to get familiar with the instrument and the keyboard. Today we develop them differently to increase the feeling on the neck and improve the control of the alternate picking. In the diagram below, on the first tab we start with the I fret with the index finger and we reach the XII fret always with the index finger following the sequence as indicated. ... more
    2020-01-13 19:45:03 Block Num: 39,900,926
  • Practice lesson 2: beginning exercise / Lezione pratica 1: esercizi di smanicamento
    Practice lesson 2. Steemians friends welcome back! Here we are at the second appointment of practical lessons; today we see a development of the chromatic exercise of the first lesson. In the last practical lesson we performed a chromatic scale exercise vertically on the handle, in this lesson we will develop it horizontally. Let's start with the first key as always and move along the handle towards the twelfth fret; once this is achieved with the first finger, with the same method we go back ... more
    2020-01-06 18:50:03 Block Num: 39,698,632
  • Lesson 8: The dot / Lezione 8: Il punto
    The dot. Steemians friends, welcome back! Yet another appointment on music theory; today we are talking about the dot that we can sometimes find just after a note. What is it for? Let's see it together. The dot increases the value of the note followed by exactly the respective half value. So if for example we take a Minima note (2/4) and put a dot next to it, it will take its value + half, so it will become a Minimum of 3/4. An Integer note (4/4) followed by a dot will take a value of 6/4 (4 ... more
    2019-12-30 18:23:03 Block Num: 39,496,841
  • Lesson 7: rest value / Lezione 7: valori delle pause
    Rest value. Steemians friends welcome back! In the Lesson N ° 6 we saw the value of the notes in the bars at a certain time. Since the music is not composed only of uninterrupted sounds but here and there are scattered pauses to give movement to the song, they too are subject to values ​​to respect the time in notation of the measure. Let's see it together. First of all, what is a rest in music? The rest is an indication of NOT playing and serves to create a silence, an absence of sound betw ... more
    2019-12-23 15:46:03 Block Num: 39,292,477
  • Lesson 6: Notes value / Lezione 6: Valori delle note
    Notes value. Good morning, my friends Steemians and welcome back! Today a simple lesson: the values ​​of the notes! You must know that to play correctly, you need to know the notes well and three things are fundamental to them: - the tone - the weather - duration We have previously dealt with the issue of tone in Lesson No. 4. Its duration is determined by its value and in this regard I have prepared a summary scheme that you find below. Time is its duration in the measure and here too you fi ... more
    2019-12-17 15:45:06 Block Num: 39,119,973
  • Practice lesson 1: guitar workout / Lezione pratica 1: esercizi di smanicamento
    Steemians friends, welcome back! A new chapter is added on my page, the practice lessons! I will release one a week or so to allow time for practice. After some theory lessons, maybe boring but, aihmè, necessary to establish the initial bases, let's start by putting something into practice. To begin to become familiar with the handle, keyboard, strings and plectrum, here are some simple exercises to do on all six strings and on all the keys, coming back to the twelfth we always go back followi ... more
    2019-12-11 13:43:15 Block Num: 38,945,061
  • Esercizio 1 (scala cromatica) / Exercise 2 (chromatic scale)
    Esercizio cromatico su chitarra per principianti. Lezioni di chitarra e musica su Steemit. Chromatic exercise on guitar for beginners. Guitar & music lessons for beginners on Steemit. ▶️ DTube ▶️ IPFS ... more
    2019-12-11 13:20:18 Block Num: 38,944,604

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        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/file\/steempeak\/hjmarseille\/H4u4E5Ct-spirit2.jpg",
        "location": "Milano",
        "about": "Appassionato di musica, tecnologia, meccanica, criptovalute.",
        "name": "HJMarseille",
        "signature": "Caput imperare, non pedes."
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