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2020-01-26 01:13:09

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2020-01-26 01:13:09
  • A Little Surprise at the Park
    In a matter of seconds, they all came flying from behind, so as if i've done something I paused, feeling guilty. Not that I can move quickly as both hands were carrying grocery bags. As they came into view and descend, the sound of their flapping wings sort of change my feeling of guilt to wonder, them being so close. They looked beautiful as my 90 degrees vision was full of these awesome pigeons. Unlike those times when bringing little Sophia to the park to feed the pigeons, my groceries didn' ... more
    2019-11-23 14:52:06 Block Num: 38,428,985
  • Glamping When It's Already Autumn in UK
    Invited to join a group of friends with their families for a couple of days get-away outside London, i never thought of saying NO as I usually join them almost in every occasion. The last time was staying in a caravan off the coast of Devon. This time, i presumed to be by the beach in Suffolk. As it was glamping, i thought of cozy and cocooned with probably an electric fireplace most especially in the evenings. Feeling excited, we didn't mind the almost 2 hours drive to the north-east of Englan ... more
    2019-10-22 17:24:42 Block Num: 37,512,218
  • Today's Actifit Recording At Work
    Ten hours on, more or less by this time, our bodies tend to get deflated like a balloon. A non-stop running around with our minds prioritising on what must be done, which patient to go to first or can we even squeeze a quick visit to the loo for a much needed nature break? My legs ache so by the end of the day, coupled with a relief that a 12-hours shift is over. Checking my #actifit record, it looked okay-ish from the looks of it for today. It's been a while that I have not posted, perhaps it ... more
    2019-10-18 22:47:42 Block Num: 37,403,687
  • A Quick Errand to China Town
    Needing a few bits and pieces from China Town means having to go directly there just after a night shift. Going out of town early tomorrow warranted getting everything done before going home and hit the sack. As the shop i needed was still closed, a quick breakfast of congee in a tiny restaurant plus a little walk around the area were enough to pass the time. Mind you, this was the only side street that was empty as most restaurants' doorways are facing the main street where workmen were unpa ... more
    2019-08-12 22:45:54 Block Num: 35,499,806
  • A Day Out at Kent's Caverns in Torquay, Devon
    For anyone wanting to frolic and sun-bathe along the English Riviera, visiting this pre-historic caves is a MUST-see when visiting this part of England. These caves along the Jurassic coast of Devon till Dorset will take anyone back in time, before Homo Sapiens started to roam the earth. Well sort of, this from listening to David our guide when we started the tour. Anyone who is into archeology would know the place easily, but for most of us in the tour, everyone of us inside those caverns we ... more
    2019-08-10 18:59:57 Block Num: 35,437,796
  • All In a Day's Work
    It never happened before where after discharging patients about lunchtime, admissions were lacking, nor there was an emergency in our Arrhythmia Pathway. Alone in the acute bay, all emergency admissions would have come to me, having 2 empty emergency beds to start with. I wouldn't have minded after my discharges. 7936 Moving Around Office, Walking ... more
    2019-08-04 22:23:21 Block Num: 35,270,256
  • Getting Fit for Steem Fest with Actifit and Blocktradescontest
    Getting fit with @actifit, SF or no SF Seems like all my activities that have reached above 10-15k were all achieved while at work. Not surprisingly as a long day shift starts at 8am, ending at 8pm. Ideally. Leaving the house at sunrise, maybe about 7am and being home at 10pm if I am lucky. But today was one of those days where I have been busy with a couple of my patients. One was an emergency patient who was having a heart rate of 27 to 30 beats per minute, very chatty with no deadly sympt ... more
    2019-07-31 22:01:51 Block Num: 35,154,861
  • A Typical English Weather at the Park
    Due for a visit from another god-mother, my god-daughter Sophia was excited for her arrival, but because of the gloomy weather, the rain was expected from earlier on. It rained while she was busy playing infront of my window. As it was continous, her god-mother's call of its' postponement probably sealed it. Till the sun came out later on. And a four year old doesn't forget easily. Out last visit to the park two days ago didn't dampen her enthusiasm to go back so soon. Though now sunny, we ... more
    2019-07-30 20:23:21 Block Num: 35,124,143

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        "name": "immarojas",
        "about": "A cardiac nurse, loves photography, travel, food, sleeping and anything extraordinaire. Co-founder of @walkofhope.",
        "location": "Earth",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmevkGDVYV26czNHP4kjNHwCS4VFiAP4LQFrK1pbqrt3TW\/bayanihan%20cover%20blue%20red.png ",
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