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2020-07-12 15:01:04

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2020-07-12 15:01:04
  • There is nothing better than the family gathered to celebrate the traditions of our country
    As my friends are, in this area of ​​the world we are enjoying a long weekend, yesterday was the day that my country declared itself free. Argentines love our country, and we love celebrating our traditions. Source: Family Album This type of event is used to accompany with typical meals, and they vary according to the taste of each family, or why they are traditionally used to eating ... more
    2020-07-10 21:04:06 Block Num: 44,993,942
  • The love you give to nature, she rewards you
    How are friends of the hive? Welcome fans, enthusiasts and fans of the work we do every day in the garden. We inherited our passion for the garden from our grandparents, who loved and cared for the land in a healthy way. From them we learned to use the resources that nature provides to maintain our plants. Source: Family Album S ... more
    2020-07-09 19:46:36 Block Num: 44,963,885
  • On Sundays we love working in the garden, it allows us to spend the day with the family
    Good morning friends and enthusiastic followers of our work in the garden. Working on a Sunday became a habit, it is when we can do more work and get ahead. We also take advantage of being with the family. We have been dedicating a lot to garden furniture, these days we have two more orders to do, and we would have less time that we had planned to dedicate to the garden. Source: Family Album ... more
    2020-07-08 21:14:30 Block Num: 44,937,102
  • There is no greater satisfaction than feeding your family with the fruits that your hands have reaped
    How are the followers and lovers of agriculture. Today I am pleased to share with you all, the first harvest of the year for our sweet potato plants, as I mentioned, we are close to the next planting season and we need to harvest the plants to start preparing the soil for the next season Source: Family Album It is raining around here, and that makes the fruits of our plants prosper, ... more
    2020-07-07 23:36:51 Block Num: 44,911,385
  • We are a family that loves nature, taking care of it is the least we can do for it.
    Welcome craft lovers and conservators of the natural. Using your hands to build what you need is very rewarding, much more if the things you do contribute to nature and the care of our beloved trees. Our ancestors have taught us to use natural resources for consumption, and we must always be careful about their reproduction. Source: Family Album I really like creating the furniture I n ... more
    2020-07-06 22:19:06 Block Num: 44,881,303
  • The beautiful things that nature gives us, love it, respect it, and take care of it. It's for all of us
    Hello wonderful people from this community. Yesterday I told you that I have learned to use ¨Photoshop¨¨Cs6¨ in the editions of my images, if for some reason you have got lost and want to know what it is about, you can enter here:  It is not something extraordinary, it is rather a basic learning which serves to improve the photographs a little. Source: Family Album These images are the result of what I'm learning, although I love ... more
    2020-07-05 21:37:42 Block Num: 44,851,959
  • Age is not a reason not to learn, to incorporate information is never too late
    Good morning my dear friends. It is a pleasure to be with you, happy to be alive and in good health, I am very grateful to see a new day and all the beauty that surrounds me. Today I am not going to do agriculture or manual woodworking, I will give you a short break from them. Source: Family Album Several months ago I am following the image editing work, which our friend @nelyp does, I really like her editions, she has a very special ... more
    2020-07-04 20:39:33 Block Num: 44,822,275
  • When you love what you do the plants know it, they also give their love. The fruits of the garden
    Since my friends and followers of my works in the fifth are, how could it be otherwise, we want to end the week with an update of our plants. This was a difficult week in terms of time, we spent many hours finishing the garden furniture, we want to deliver something good that new owners like. It has been raining around here very often, which makes it impossible to visit the garden. Source: Family Album ... more
    2020-07-04 00:18:27 Block Num: 44,798,077

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