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2020-06-03 12:44:02

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2020-06-03 12:44:02
  • Is trading BTC really this easy?
    Bitcoin still hasn't broken out of its triangle yet The rejection above $10k last night didn't help the chart at all. In all honesty, it now looks like we could start revisiting those low numbers, possibly all the way down to the bottom of the range. Sees: (source: That would mean a test of about $5k in the coming months. Any chance that actually happens? That seems really low to me. ... more
    2020-06-02 20:02:33 Block Num: 43,910,942
  • You think I will be able to buy one of these next year with just 1 BTC?
    These things go on sale next year around $40k Any chance I will be able to buy one with just 1 BTC? (Source: Investing just $9,500 today to buy a $40k truck tomorrow, that seems like a good deal to me. Any chance it actually happens? ... more
    2020-06-02 18:30:36 Block Num: 43,909,128
  • Bitcoin is compressing like a coiled spring
    It's been compressing for weeks and weeks now You know what comes after the price compresses right? It has a big break out. Look at the BTC compression over the last month: (Source: When it breaks out and picks a direction we are going to see a big move. The only question is whether that move will be up or down? I would guess up based on the fact that the price has spent more time at the upper end of this compression tha ... more
    2020-06-01 19:59:51 Block Num: 43,882,560
  • The rioters only weakness, guns
    Has anyone else noticed that these rioters feel empowered because the police have backed down? Well if people had guns do you think they would still be doing what they are doing? All those people that said we shouldn't have guns and we'll just let the police have all the guns, what happens when there are no police willing to step in? All the riots we are seeing, that's what happens. (Source: ... more
    2020-06-01 19:13:00 Block Num: 43,881,641
  • Well that was fast
    The BTC mempool is now all the way back to empty Well almost empty. After filling up with tons of unconfirmed transactions following the halving, the mempool is draining big time. It's almost all the way back to flat. Sees: (Source: This means fees will go back to the low numbers we saw prior to the halving. Nothing to see here folks, bitcoin is behaving exactly as it should and things are balancing back out. ... more
    2020-05-31 19:14:42 Block Num: 43,853,378
  • Well this is interesting
    This isn't something I thought was intricately linked, but perhaps they are? In the midst of the riots in Raleigh, this was spotted: (Source: "Google bitcoin and black america". Either way, it's more press for bitcoin. ... more
    2020-05-31 18:03:15 Block Num: 43,851,978
  • First World countries search for BTC out of curiosity, Third World for survival
    Search results by region are rather interesting For one it is interesting to see what people are searching exactly as it relates to bitcoin. The interesting thing is that the dominant search phrases are pretty much the same globally. (source: The main difference is that 1st world countries searching for BTC are doing so out of curiosity. While 3rd world countries are searching for it out of necessity and survival. That's what ... more
    2020-05-30 19:09:54 Block Num: 43,824,990
  • It's hard not to get excited when you see this chart
    I don't even get excited about charts, but this one does it for me We had a double touch off the bottom line, just like last time, and now it's time to touch the top line: (Source: Are you ready for it? My only question is what will the price of my altcoins be when bitcoin is north of $20k? It's been a long 2 years but I am ready for some bull market again! ... more
    2020-05-30 18:54:57 Block Num: 43,824,699

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