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2019-10-20 03:41:46
  • People complain about Bitcoin's energy consumption but...
    People complain about how much electricity bitcoin uses But they don't look at the bigger picture. According to stats pulled from Wikipedia, in 2015 roughly 160 PWh of energy was produced. However, the world only used about 110 PWh. That left the other 50 PWh to go to waste. (Source: Bitcoin currently uses 0.075 PWh/yr Waste alone can power Bitcoin 650 times over. Tell that to someone the next time they talk about energy consumption. ... more
    2019-10-19 17:38:21 Block Num: 37,426,258
  • That's Steem looking up, wondering where everyone else is going
    Steem has been showing some relative strength lately It was 85th on Coinmarketcap a few days back. Then checked in on it earlier, and I saw it back at 78 again. This is steem looking up, wondering where everyone else is heading: (Source: Steem has been slightly bucking the trend lately by showing some relative strength. Hope it continues! ... more
    2019-10-18 17:33:12 Block Num: 37,397,411
  • Bitcoin's not dead, it's just resting
    Bitcoin volumes across the board are in the toilet Every exchange is seeing a massive decline in volumes, no one is being except. Even the extremely popular Bitmex is seeing low volumes. Just about every exchange is seeing the lowest volumes since May of this year. Which was when bitcoin was in the toilet. However, we have seen this before, bitcoin is likely just resting: (Source: ... more
    2019-10-18 16:54:36 Block Num: 37,396,640
  • As of today...
    AS of today, buying bitcoin has been profitable 86% of the time Since 2013, had you bought bitcoin any day, you would be profitable 86% of the time: (Source: The bad news is most bought within the last 3 years and for those, they would only be profitable less than 50% of the time. Oh well, live and learn! ... more
    2019-10-17 20:48:51 Block Num: 37,372,575
  • Bitcoin - The party is just getting started
    Looking at a weekly chart the party may just be getting started Elliott wave theory says we could be in store for a 3rd wave over the next couple years. This wave would take prices substantially higher than the all time highs. (Source: This wave would take prices to the $60k-$70 range within the next couple years. Do you think it actually happens? ... more
    2019-10-17 20:14:21 Block Num: 37,371,887
  • BTC - Only 2 more months until $100k!
    Every two years bitcoin adds a zero Fact. Don't believe me? Check it out: (Source: That means we are only 2 months away from bitcoin being worth $100k. Go pick out your lambos now! If you didn't get it before, I am just kidding. The stat is true so far, but it's going to be broken for the first time ever in 2 months. Well, most likely anyways. ... more
    2019-10-16 18:17:33 Block Num: 37,340,812
  • BTC - Big move incoming? Tether has more real volume than everything else
    Looks like someone is gearing up for a big move... Check out all the real volume in tether right now: (Source: It's higher than BTC! That is either people getting out of bitcoin to hide in tether or people getting into tether in order to buy bitcoin Or... It could be those Chinese moving money around. Who knows! But, it's interesting to see. ... more
    2019-10-16 17:43:57 Block Num: 37,340,141
  • We have arrived folks, "Satoshi" officially a word!
    The word "satoshi" was added to the Oxford Dictionary last week "Satoshi" - the smallest divisible unit of bitcoin, is now officially an English word. While it has been used for years among the crypto community, the Oxford English Dictionary added the term last week. I mean we were real before, but now we are really real. It's official! (Source: ... more
    2019-10-15 19:27:48 Block Num: 37,313,472

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