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2020-06-03 11:52:10

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2020-06-03 11:52:10
  • El gran día de mi vida
    Esta es mi participación en la iniciativa de @steemitblog [100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 57 - Friday Challenge - The Biggest Day of My Life]( Pensar en un día especial puede llevarle a uno a muchos momentos que han sido especiales, pero particularmente hay uno que recuerdo con mucha emoción, y que por suerte quedó registrado por alguien que posteriormente conocí y pude mantener ... more
    2020-06-02 14:21:27 Block Num: 43,904,229
  • The mind, your main tool
    The mind is the indispensable tool for a life of profit, of fulfillment, regardless of the situation. Thinking positively but realistically, having the ability to adapt to different circumstances but without it meaning chaos, place, energetically nourish us with people who enjoy mental health, are basic things that we must always keep in mind. # Yes, that's right, it sounds very easy, but some people will think it's not, we're already starting off badly, making proposals of complications, i ... more
    2020-06-01 16:22:03 Block Num: 43,878,282
  • ¿Pensando en abrir un negocio?
    En estos momentos precisos de la historia muchos deben estar pensando, mientras permanecen sin trabajo, en cuarentena, que haber tenido un negocio desde hace tiempo y no trabajarle a nadie hubiese sido lo mejor. Ya que su trabajo **no habría estado en riesgo** o no hubiese quedado desempleado. # Sin embargo, esto es relativamente cierto, ya que muchos negocios están cerrando, y seguirán haciéndolo, ya que las condiciones actuales no permiten necesariamente que cualquier proyecto se mantenga ... more
    2020-06-01 10:22:06 Block Num: 43,871,213
  • My top 3 - Review of Project Hope community publications (25/05 to 31/05)
    When writing a publication we expect it to be read, commented on, and voted on. This is the main sense of this network, that relationships are established between different users around themes to ends, with which all participants communicate. In this sense the community PROJECT.HOPE has been doing its own thing, this project allows users with similar interests in topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Technology, among others to share quality content and with active participation of all membe ... more
    2020-06-01 03:37:03 Block Num: 43,863,257
  • Come with me and learn about stablecoins
    If you come to read my publications, and I hope you do, you will know that the previous one was about the crypt coins we won on this platform. To use them as examples and to be able to make understand in the first line why we won two types, and above all to make clear that it is one and that it is the other. Previously I explained what an **altcoin** is, and made the introduction to what a Stablecoin is. But, let's continue with this topic and understand what it is specifically about and wha ... more
    2020-05-31 02:00:03 Block Num: 43,833,051
  • Dale Historia a tu Dibujo, Concurso / World Of Xpilar: Una gallina en Alta Mar
    Después de tantos días como náufrago, se pierde la noción del tiempo, del espacio, el hambre hace lo suyo en tu organismo ya agotado, cansado, con poca energía, sediento, acalorado, muy difícil *(casi imposible)* mantener las esperanzas de que en algún momento llegará alguien a rescatarte. Pierdes la esperanza por completo, comienzas a recordar muchas cosas vividas, y por supuesto que sientes nostalgia de tanto, que sino te consume el hambre, el calor y la sed seguro que la nostalgia y el ... more
    2020-05-30 03:07:00 Block Num: 43,806,070
  • Nationalist isolation or global solidarity? - Reflection
    The countries of the world have established certain **internal protocols** for the movement of their citizens, in many cases the borders between different departments or states are totally restricted or limited to specific cases. *This is one of the tools that some countries use to counteract the advance of the Covid-19.* # In the same way, national and international flights have ceased their functions, totally or partially, in different countries. But, these eventualities may lead countries ... more
    2020-05-29 11:56:51 Block Num: 43,788,183
  • Come and learn with me about ALTCOIN
    Among the things that we must know when we enter this platform is the management of our funds, which means each of those things that we find in the *Wallet*. We have starting with Steem the main currency of this platform, the **Altcoin**, later we have the **SteemPower**, which is the one that gives the value to our account, the more we have will be more in benefit that we leave in who we vote and at the same time what comes to us as curatorship, and then we have **Steem Dollar**, which is c ... more
    2020-05-29 03:37:03 Block Num: 43,778,367

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    "profile": {
        "name": "Jos\u00e9 A Vasquez",
        "about": "Miembro del @emeeseeseTeam",
        "location": "IN THE WORLD \/ EN EL MUNDO",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQme9yi2n3CuTpiB4m8QF2GuZ2UHtcxA9q3T9KvQ7jbwd2d\/solidaridad-cuba8.jpg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmZowyqM19LQiBKEthpAEyUvAzjecfFwbXu7odHm8eV5Wh\/JPEG_20190805_044339.jpg"
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