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Accounts ID: 543111
Accounts Name: julescape
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Steem: 0.17$

2019-08-23 01:04:35

BitCoin: 10,141.22$

2019-08-23 01:04:35
  • Song for Kashmir
    Kashmir a small but mighty state Since one time Nund Rishi the Great Where tolerance was once the key we yearn the day you can be free The Sufi is the only way the Middle Way for all today Kashmir you were and will be great for we all eat from the same plate Claimed by Mughuls, Sultans too Afghans, Brahmanas old and new But noble Sikhs like Gulab Singh are real heirs to everything The real reason is of course the mighty river water source It’s Pakistan’s real source of life That’s reason for ... more
    2019-08-20 10:31:33 Block Num: 35,715,147
  • Brothers of the Way
    The echo of a distant song repeats a long forgotten tune The Mystery of where we belong among the stars and sun and moon At times sometimes the time’s forgotten The endless one and only now returns like memories once begotten brothers of the bull and plow esteemed revered eternal moment holy moment some might say the only way to seize it is upon the breath and middle way Have you heard all that I say? The Messenger and Psychopomp Mercurius will find a way to guide you back to your old stom ... more
    2019-08-18 14:00:15 Block Num: 35,661,813
  • Proof of Brain on the blockchain
    It’s time to flex our cortex it’s time for proof of brain attract the spiral vortex upon the steem blockchain I’m super optimistic so turbo charge your brain give up the multi tasking and the cortisol will drain Inhibit information reduce the whole download the highest of performers can focus on one road Addiction to the tech the online need to surf the net can end with you a wreck redistribute the time you get big idea thinking is the secret to success that and innovation will bring out ... more
    2019-08-16 18:23:45 Block Num: 35,609,574
  • The Dao of the coin - limitless forking
    The coins are bleeding wounded now Its time to take up with the Dao The way is long the path is steep which shall I sell which shall I keep? Will altcoins ever rise again? some say that this looks like the end But we who walk the middle way see cycles weaving night with day The one will rise that did once fall and rising hit the great sell wall only to cycle back once more just like the bull market before See Ripples in the pool of life as Ether forks hard like a knife blockchain remain both ... more
    2019-08-15 21:06:00 Block Num: 35,584,066
  • Mercurius reveals his mind
    Two serpents cross, arising up high magnetic electric, a girl and a guy Mercury sad you see us here and now It’s all in the mind just between the eyebrow as above so below what you see is your self What you seek is what’s looking for your mental health just create out of nothing like the whole universe nothing lost nothing gained now its written in verse Mighty secrets revealed right before your own eyes Right behind them as well if you just realize that all energy constantly causes effect ... more
    2019-08-14 19:46:18 Block Num: 35,553,718
  • Retain Proof of Brain – ban the bots
    What use is Proof of Brain when bidbots dominate the scene? I may as well just pay to play and rake in unearned steem The good old days are gone where posting made it worth my while So many left already, dead accounts mile after mile The answer is community and Tribes look like the way to ride the bull back home again as dawn reveals the day that we all find our place once more as steem evaporates just rather hook up with a Tribe and curate with your mates As Hard Fork number next arrives Age ... more
    2019-08-13 19:38:51 Block Num: 35,524,817
  • Sinking Steemship brings Tribes to the rescue
    Steemship slipping under fast is this joyride going to last? I don’t think this rig will hold even witnesses start to fold Powering down they all are now rats all leave from port and bow this ship is going down with all the crew on board both big and small No one spared this sinking trend to most it looks just like the end Is there one hope to save this wreck? for if there is, all hands on deck Wait just one sec before you bail man overboard - quick drop the sail I see it now mates, land ah ... more
    2019-08-12 21:09:15 Block Num: 35,497,876
  • Redfish Liberation – demise of the bots
    I wondered lonely as a fish stuck swimming in a petri dish singing my solitary song without a tribe where I belong I even thought to try a bot fly to the land that time forgot attempting to manipulate my prominence and seal my fate As someone worthy of a vote because of all the script she wrote but soon it left me feeling fake with empty comments in my wake the system hijacked by no tribe that ever would attract this scribe but rather by gamers instead who buy their votes like daily bread ... more
    2019-08-09 17:34:33 Block Num: 35,407,350

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    "profile": {
        "name": "mercurius",
        "about": "Living the eternal holiday. You are what you think.",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmSWs8bvvddK6F4y9mqY5y6vNe8YAfDRS4gJWDvGywCfwX\/voice%20bnw%20unsplash.jpg",
        "location": "Blockchain Decentral",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmTTuQU2wBSMzMfTEfmJj67amdzntXnzuhm433UmaFnniU\/brain%20hemispheres.jpg",
        "dtube_pub": "gxtHodX13jBYZxZK4WnRcGfjWJDG4SQYTxvMMBFVVHDG"
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