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Accounts ID: 543111
Accounts Name: julescape
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Reputation: 841,255,254,446

Steem: 0.14$

2019-12-12 18:05:49

BitCoin: 7,193.46$

2019-12-12 18:05:49
  • Global south rising
    Welcome to my channel called THE SHAPE OF THE CAPE with JULESCAPE Aka Bitcoin Babaji Discussing and exploring some of the hidden travel hideaways on the south Cape coast of Africa. ▶️ DTube ▶️ IPFS ... more
    2019-12-10 12:59:15 Block Num: 38,915,433
  • Global south rising
    Welcome to my channel called THE SHAPE OF THE CAPE with JULESCAPE Aka Bitcoin Babaji Discussing and exploring some of the hidden travel hideaways on the south Cape coast of Africa. ▶️ DTube ▶️ IPFS ... more
    2019-12-10 12:29:36 Block Num: 38,914,841
  • Transcending duality
    Today I let go of the past it’s making me vulnerable, causing me doubt I build up control now and fast reserve is my weapon with unspoken clout Humor - for some a distraction to all of the tragedy flooding the world is my weapon for taking swift action by laughing because I feel subtly bold For the warrior of spirit emotion is the primary weakness, the crack in the shield unless it is turned to devotion to the cause of all causes, to whom we all yield Anger – for some a bold weapon is not ... more
    2019-11-21 18:21:57 Block Num: 38,375,676
  • I heard an Ibis call my name
    Is life too long, you feeling bored? Today Tahuti struck a chord he struck a note, a funny bone we’re never truly on our own There’s more to life than meets the eye a lot to do before we die there’s so much more to still be done we’ve only just begun the fun We’ll celebrate a life of bliss because there’s so much more than this it comes when time and tide is right that’s why we don’t give up the fight Pineal and Pituitary united now that we are free ecstatic moment, don’t be late our time h ... more
    2019-11-17 20:34:57 Block Num: 38,263,329
  • And you don’t even know that you’re falling in love
    As the rain trickles down from the sky up above just like memories, of music from lifetimes long gone and you don’t even know that you’re falling in love with the sound of the name on the solo love song For the name says it all lays it all in your hand there’s no more that you need to remember the past as it whispers the truth, shows the way to the land the most holy of holies united at last a reunion so sweet a return to the source once forgotten but now in the moment revived like a marriage ... more
    2019-11-06 21:26:30 Block Num: 37,948,205
  • Lucid dream of mooning steem
    Up up and away like the 99th balloon there’s no other way now but up - nor a moment too soon for this price of steem to fill our dream of all time highs for we can fly and that is why... It’s up up and away for another yesterday tomorrow shows the way to uplifting light of day that will shine upon the silver steem within our dream for we can dream or so it seems... Here comes the new dawn, the golden dawn of hope hope is all we have like a wandering heliotrope we surround the sun with everyon ... more
    2019-11-04 22:28:12 Block Num: 37,891,951
  • Time to cash in and crash out steem
    With steem at six and sevens or should I say at 12 our moonshot to the heavens has left us trying to delve into just what to do when nothing's to be done except to let it slide until the crash is run. Steem falls just like a stone down to its all time lows I know I'm not alone examining its woes Just what my crystal ball reveals to me right now will surely not inspire investing anyhow Reveal to you I won't my dire prediction here invest your fiat don't for steem has too much fear uncertai ... more
    2019-10-24 12:02:36 Block Num: 37,563,274
  • I sing a song of sixcoins
    sometimes I wonder why I actually even try to make a string of words like whistling to the birds I know no one who reads no none not one no leads this post my poem and song alone it sings along I write to please myself improve my mental health read don't read who cares if all his heart he bares upon this blockchain page now that it comes of age and writes a timeless piece timestamped for pure release destress decentralize our eye upon the prize be single now be whole retreive what maya stol ... more
    2019-10-02 18:35:18 Block Num: 36,938,799

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    "profile": {
        "name": "mercurius",
        "about": "Living the eternal holiday. You are what you think.",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmSWs8bvvddK6F4y9mqY5y6vNe8YAfDRS4gJWDvGywCfwX\/voice%20bnw%20unsplash.jpg",
        "location": "Blockchain Decentral",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmTTuQU2wBSMzMfTEfmJj67amdzntXnzuhm433UmaFnniU\/brain%20hemispheres.jpg",
        "dtube_pub": "gxtHodX13jBYZxZK4WnRcGfjWJDG4SQYTxvMMBFVVHDG"
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