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2020-08-14 13:20:05

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2020-08-14 13:20:05
  • Is Bitcoin's Success Inevitable?
    is-bitcoin-s-success-inevitable In this clip from episode #14 of the LEO Roundtable, Rolland asked an interesting question that gave some interesting insight into how we all think about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general: Rolland: "Is Bitcoin Inevitable?” Our responses varied but we all have the same underlying belief that Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies are here to stay. We may disagree from time to time on what currencies those are and what use cases are most ripe for disruption, but I thi ... more
    2020-07-17 14:33:30 Block Num: 45,185,916
  • What is Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC)?
    what-is-wrapped-bitcoin-wbtc Wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC) is an Ethereum-based token that represents 1 Bitcoin. The price of 1 wBTC is pegged to the price of 1 BTC. If Bitcoin is trading for $9,200 - for example - then wBTC is also trading for around $9,200. The brings the promise of bridging the power & scope of Bitcoin with the flexibility of the Ethereum network. We archived this guide on LeoPedia: Bitcoin is the l ... more
    2020-07-16 23:50:42 Block Num: 45,168,407
  • Can You Really Earn a Living on Crypto?
    This concept of earning a living is time-tested in so many different fields. 20 years ago, people were asking this very same question for the internet and wondering if it was possible to build some kind of website or blog or freelancing business, etc. and earn a living online. Now that cryptocurrencies have entered this stage of being viewed as early-stage internet, I think this idea of "can you earn a living on crypto" is an interesting one to explore. I did a quick google search to see wh ... more
    2020-07-13 06:08:15 Block Num: 45,061,764
  • How to Use Naked Puts to Earn Income and Buy Overvalued Stocks
    how-to-use-naked-puts-to-earn-income-and-buy-overvalued-stocks In this clip from episode 13 of the LEO Roundtable, we talked about selling naked puts in order to buy a stock that you think is overvalued, but one that you also want to own in the future. This practical guide is something that I think many people can benefit from. As I continuously monitor the stock prices, I’ve grown intimate with how the stocks tend to move — their volatility, general reaction to various trends in the market, etc. Obviously, I can’t predict t ... more
    2020-07-08 03:56:24 Block Num: 44,916,526
  • How Much Bitcoin Should I Own?
    how-much-bitcoin-should-i-own Anthony Pompliano is a well-known Bitcoin investor. He invests in Bitcoin but he also invests in crypto-related startups through his firm Morgan Creek Digital (an example of a company he has invested in is BlockFi - a crypto financial services provider). Read this guide on LeoPedia He was recently on the Bill Bert podcast with Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer and was educating them on the nuances and values of the B ... more
    2020-07-05 16:55:48 Block Num: 44,846,368
  • Tech Talk #3 - SpaceX Launch, Tesla Skyrocketing, Social Media and the Need for Platforms Like Hive
    tech-talk-3-spacex-launch-tesla-skyrocketing-social-media-and-the-need-for-platforms-like-hive This week was a big one for technology. We saw the Dragon capsule launch by SpaceX & NASA where the first humans to ever be launched by a private company went without a hitch. This is also the first human launch on a reusable rocket. Seeing the astronauts flying toward space while the booster rocket landed back here on Earth to be reused in a later flight is an incredible thing to witness. We’re also living in an interesting time for the stock market a ... more
    2020-06-04 21:04:42 Block Num: 43,968,876
  • LeoPedia: Is it Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?
    leopedia-is-it-too-late-to-buy-bitcoin Whenever the price of Bitcoin spikes and we see BTC all over the news feeds, there is a rush of speculation and new entrants into the market. We can see this happening from a variety of metrics — Coinbase account signups, on-chain transactions, volume or even your personal text messages. The majority of people tend to take a look at Bitcoin only during these major media coverage moments. The 2020 halving event pro ... more
    2020-06-04 04:17:57 Block Num: 43,949,041
  • How Covid is Bringing Massive Opportunities to the Real Estate Market in 2021 | LEO Podcast Clip
    how-covid-is-bringing-massive-opportunities-to-the-real-estate-market-in-2021-or-leo-podcast-clip In the last LEO Roundtable we talked about the real estate market. @scaredycatguide (Mitchell) and @nealmcspadden (Neal) have a lot of knowledge in this area and they shed some light on how Covid is impacting real estate now and in the next few years to come. With the high rate of forbearance, the growing unemployment rate and the suffering economic climate in the U.S., there are a lot of aligning factors that could cause a significant drop in the overall re ... more
    2020-06-01 17:57:00 Block Num: 43,880,151

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    "profile": {
        "name": "Khaleel Kazi",
        "about": "Options trader turned crypto investor and content creator. Founder of the Steemleo Tribe",
        "website": "https:\/\/",
        "location": "mars",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmQtK3c4pLcftzfn44zkHcfno16kCooSgYaFw41ZeiQk2K\/IMG_0875.JPG",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmPsad9A9xALT411T4AJ7YAvKYaa4RRLrot3Cr3f8pEn1Z\/IMG_1173.JPG",
        "dtube_pub": "jaD79zw41wa2Da5GC4cw59XiBdSWzjRnYyDcMJsb5WY8"
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