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2020-09-22 06:10:30

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2020-09-22 06:10:30
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 20 2020
    My son and I played a tough eighteen basket disc golf course this morning. It was going pretty well until the island hole where my son missed a throw. (I had missed several prior to that but was still feeling pretty good.) Our moods went downhill a few holes later when my son missed some throws rather badly. Sometimes when you start throwing badly your throws can go from bad to worse because you are scrambling around in really hard locations off the fairway. That was the case today when he ... more
    2020-09-21 03:08:54 Block Num: 47,050,690
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 19 2020
    I played an eighteen basket round at my favorite disc golf course down by the river this afternoon. I think I scored a personal best of -3 depending on how you count it. On hole eight I managed to park the drive right by the basket about five feet away. This is the hole where I have lost a lot of discs in the river on windy days so I was pretty proud of the the throw. I kind of swaggering a bit up to the disc and didn't bother taking my pack off. I reached down and picked up the driver and ... more
    2020-09-20 03:31:15 Block Num: 47,022,672
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 18 2020
    I started playing a round of disc golf with my son and a couple of friends but did not finish it. We had forgotten to do something and I needed to go back home. It is kind of the story of my life to not remember things too well. It has always been the case so I'm kind of used to it. At least my son was having a good round and scored much better than he has been the last few days. This morning when I was picking blackberries for breakfast I saw this snail up in the bush: Some of the spide ... more
    2020-09-19 02:13:57 Block Num: 46,992,690
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 17 2020
    Played a couple of rounds of disc golf this morning with my son. His friend joined us on one of the rounds. I ended up with the best score on both rounds. My son usually wins but recently he has been having some issues with letting his throws get to him. Disc golf is such a mental game that I really feel he could score three or more points better if he learned to relax a bit more. (I'm not sure if it is helpful to tell people to relax though.) At different times in your life it does become ... more
    2020-09-18 03:32:21 Block Num: 46,965,779
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 16 2020
    This morning my son and I played an eighteen basket disc golf course in the fog. It was a bit hard to see where the discs were landing but we did not lose anything. The fog was very thick with a bit of smoke added to it. My son was having a tough time putting and let that get to him. I ended up wining the round with a even par score. I had a good chance of birdie at each of the last four holes but I missed every one of them. I'm actually very happy with that because at least I got my drive ... more
    2020-09-17 03:31:42 Block Num: 46,937,313
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 15 2020
    I played a eighteen basket disc golf round with my son and a friend today. It was a lot of fun and the air was okay down by the river. It is still very hazy looking but it is hard to tell how much is smoke and how much is water vapor. It is raining lightly tonight. My putting for the round was feeling okay and I did make a few birdie putts from twenty feet or so. I missed an embarising eight foot putt though. It's kind of hard to miss an eight foot putt - just reaching out straight with yo ... more
    2020-09-16 04:01:15 Block Num: 46,909,440
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 14 2020
    It was almost too smoky again but I decided to ride my e-bike out to the disc golf course. On the way there I had a flat tire from what looked like a staple. It took some time to find the hole and I was worried that the tube had moved around and made multiple holes. Sometimes that happens and I had only one patch left and hardly any glue. Someone had kind of messed up and forgot to put the new patch kit on the e-bike. (It might of been me, lol.) I thought for sure I had several patches and ... more
    2020-09-15 04:27:18 Block Num: 46,881,500
  • My Actifit Report Card: September 13 2020
    The air was so smoky today that I was not sure about getting outside at all. I did take the puppy for a short walk. He he is waiting patiently for a treat: It did clear a bit by evening so my son and I headed out and played an eighteen basket round down by the river. I think the air is better there than the surrounding areas. We did not score all that well and a friend that was there who ended up playing with us ended up winning over both of us. I was playing at my usual level and ended ... more
    2020-09-14 04:03:30 Block Num: 46,852,585

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        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmXLeLFA38QUP7GuwbDjR9yv4NAvcUSxm24aNgMMX2orua\/sunLogo_246.png",
        "name": "Lightsplasher",
        "about": "Loving life through 3D graphics, art, photography, writing, cryptocoins and zen.",
        "location": "US, NW Pacific",
        "website": "http:\/\/",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmVi7GSnwSftyLj43GrBAmwM7Jx3HXs2a2SgqPmY3xhWjM\/Anacortes.jpg",
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