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2020-10-27 18:09:08

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2020-10-27 18:09:08
  • Knitting progress
    Hey lovely Needleworkers, here's an update of my attempt at knitting myself a sweater. For those of you who follow me, you'll remember this as being my first attempt at knitting a jumper. The start was a little slow as I had to look up every little technique in the recipe, but it's been progressive pretty well. I have finished the main body part, as you can see. _Body part all finished - the needles are removed as I need ... more
    2018-06-18 16:12:27 Block Num: 23,434,190
  • Summer interrail - with kids!
    summer-interrail-with-kids We are all very super-excited today, as our long awaited travel tickets for the summer has arrived! We are going interrailing! Yes, as a blast from the past, our tickets had to be printed and sent by mail (I don't know why they haven't converted to a more up-to-date system, but I found this seriously charming!). I don't think I've even heard ... more
    2018-06-08 18:08:03 Block Num: 23,149,127
  • Entering unknown crafting territory
    Joining Steemit and its #needleworkmonday society, has proven to be a tremendous source of inspiration to me. There are so many things I want to try, and so many highly skilled needleworkers happily sharing their knowledge and know-how. I find knitting really relaxing, but I haven’t found the courage to knit something more advanced than scarves and shawls. Up until now! Seeing all the wonderful works presented on Mondays, and feeling the support and encouragement has enticed me out of my comfo ... more
    2018-05-28 22:03:18 Block Num: 22,837,134
  • My running week
    This week I managed to find time for two runs (and two tennis sessions). Not that bad considering a very hectic week and a heat wave like nothing we have experienced earlier. At least not as early as in May. I enjoy going to the beach, but I’m no good at running when it’s hot. I did get myself a runners watch, so thank you all for your comments and recommendations. I settled on a Garmin Vivoactive 3. It sells as a smartwatch, but I was ensured by the sports store it works really well as a train ... more
    2018-05-26 19:59:30 Block Num: 22,777,067
  • What I love about #needleworkmonday
    Source: Canva Numerous new users flood to Steemit daily, lured in by the promise of a quick buck. The ad goes: Your voice is worth something and it all sounds so easy peasy! But Steemit is anything but easy peasy. Steemit requires work and dedication. Many of the new users give up, many loose interest in the harsh beginnings of lacking upvotes, many are discouraged by the missing payouts. For me, the #needleworkmonday community became the one reason why I stuck with Steemit. It provi ... more
    2018-05-20 22:36:51 Block Num: 22,607,816
  • Squeezing in an early morning run
    It's been a busy time lately - spring is usually a time for many outdoor activities. At home we are redoing our backyard and the husband has built me a huge big box where I can grow all my vegetables and herbs. Also, we've seen some unseasonably warm weather. This is not something we take for granted where I live, so when the temperatures hit the high 20s (Celsius) we head for the beach. After all, this could be all the summer we get this year, so better make the most of it. Thus, there hasn't ... more
    2018-05-16 14:01:48 Block Num: 22,482,338
  • Preparing for Constitution Day with a little needlework
    One of the most important days of the year in the Norwegian society is our Constitution Day - May 17th. On this day we celebrate the fact that we got our very own constitution back in 1814, after having been ruled by the Danes for 400 years. Our Constitution Day is celebrated more thoroughly than how most countries celebrate their national days, and for first-timers it can seem a little daunting and an overly nationalistic experience. But it's really a celebration of democratic rights for all, ... more
    2018-05-13 21:28:06 Block Num: 22,404,873
  • Steemit-runners: I need your advice
    Hello runners of Steemit! This morning I went for a run and I am pretty happy with my results. I make it a point not to run with my phone - I got it from work and it is annoyingly heavy. Also, I don't wear a runners watch as I have believed it will stress me more than benefit me, although I think I have to reconsider this notion. So on the days I want to measure my performance, I simply register the time I leave the car, and when I return. Then, upon returning home I look up in a map in my compu ... more
    2018-05-10 07:59:45 Block Num: 22,302,319

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