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2020-06-04 19:19:28

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2020-06-04 19:19:28
  • But dad! - a short comic
    Greetings steemians I've just noticed that I haven't posted here my comic which I have submitted to last year's short comic story competition at MFKiG ( basically the biggest comic convention in Poland and one of the biggest in this part of europe). All in all I've received special mention award and some cash ;) which is nice. Oh the comic features two of my sons and, ahem, me. Behold But dad!... Hope you enjoyed it Until next time Cheers Posted using Partiko And ... more
    2020-01-30 11:18:45 Block Num: 40,379,443
  • Pencil portrait number 5 and how my life goes
    Greetings steemians... My life has been rather busy this last couple weeks, therefore I've been posting even less than usual ( which is pretty much very very rarely...). The most important thing that's been going on is the fact that we're selling our apartment and buying a house outside of town. Therefore last couple of weeks me and my wife (but mostly me because my wife stays at home with our boys) have been going there and back moving stuff, buying stuff and making all the necessary adjustmen ... more
    2019-12-22 11:00:30 Block Num: 39,258,029
  • Sketchbok goodness part 7
    Greetings steemians Wanted to share with you some more stuff from my sketchbook, hope you wanted to see it ;) Once more some old but I hope worthy, stuff war Unfortunately it was done on poor quality paper with poor quality inkpen. Not using any of those anymore (as the drawing process was painful) but I still like how this came out. crow Well obviously in a while crocodile Sorry for keeping it so short but I feel empty headed right now, and my three boys keep bugging me to play w ... more
    2019-12-07 18:11:45 Block Num: 38,835,434
  • Pencil caricature no 4
    Greetings steemians. It's that time again. Time when I post a new post I guess. And its gonna be another one of my pencil caricature series. Personally I'd rather be drawing some other stuff but at least I get a few bucks out of it, so it's not that bad ;) Besides it's still a part of my practice so getting paid for it is a nice bonus. Alright here goes The sign says "70th wedding Anniversary" and it's for my friends grandparents. The heart was originally drawn red, but I had to use some ... more
    2019-11-27 10:40:30 Block Num: 38,538,951
  • A ram-fox
    Greetings steemians Today I want to present you another commissioned work, but this time thankfully something different than caricature/portrait. It's possibly a tattoo design that my friend ordered. The idea is his, he even provided photo reference, but some tweaks had to be made to make it a little more symmetrical process Initial sketch with original - low quality reference Version 2 Inking with pentel brushpen And final details and cross hatching with sakura pigma micron ... more
    2019-11-21 20:15:42 Block Num: 38,377,946
  • Caricature portrait 3
    Greetings steemians Lately all I have the time to draw are commissions , but I can't complain, must admit I like getting paid for my work :) Too bad that my personal projects await for a better time, but we'll see, maybe things will change soon... Today I'd like to share with you... You guessed - ANOTHER pencil portrait. Can't have too many of that ;) Behold. Just like previous ones - this was made with 2b, 4b and 7b mechanical pencil. Also some areas were afterwards blended with a ... uh ... more
    2019-11-19 12:16:39 Block Num: 38,310,886
  • Caricature portrait 2
    Greetings steemians Continuing from my previous post Today o want to present you another caricature from this series. Once again made with pencil on A3 sized paper process Preliminary sketch Then final sketch with client-agreed changes Made with 2b pencil Then 4b pencil Then final stage. 7b pencil allows for darkest shadows And that's all for today. Hope you have a good day Cheers Posted using Partiko A ... more
    2019-11-15 15:16:03 Block Num: 38,199,494
  • Caricature portrait 1
    Greetings steemians Lately I had the pleasure of doing some commissioned work for a few of my friends coworkers that were quitting their job. The oencil caricatures were one of parting gifts that were handed during a good bye party I had received photos of described persons and a general idea of what should be included in the caricatures (mostly their now former workplace - Valeo and some inside jokes about their job) Here's the finished number 1 process Began with a preliminary sketch ... more
    2019-11-14 13:32:27 Block Num: 38,168,691

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