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2020-04-02 06:20:42

BitCoin: 6,638.87$

2020-04-02 06:20:42
  • Season over... no Top Place for me...
    The last season is now over and I have actually made it to the Top League Champions I. This brings me now 150 of the current Loot Chest. The Highligsts from the Chests are the following: WTF... One Dollar Reward Value for playing 15 Days? not worthy anymore... no top 50 Place so far this season... to hard to move to the top 50 when leaving the match because the api of steemit sucks... hard times... currently... i'm a bit pissed... -.-" ... more
    2020-03-31 14:12:21 Block Num: 42,131,217
  • Reached Champions I ? ? Finaly... (phew)
    I actually did make it to the Champions I League just now... I almost didn't believe that this season there would be something more to the top league for me. The rating points of 4700 seemed to be unreachable in the beginning, because the API nodes were not reachable from time to time and I left the match involuntarily. But now it's getting better and better again and then we'll see if I can still secure a place in the Top50. See you on the battlefield of Splinterlands! Greetings ~louis ... more
    2020-03-31 10:38:54 Block Num: 42,127,005
  • Der Frühling kommt
    In den vergangenen Tagen war es fast sommerlich - heute dann kam wieder etwas Schnee vom Himmel gefallen... Die Prognose sieht aber gut aus :) Nurnoch Corona überstehen, dann machts auch wieder Spaß draußen :) ... more
    2020-03-29 22:40:42 Block Num: 42,084,401
  • Blueprints Giveaway #1 / Frigate Droeel
    In this Post I would like to give away 10 Blueprints "Frigate Droeel". Just write a comment below the post with your NextColony player name and I will send you the blueprint. First come, first serve. Max. 10 Blueprints. Let's go! ... more
    2020-03-28 13:57:51 Block Num: 42,045,708
  • Finaly reached Champions II - Blockchain Hickups... but... Keep Going!!!!
    Finally... After a few matches that went empty because the Steemit API was not available, I still managed to get into the Champions II league. Now there are almost 5 days left in which the current season is still running and I hope that by playing actively I can still get into the Champions I league and end up in the top 50 players. It remains exciting - see you on the Splinterlands battlefields! Greetings ~louis ... more
    2020-03-25 23:44:27 Block Num: 41,971,998
  • Impressionen einer Geisterstadt - Spaziergang während Corona
    Gestern war ich nochmal unterwegs. Einfach nur zuhause sitzen und Däumchen drehen geht nicht... Irgendwann fällt einem die Decke auf den Kopf. Nach langer Zeit war ich dann mal fast den ganzen Tag an der frischen Luft. Erst habe ich einem Freund beim Umzug geholfen. Dann gings erstmal in die Stadt, da zuhause hocken und arbeiten / netflixxen etc. echt langweilig wird und einfach zu monoton. In der Stadt habe ich dann ein paar Aufnahmen gemacht ... und ich war auch nicht der einzige Fotograf, d ... more
    2020-03-25 23:27:45 Block Num: 41,971,667
  • Daily-Random 01
    Daily Random Picture with Things on my Desk. ... more
    2020-03-23 21:46:33 Block Num: 41,912,825
  • selective focus photography of skunk
    selective focus photography of skunk Brotherhood gray stone dragon fountain shallow focus photo of gray squirrel man driving motorcycle A very good dog black and grey donkey close-up Confusion beige shell sliced of brown mushroom ... more
    2020-03-23 19:05:21 Block Num: 41,909,646

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        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmXxnsA1sCTT7sPvoPvM1FyG23PTbhf4TegGu96QCRc4yq\/2B9dewm.png",
        "location": "Paderborn, Germany",
        "about": "Open Source <3   |   Web-Developer   |   WordPress   |   Photography",
        "website": "https:\/\/\/@louis88",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmdMKB3xAN3dZ8cVEwfPp9wz6vfcgQg5TMqDhLy6HsZSg5\/steemit-bg.jpg",
        "dtube_pub": "21h699ZRPhTCS6wTW3TD9sTs9jZN5476jPiVeTEwLaBEg"
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