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2020-02-22 05:48:29

BitCoin: 9,653.24$

2020-02-22 05:48:29
    ▶️ Watch on 3Speak Directos de Joker (2019) habla sobre la posibilidad de que Arthur Fleck será la base de inspiración para un nuevo villano y este se convierta en el auténtico príncipe payaso del crimen en ciudad Gótica. ▶️ 3Speak ... more
    2020-02-15 01:47:51 Block Num: 40,827,876
    Es difícil crecer en esta plataforma. Creo que los pocos artículos que he publicado son en vano y veré en que otras plataformas es más redituable mi contenido. El blockchain creo que no es para mí. ... more
    2020-02-14 00:57:09 Block Num: 40,798,122
  • Natalie Portman is a hypocrite in every way.
    To combat the white patriarchal oppression, actress Natalie Portman was wearing an exclusive dress that brought the names of several film directors who were not nominated for the Oscar awards. These names were fixed in seams of fine golden threads and the set was designed by the textile company DIOR. This company is known for its infernal maquiladoras where most of its seamstresses are elderly immigrants, who work in deporable facilities and have been victims of inhuman treatment since 1957. Th ... more
    2020-02-13 02:32:36 Block Num: 40,771,284
  • Stalking Death
    In 1994, a man dressed in a black robe and a spear was arrested for staring at the window of a nursing home throughout the day. The elders began to feel uncomfortable, as he looked like the angel of death. ... more
    2020-02-12 16:46:03 Block Num: 40,759,582
  • The Exorcist
    During the filming of "The Exorcist", spotlights fell and tapes disappeared with scenes already recorded. Even all the staff assured that noises, footsteps, voices were heard, that the objects vanished and that if they answered the phone, whispers were heard. Many actors were injured during the recordings, even the set caught fire and a priest had to be taken to bless the filming site several times. Bad luck or a real curse? ... more
    2020-02-12 00:43:48 Block Num: 40,740,376
    There is a parasite that destroys the tongue of a fish and installs for the rest of its life. ... more
    2020-02-07 00:37:24 Block Num: 40,596,558
  • the joker's name is revealed in 'Batman Begins'
    The 'Batman Begins' movie was a start for the big screen of this hero in 2005 under the lead role of Christian Bale, but what many may not have noticed is that at the end of this film the name of the Joker was revealed but what many may not have noticed is that at the end of this film the name of the Joker was revealed even though this villain was not shown in this film. In the last scene we can see Lieutenant Gordon talking with Batman at the side of the Batiseñal, where he tells him that a ne ... more
    2020-02-06 03:02:57 Block Num: 40,570,724
    Karl Grossman , "The Butcher of Berlin" (+18) was a German serial murderer in his trial claimedhave killed more than 50 women throughout their life, and confess that had been delivered and necrophilia to bestiality. Grossman was considered a monster in real life, it was always dominated by perversions so depraved and nasty, that seemed drawn from more gore movies and atrocious. From an early age was a sadist and sexual degenerate, so before I leave this world had already served three long sent ... more
    2020-02-05 02:12:48 Block Num: 40,540,985

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        "about": "\"Un poco de terror, siempre es necesario\".",
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