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  • The beautiful night in the nowhere
    -- - - --- -- - - -- - - ----- -- - - ---- - - - -- Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Shutter: 480 1/1 sec Aperture: f 4 Focal length: 24 mm ISO 1600 Exposure 0 EV Flash: No Flash -- - - - ---- - - -- ----- - - -- - - -- --- - - -- - Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play ... more
    2018-04-02 18:06:15 Block Num: 21,220,891
  • ??The inspiring city of Plovdiv?
    I have always been irritated when the Plovdiv people start praising how wonderful Plovdiv is. But you can not hide your soul - they are right! The city is really such! That's why I finally got to go there with a throne and drop it off some tepe (no, not throw it, but let it fly). In my head, the idea of ​​the luminous city was reversed shortly after sunset, with a few hills towering over the streets. I've seen similar cool photos on facebook, and after a quick reference to the gulp maps, I reali ... more
    2018-03-28 18:08:33 Block Num: 21,076,983
  • ??The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning?? - PART 7
    Deception # 9 - If you shoot in RAW, you do not need to adjust your white balance. Everyone knows that when you shoot in RAW format, you can correct your white balance later in the RAW converter on your computer. It's a great fun when somebody starts to philosophize me on this subject - what you're doing for your white balance, taking pictures of Auto or Daylight, then you'll be doing it to yourself. What if you sit down to process your photos a few weeks after you've done them? Do you still re ... more
    2018-03-26 23:42:51 Block Num: 21,026,079
  • ?? Just Sofia (The capital of Bulgaria) ?
    -- - - --- -- - - -- - - ----- -- - - ---- - - - -- I think the photo does not need my comment, I leave it to you -- - - - ---- - - -- ----- - - -- - - -- --- - - -- - Steepshot | IPFS | Google Play ... more
    2018-03-26 08:52:51 Block Num: 21,008,286
  • ??The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning?? - PART 7
    Deception # 7 - Landscape shot only with a wide-angle lens. Perhaps the biggest stupidity, of all I have heard so far, is that the landscape is shot with only a wide-angle lens! Again? Landscape lenses are Canon 10-18 IS STM, 17-40 L, 16-36 L, and the like. Bullshit! There is no such thing as a landscape lens. Landscape can be shot with absolutely any lenses! Both wide-angle, as well as normal, like the regular 18-55 IS STM, any solid "portrait" lenses, telephoto lenses like the 55-250 IS STM, ... more
    2018-03-23 20:00:00 Block Num: 20,935,252
  • ??The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning?? - PART 5
    Deception # 6 - The polarization filter does not work well with wide-angle lenses. Another common facebook and forum statement - do not use polarization filters on wide-angle lenses such as Canon 10-18 IS STM. Why not? Yes, usually with wide-angle lenses, the polarization of light is not uniform across the frame, and if you shoot on a clear sunny day the result will really be a nasty grotesque sky. But this is not the only use of this filter. The monsters immediately cut off that its effect is ... more
    2018-03-23 09:29:54 Block Num: 20,922,660
  • ??The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning?? - PART 4
    Deception # 4 - The polarization filter is your friend. The polarizing filter is the most commonly used landscape filter, and it's usually the first filter we get (not the number of UV filters that are absolutely meaningless in 99% of cases and have no visual effect on the image). Like everyone else, I did not remove it from the lens at all, and I shot it constantly, always using its maximum effect. Big mistake! Here, for example, it would be much better not to use the maximum effect of the ... more
    2018-03-22 19:59:45 Block Num: 20,906,561
  • ??The deceptions we will encounter with landscape photography at the beginning?? - PART 3
    Deception # 3 - A beautiful landscape is shot only at sunrise or sunset. Yes, everyone has heard about the famous Golden Hour around sunrise and sunset, when the light was magical and warm, the shadows long and soft, how much the landscape and so on, etc. I'm not saying this is not the case. You just do not have to shoot at that time. Landscapes can be taken at any time of the day - sunrise, afternoon, afternoon, sunset and even at night. Personally, I adore on some gloomy rainy day to get stuc ... more
    2018-03-22 09:59:45 Block Num: 20,894,802

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