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2020-06-03 10:37:26

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2020-06-03 10:37:26
  • The Splinterlands History - Introduction
    It has been over 2 years since after intense work by @aggroed and @yabapmatt to create the cards, the art, a website and to create the game function in the Steem Blockchain, the Steem Monsters Alpha Release was announced! A collectible trading card game with RPG (Role-playing game) elements. ![mChd7LkE.png]( At the time it was explained that It is a card game in the style Magic: The Gathering where you ... more
    2020-05-27 15:41:57 Block Num: 43,736,069
  • Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #09
    In the last post I talked about the partnership between Vulture and Goblin Sorcerer attacking the enemy's last position, today I want to show how he is effective in complementing Snipers attacks. Battle: @marianaemilia vs @paapolinho In this battle, if I wanted to add another archer with Snipe ability, I would have to spend more mana ( Centaur +4 mana or Mantoid +6 mana) but see how Vulture's presence is practical as if a third Sniper was on the field! This post was also p ... more
    2020-05-11 12:34:03 Block Num: 43,281,319
  • Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #08
    In today's battle, I come to show a combination of 2 cards that have a great synergy between them, this is the Goblin Sorcerer + Screenching Vulture from the Earth deck. Battle: @marianaemilia vs @monstermother Recurrently the Goblin Sorcerer weakens the last card of the enemy position and then Vulture comes to finish by eliminating the opponent, which is very effective. This could also work with another Opportunity card (Ex: Fiendish Harpy or Parasitic Growth), it turns out that Vulture ... more
    2020-05-08 12:53:45 Block Num: 43,197,297
  • Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #07
    Today's battle: Water against Water, was also extremely exciting and balanced! Realize that we are in the Even Stevens rule and therefore it is not possible to use Lord Arianthus famous for his ability to reflect magic. Battle Link: @marianaemilia vs @wer-gewinnt Here I would like to highlight the importance of the Prismatic Energy card when fighting between Magic teams, presenting strong damage from Magic Attack, and mainly because of its Reflect Magic ability. In this fight rule, the ... more
    2020-05-06 14:16:06 Block Num: 43,142,674
  • Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #06
    Today's battle was quite balanced and exciting, in a close fight between Earth and Water. The Target Practice rule (all ranged and magic attack have Snipe) is very interesting and both sides made good choices. Battle Link: @marianaemilia vs @uwelang Normally in this type of combat Lord Arianthus is chosen for the second position to absorb arrows and reflect magic, but we are also in the Taking Sides rule, without neutral creatures! Therefore, one should think carefully about choosing th ... more
    2020-05-04 14:53:18 Block Num: 43,087,202
  • Legendary gold foil reward cards exist!
    I've been playing Splinterlands for a long time and after completing hundreds of daily quests and receiving thousands of seasonal rewards, I was already getting suspicious, as I never received a legendary gold foil card. This season the magic happened and not just once! I was awarded a GFL Reward for the first time, and it was a Zalran Efreet. Looking later at random for my cards, I realized that I also have a Spirit Minner gold foil! It was a surprise because I do not remember receiving ... more
    2020-05-02 11:46:33 Block Num: 43,027,385
  • Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #05
    One of my favorite strategies is to try to use as many snipers as possible. Instead of aiming the tank, the aim in to undermine the opponent's firepower by eliminating his ranged attack cards. Battle Link: @marianaemilia vs @wer-gewinnt In addition to adding more snipers, another essential factor is choosing the right card to absorb enemy snipers' shots. The Cornealus card is perfect for this because in addition to Return Fire it has Heal. Image: @splinterlands https://cdn.steemit ... more
    2020-04-30 23:47:21 Block Num: 42,985,264
  • Splinterlands Daily Amazing Battle #04
    Tired of seeing your Exploding Dwarf land just 1 hit and succumb to a victim of your opponent's Thorns ability? Two new cards, the Tower Griffin and the Flame Monkey arrived to bring new life to the Fire splint in rules of a pure beating! Battle Link: @marianaemilia vs th12-hurracan With this strategy, it is possible to keep your dwarf on fire for longer in combat and achieve incredible victories! Image: @splinterlands ... more
    2020-04-28 17:09:48 Block Num: 42,921,344

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