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Accounts ID: 1094615
Accounts Name: marianaemilia
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Reputation: 23,186,649,901,058

Steem: 0.14$

2019-11-19 03:01:34

BitCoin: 8,188.31$

2019-11-19 03:01:34
  • #26 Contest – Goblin Mech + SBI !
    Welcome, it is my pleasure to offer you another draw today, this time: 1 Goblin Mech Splinterlands Reward Card + 1 SBI share. Post as reply a sentence or quotation about the subject: Achievement Please, If your comment is a quote, indicate the author of the original. Bonus: The most witty answers will have additional SBI awards! Good luck to everyone! This is a @contestkings giveaway. You do not need to upvote, re-steem, or follow me. But if I do, I will be happy and can incr ... more
    2019-11-18 01:52:51 Block Num: 38,269,678
  • 3 Winners! – #25 – Innocence
    Three winners today! The lucky guy was: Congratulations @chireerocks! In the Bonus category, 2 winners: ![222Screenshot_2019-11-16 contestkings.png]( ![Screenshot_2019-11-16 contestkings.png]( ... more
    2019-11-17 03:01:18 Block Num: 38,242,294
  • At the end of the season: don't stop playing!
    This season that ended yesterday I achieved my best result: Champions League II with 120 reward cards, reaching the 4279 rating mark and the 133rd position in the absolute ranking. For a moment I thought I wouldn't be able to make it because just 3 hours before the season was over I was at 3800 Rating points and the task of reaching 4200 seemed impossible. I made an effort not to give up, especially since it was already dawn here in Brazil and my eyes were starting to close in sleep. I kept ... more
    2019-11-16 03:42:36 Block Num: 38,214,391
  • Brief review of my best Splinterlands tournament!
    And again I broke my financial prize record in a tournament. This time I was ninth in the UNTAMED Crowdfund Closing Celebration, and I received 25.000 DECs! I was very close to passing yet another round and reaching 45.000 DECs. I lost the last duel 2-1 and took the opportunity to take a lesson from this defeat: In the last match I suffered a total massacre, which you can watch at the link: @marianaemilia versus @th12-svj I knew that one of the best options would be to use a Dragon Summon ... more
    2019-11-14 18:37:15 Block Num: 38,174,772
  • A little about the new reward cards!
    Splinterlands is a dynamic game. With the emergence of new reward cards many combat strategies need to be readjusted in light of this new reality. Furious Chicken's entry into the scene is already a classic example. As soon as she came along and we weren't used to it, we often simply forgot to put her in play, and in very even matches her simple presence can make all the difference in the end result. As these new cards are combined and begin to perform at their highest levels, many unsusp ... more
    2019-11-13 21:04:39 Block Num: 38,148,987
  • #25 Contest – Exploding Dwarf + SBI !
    Today I come to offer another draw, this time I bring one of my favorite cards: Exploding Dwarf! The winner will also take 1 SBI... Make a reply with a sentence or quotation about this theme: Innocence If your comment is a quote, please, indicate the author of the original. All answers will be accepted in: Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Bonus: The coolest replys will have additional SBI awards! Good luck! This is a @contestkings giveaway. To participate, you ... more
    2019-11-12 22:40:03 Block Num: 38,122,156
  • 2 Winners! – #24 – Spirituality
    Two winners today! The lucky one was: Congratulations @erixink! And in the Bonus, @coyotelation again: ![Screenshot_2019-11-11 Steemit.png]( Congratulations! ![Screenshot_2019-11-11 marianaemilia.png]( ... more
    2019-11-11 22:41:48 Block Num: 38,093,452
  • Vamos jogar torneios Steem Monsters #3 ! (pt)
    E novamente voltei a bater meu recorde de prêmio financeiro em um torneio. Desta vez fiquei em nono lugar no UNTAMED Crowdfund Closing Celebration, e recebi 25.000 DECs! Estive muito próxima da passar ainda mais uma fase e atingir os 45.000 DECs. Perdi o último duelo por 2 a 1 e aproveitei para tirar desta derrota uma lição: Na última partida sofri um verdadeiro massacre, que vocês podem assistir no link: @marianaemilia versus @th12-svj Eu sabia que a uma das melhores opções seria usar ... more
    2019-11-10 22:34:39 Block Num: 38,064,555

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    "profile": {
        "name": "Mary Emily",
        "about": "adventure, freedom and long life ...",
        "location": "Milky Way",
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmYzU49dn5S7i87PW5puVZMLp9PvTmcsMfURkB2FuM56ib\/malibu-2080075_1280.jpg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmZ7eXfUnFEpNmDh9GM5yZ6ebEQdfNfDfojMTbrcW15awB\/IMG_2300yt.JPG",
        "dtube_pub": "21KCsZ9A8Zx8ie78N7Z5SaocdoNbRQfMMSSJjuy9Am57g"
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