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Accounts ID: 865310
Accounts Name: melissaofficial
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Voting Power: 9,377
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Current Mana 1,298,667,304,935
Last Post 2020-04-01T21:15:06
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Curation Rewards 91,258
Posting Rewards 1,370,560
Reputation: 20,983,896,131,694

Steem: 0.14$

2020-04-02 05:06:22

BitCoin: 6,619.77$

2020-04-02 05:06:22
  • HBD is listed on Bittrex.
    The airdrop landed for everyone, what you have on steem you have on Hive wow! The only unfortunate thing is my post on Hive was deserted. So I will use this one as an introduction post. My name is Melissa and I am a student, I am from Africa, Nigeria Benue State to be precise. I am not here to tell you how poor Africa is or how much support we need in Africa. I will tell you only the negative side of Africa which I thing every continent has it negative side. I am more than happy to be here on th ... more
    2020-03-22 09:46:06 Block Num: 41,870,224
  • Is Hive the game changer?
    [IMG-20190419-WA0014.jpg] I read that my posts on Hive won't show on steem, and that I have same account worth as on steem, well that feels good. Looks like I have so many questions which I really want people to help me answer. Some of us stopped posting on steem because we didn't get the kind of votes we wanted. Apologies to those voting me please. We had to beg to be voted even up to a dollar. At some point we were mocked on discord because we didn't have tons of cash to attract people to our ... more
    2020-03-21 05:17:30 Block Num: 41,836,511
  • You must not be Satoshi Nakamoto before you help someone. Please auto vote me!
    Have you ever assisted someone in your life? Helping people can come in many ways. The idea is that when you are at the top or at an advantage position learn to assist others in any way you can. You may want to become Satoshi nakamoto before you help people? No! In a whole year some people can't afford $100-$200. There's hardship everywhere but learn to assist people in any way you can. why you should assist people who need you Those who need help sometimes are shy to say it or maybe lack the ... more
    2020-03-13 06:48:33 Block Num: 41,608,867
  • Word Usage 2
    Word: ## star-struck (adjective) Meaning: to get fascinated or impressed when you meet great people expecially movie stars or generally those connected with the cinema. Usage:I was starstruck when I met van vicker last year at star-trek. I am open to opinions and corrections Thank you for your support @majes.tytyty @rightwing670 @nanzo-scoop @gandhibaba ... more
    2020-03-11 19:17:15 Block Num: 41,566,322
  • Steem is going up despite the war
    Despite the war going on steem is doing pretty fine and everything in terms of price is going up pretty fast. I saw steem 27% up. You can see that bitcoin dropped to $7900.on days like this steem goes down deeply but am surprise how steem is taking the opposite direction. What is happening? Is the fight good for steem? One thing that is positive about the fight is that, it has made more persons to know about steem, it is like a publicity stunt but no that's not it. Another wrong is that many ... more
    2020-03-10 22:45:06 Block Num: 41,541,723
  • Word Usage 1
    Glamour *plural * Glamorous Noun Meaning: An attractive or exciting quality of something or people that make them seem appealing. USAGE 1. They gave a glamorous position to a member of our family. Comment yours below I am open to opinions and corrections ** **Thank you for your support @majes.tytyty @rightwing670 @nanzo-scoop ... more
    2020-03-09 13:36:21 Block Num: 41,502,025
  • Be open and don't fake it.
    Learn to be faithful and truthful to others. This can also be called transparency. If you lie, sometimes it requires another lie to cover up for the previous lie, but if you tell the truth it is more simple even though if it is difficult at that moment it Wil still be simple. Learn to be open and transparent people will truth you more. Thank you for stopping by. ... more
    2020-03-09 07:26:18 Block Num: 41,494,640
  • Uptrennd blockchain - There are new ways of earning other coins aside steem
    Uptrennd blockchain There are new ways of earning other coins aside steem Screenshots Hunter's comment Link This is posted on Steemhunt - A place where you can dig products and earn STEEM. View on ... more
    2020-03-07 07:28:30 Block Num: 41,437,214

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