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2020-01-28 17:38:36

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2020-01-28 17:38:36
  • My favourite battle for 01/26/2020
    my-favourite-battle-for-01-26-2020 Serpentine Mystic is the mvp of this battle. Rule is earthquake so he choose double heal setup. But his plan is destroyed by serpentine mystic. Serpentine mystic stop fresh golem from healing himself and also healing fron forest nymph.Serpentine mystic is a great tool to counter a healing units. Enemy has to choose a unit that poccess cleanse ability. This is a magic attack so he can not miss his ... more
    2020-01-26 03:05:21 Block Num: 40,254,634
  • My favourite battle for 01/25/2020
    my-favourite-battle-for-01-25-2020 I like this battle. I normally lose to him because he has stronger troops than me. Rule is return to basic so all ability of monsters are restricted. In this kind of battle rule summoners that pocess magic bluff are preferred. And also strong magic monsters are widely used. Thanks for reading my post. ... more
    2020-01-25 03:39:39 Block Num: 40,226,578
  • Esteem app မရှိပဲနဲ့ esteem ရဲ့ အပ်ဗုတ်ရအောင် ဘယ်လိုလုပ်မလဲ
    အခုတလောမှာ ခေါင်းစားနေတဲ့ ကိစ္စပါ။ ဖုန်းကလဲ esteem တင်လို့မရဘူး။ ကွန်ပျူတာကလဲ ပျက်နေတယ်။ အဲဒိတော့ esteem နဲ့ ပိုစ့်တင်လို့မရဘူးပေါ့။ ဒိအတွက် ပိုစ့် reward ကလဲ နည်းလာပါတယ်။ ဒါဆိုရင် ဒီပြဿနာကို ဘယ်လိုဖြေရှင်း ရမလဲ။ ဒါကလွယ်ပါတယ်။ steempeak ကိုသုံးပြီးလုပ်လို့ရပါတယ်။ beneficinaries မှာ esteem ကို ရွေးပေးပါ။ Tag မှာ esteem ကို ထည့်ပေးလိုက်တာနဲ့ esteem ရဲ့ အပ်ဗုတ်ကို ရရှိမှာ ဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ ... more
    2020-01-24 07:39:33 Block Num: 40,202,623
  • My favourite battle for 01/23/2020
    my-favourite-battle-for-01-23-2020 I like this battle. Rules are melee mayhem and weak magic. I usually played this rule with fire splinter. He played with water splinter. I put cocatrice front line along with. Other hero is exploding dwarf. This is a wrong choice for him putting chicken in front line. He should out turtle front line I think. All of his monsters miss, miss, miss and finally hit. This will not be very funny for h ... more
    2020-01-23 12:29:45 Block Num: 40,179,676
  • My favourite battle for 22/01/2020
    my-favourite-battle-for-22-01-2020 This is a wonderful battle. As I like speed I put my flying melee monster front line. At that time enemy chooses two healing monsters Fresh Golem and Earth elemental. I chose Javelin Thrower because I like her speed and piercing ability. I also choose creeping ooze and brownie to support my Coatrice. My monsters has been killed by earthquake but not because of enemy. Speed decides the battle out ... more
    2020-01-22 10:02:18 Block Num: 40,147,987
  • What a lucky day
    what-a-lucky-day I have won three consecutive battles who has higher level cards than I have. Levels do not matters and the choice of splinter and appropriate monsters according to rules on matters. Sometimes speed ... more
    2020-01-21 04:29:15 Block Num: 40,112,592
  • Gold II has been reached
    I has reached to gold II today. I don't know why I can not upload an image I heard that there will be an autoclaim feature for the tribe tokens. That is very great I feel boring to click claim button Yamato season 3 has been started and I hope I can join this party. I am not expecting top 10. Below this will be ok for me. ... more
    2020-01-20 04:12:24 Block Num: 40,083,512
  • My favourite battle for today
    v3anz-my-favourite-battle-for-today I think I will lose this battle because his card level is higher than mine. I don't think he chooses wrong monsters. He want to make his team too fast so he chooses baby unicorn and silvershield bard that can boost his whole team speed.I hope this battle worths spending your time. ... more
    2020-01-19 06:57:15 Block Num: 40,058,060

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        "about": "Epic blogger || gamer || community supporter || curator",
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