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2020-07-12 13:59:56

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2020-07-12 13:59:56
  • Rays of Hope, II.
    [Source] Life can sometimes be like the night; Dark and gloomy Lonely with haunting shadows lurking around When the night is dark and scary With mummified souls singing dirges And I am alone in the middle of an unknown island - Scared and lonely I hope the rays of hope shine on me When I am in dilemma - Confused and at my wit's end Hoping for someone or something to hold onto I hope the rays of hope shine its light on me After the night There is always the sunrise When the sky is lits with i ... more
    2020-07-11 17:31:57 Block Num: 45,018,248
  • Rays of Hope.
    [Source] Captured in the cave of enormous turbulence Like the sea billows, darkness crept in As sunshine was coated with fogs of doubt Hope became a distant land, far away Left with the dilemma of what to choose Either to hide in the dark cave or put on the shoes Of courage and embark on the journey to "Hopeland"; Where rays of light can lead the way A swift turn to the way of hope Was the prerequisite to catch the glimpse Rays of hope shone on the journey to " Hopeland" And assurance was ... more
    2020-07-11 16:10:51 Block Num: 45,016,640
  • My Tea Has Gone Cold.
    [Source] I looked outside my window every time Hoping to catch a glimpse of you Something to hold on to as with hope My heart waited too long, I can't cope I feel like a project topic without a scope I wish to hold on to you while we elope My tears dried and my strength failed With lost hopes and burnt vision My bed no longer look the same As I dread sleeping every night I want the day long, hoping to see you My tea has gone cold, waiting for you Oh! I waited and waited for you There is litt ... more
    2020-07-11 14:26:27 Block Num: 45,014,583
  • Nurture Her.
    [Source] She is a young plant growing from tenderness to maturity In need of certain essentials to survive She needs to breathe to live She needs oxygen, but not wind She needs rain, not storms She needs the gentle sunshine Not the harsh weather If with little or no disturbance She will grow and will yield her fruits In its season And bring grains into the storehouse Don't disturb her Nurture her till maturity Her aim is to bring gain Let her be nurtured and not hampered Thank you for ... more
    2020-07-10 18:22:03 Block Num: 44,990,735
  • Living In Denial...
    [Source] "Life isn't fair enough" "Life isn't balanced at all" "The path to success is too rough" "Success isn't meant for all" "Requirements for prosperity is tasking" "And attaining greatness is tedious" Oh really? Are all these true about life? These are absolutely untrue Stop living in denial of reality Admit you are not doing enough Admit you are not giving your all Admit you really need to do more Success is meant for all (those who want it) Life is fair enough (as we have somethin ... more
    2020-07-10 16:20:03 Block Num: 44,988,319
  • Blank.
    [Source] I hate it when my muse play pranks I detest it, when the weather is dank And I find nothing to refill my tank I hate it when my imaginations turn black And lack of words lower my rank And nothing lies in my pen bank My pleas have fallen On the deaf ears of my pen My pen finally betrayed me I hope to find my muse back Write ceaselessly even in the dark And at the end of the day, get a good remark Would you please Appeal to my muse to be back? So that my note may not be blank Thi ... more
    2020-07-10 15:10:48 Block Num: 44,986,948
  • Can You?
    [Source] The blue sky is turning into red again And like that, a day is ending An opportunity was probably lost A win might have been made A soul must have been birthed A life must have gone to the great beyond Like that, days turns to weeks Weeks into months and bit by bit You end certain pages of your life When you grow old and full of age Can you look back and see your footprints being followed? Can you look at yourself and say "I made it"? This is your life and no one would teach you how ... more
    2020-07-10 11:52:18 Block Num: 44,983,017
  • Broken Promises.
    [Source] As he said- "In sunshine, in moonlight in the dark gloomy nights when happiness becomes temporal and light becomes ephemeral I'll be just by your side" She couldn't be more grateful as she finally found someone who would to her, be faithful Only if she knew she had found the thorn in her flesh rather than the flesh of her flesh and the bone of her bone He made the promises on a lie-filled tongue found his way to her and broke her in the rough Like it wasn't enough put her in a fam ... more
    2020-07-09 18:38:03 Block Num: 44,962,526

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    "profile": {
        "cover_image": "https:\/\/\/4tux39yeaz.jpg",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/xniohd6myk.jpg",
        "name": "Olawalium Oladoja",
        "about": "I am a writer, a poet, a motivational speaker, relationship adviser, and also a farmer. I enjoy helping. I love Jesus.",
        "location": "Ibadan, Nigeria.",
        "website": "http:\/\/",
        "facebook": "",
        "signature": "Thank you for reading.\n\n*My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks with ease.*\n\nStill me,\n\n**Olawalium**; (*Love's chemical content in human form). Take a dose today: doctor's order.*",
        "twitter": "",
        "dtube_pub": "rbKPUZiQSRG7gtn9qbkhw2u13ZH67SvUCB4YvtDQZ8j1"
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