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2020-01-25 23:54:21

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2020-01-25 23:54:21
  • Rainbow Photo Contest: show me your best rainbow shot and win Steem
    Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! During one of my recent hikes around the picturesque landscape of the Sao Miguel Island here on the Azores, I took a photo of what must have been the brightest and most colorful rainbow I have ever seen. As you can see in the photo, the rainbow was also visible in its entire length, which is another rare thing about rainbows. In fact, it looks like it was some kind of a mini rainbow that was just spanning a lake :) Anyway, this shot inspired ... more
    2020-01-24 11:05:45 Block Num: 40,206,738
  • Amazing Nature Contest: my ultimate iguana photo collection
    Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! I am excited to submit my third entry to the Amazing Nature Contest hosted by @adalger today. In my first two entries, I submitted close up photos of insects that actually received a very nice response from the host and from other competitors (thank you for that!) but for this round, I prepared something else :) I can even say something special because iguanas are very special animals to me and this post will be dedicated to them exclusively. Thos ... more
    2020-01-23 11:15:51 Block Num: 40,178,201
  • Už jste vyzkoušeli (promotion of in Czech language)
    Hezký den vespolek! Po delší době jsem si připravil něco jen a pouze pro #cesky rybníček :) Mám pocit, že o aplikaci jsem se tu už kdysi letmo zmiňoval, ale tenkrát ještě ani nejspíš nebyla v plném provozu. Teď už ale nějakou dobu běží na plné obrátky a já sám jsem si její použití několikrát vyzkoušel, tak jsem si řekl, že ji udělám malou propagaci i mezi vámi. Jak už název napovídá, aplikace je určena lidem, kteří píší o cestování. Dříve byl TravelFeed jen ... more
    2020-01-22 10:49:54 Block Num: 40,148,938
  • Beauties of Azores: picturesque Church of Sao Roque in Ponta Delgada
    Read "Beauties of Azores: picturesque Church of Sao Roque in Ponta Delgada" on for the best experience Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! Welcome to my special weekly series called Beauties of Azores that was created by me to raise awareness of the extraordinary charm of a captivating Portuguese archipelago known as the Azores. In this episode, I will show you a truly unique piece of local architecture, the famous Church of Sao Roque. As you might remember, I have alr ... more
    2020-01-21 10:54:09 Block Num: 40,120,278
  • @phortun´s Monday tipping contest #23: winner announcement
    Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! I am excited to announce the winner of the 23rd round of my regular Monday tipping contest :) The participants of the contest were supposed to guess the price of Steem today at exactly 11:00 A.M. Central European Time (CET). The Seem price (rounded to 3 decimal digits) at that particular moment was $0.162 as you can see in the following print screen taken from today at 11:00 A.M. (CET): I checked all submitted entries in t ... more
    2020-01-20 10:41:15 Block Num: 40,091,278
  • Golden Hour: captivating sunset over Ponta Delgada downtown
    Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful pump that our beloved crypto has been through since yesterday :) Keep up this great momentum, Steem! As usually, it is my pleasure to brighten up the rest of your weekend with another sunset photo. I took this shot just a couple of days ago while walking along the promenade here in Ponta Delgada, the capital city of the Sao Miguel Island as well as the entire Azorean archipelago. The image captures ... more
    2020-01-19 10:50:39 Block Num: 40,062,720
  • @phortun´s Saturday upvote giveaway 36#: submit your nominations
    Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! Welcome to the 36th round of my Saturday upvote giveaway, a weekly series where anyone can nominate good but undervalued posts that they have recently come across on Steem. I check all the nominations and upvote the best ones. There are many great posts created on Steem every day that just don´t get the reward they deserve so let´s do some justice here together :) The rules of the giveaway are simple: 1. Only one nomination (post) per person ... more
    2020-01-18 12:06:48 Block Num: 40,035,492
  • Sad news for nature lovers: we just lost another fish species forever
    Hi there my Steemian friends and followers! When writing about ecology and environment, I usually try to be positive and inform you about good news from around the world such as successful wildlife reintroduction programs, inspiring tree planting initiatives etc. but unfortunately, the bad news have had the upper hand lately :( You all know about the tragedy that´s been happening in Australia with billions of animals having fallen victims to the devastating wild fires. My beloved Mexico, a c ... more
    2020-01-17 09:48:06 Block Num: 40,003,980

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        "about": "Nature lover, digital nomad, dedicated minimalist. Open-minded Czech expat roaming the world. Full-time Steemian, content creator, solo curator, contest host.",
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