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Accounts ID: 227355
Accounts Name: potcheen95
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Voting Power: 9,799
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Current Mana 1,186,426,060
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Curation Rewards 20
Posting Rewards 135
Reputation: 1,855,742,409

Steem: 0.16$

2020-10-27 19:44:49

BitCoin: 13,637.61$

2020-10-27 19:44:49
  • Doh!
    View post on dMania ... more
    2018-02-02 02:06:03 Block Num: 19,504,846
  • Funny Looking - Poem
    At the hospital on the day of my birth I’m told I looked strange for what it’s worth Doc didn’t whack my rump like he did to others Nope, I looked so funny he slapped my mother So yeah, I wasn’t a handsome guy Mom said my face could make onions cry Dad took me to the zoo, and a girl made a crack “How nice of that man to bring the monkey back” Once I got sick with the Asian flu I needed some medicine like other kids do The doctor was hardly a humanitarian When he suggested I visit a veterinar ... more
    2018-02-02 01:59:21 Block Num: 19,504,712
  • Good Ol’ Bill
    View post on dMania ... more
    2018-01-29 00:49:15 Block Num: 19,388,245
  • Good Ol’ Bill
    View post on dMania ... more
    2018-01-29 00:48:18 Block Num: 19,388,226
  • But.. but... what about MY POST !?!
    View post on dMania ... more
    2018-01-29 00:38:03 Block Num: 19,388,021
  • Parent’s Prayer
    Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray my sanity to keep. For if some peace I do not find, I'm pretty sure I'll lose my mind. I pray I find a little quiet, Far from the daily family riot. May I lie back and not have to think About what they're stuffing down the sink, Or who they're with, or where they're at And what they're doing to the cat. I pray for time all to myself (did something just fall off a shelf?) To cuddle in my nice, soft bed (Oh no, another goldfish--dead!) Some silent moments f ... more
    2018-01-29 00:27:39 Block Num: 19,387,813
  • Poem about a Mugging - Funny
    When my guard was down they attacked from behind With a blow to the head - now I wake up to find There's a sort of red mist in front of one eye And my tongue's gone all rubbery and my mouth is so dry. There's a part of my head that floats on its own And a pain when I move that just makes me groan. My stomach and its contents have ceased to be friends And are now parting company via both ends. I ought to get up but I'm frightened to try, I just want to lie here and hope that I'll die. I ca ... more
    2018-01-28 19:37:09 Block Num: 19,382,005
  • Poem - The Crime Scene
    There's been a murder, a woman was killed, found in a bathtub, partially filled. A pair of policemen went into the house and questioned the poor woman's spouse. He'd just come home from working all night and found her like that, a terrible sight. The younger policeman looked on with dismay. He'd never forget that terrible day. He saw the young woman from behind the door and empty milk cartons all over the floor, Scattered strawberries, slices of fruit, and spoonfuls of sugar and honey to ... more
    2018-01-25 00:28:57 Block Num: 19,272,703

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    "profile": {
        "about": "Memes and funny stuff, cool pictures and more ! :) ",
        "location": "Area 51",
        "profile_image": "https:\/\/\/DQmRJhZKzZTcePsNVrnVEZjwRCb73vndwUk2JXMxRPYxmwm"
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