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2020-06-03 13:10:48

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2020-06-03 13:10:48
  • Lesnar vs John cenar
    # This is just more than a fight between the two heavy weight super stars, it's a battle indeed for both super stars.  John Cena  initiating the the don't give up against all strikes initiated by Brock Lesnar , the knock out punch initiated by Central  brought about a turn around as Cenar as he intensify more strikes on Lesnar....... Guy.... It's a battle between two elephant indeed......  # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2019-11-08 17:14:27 Block Num: 38,000,669
  • Smack down live
    # It has been just more than a battle recently on smack down as super stars are all over the place clearing all odds with undeniable but destructive strikes/finishing, first on the list is the Big Dog vs Nakamura, with Corbin intruding, brings about disqualification of the fight.......Daniel Brawn doing the's all heat back to back, here at smack down live..... # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2019-11-07 16:31:21 Block Num: 37,971,060
  • Monady night raw
    # It's a huge battle here in Monday night raw as super stars are all over the arena clearing all odds and breaking new grounds.  NXT set for battle against raw,  Lesnar uncomfortable with the attack Ray unleashed on him,  Rollings thinking on the way forward to the next level of his career, Russell  to end the Truman with Laschley........ It's all fired up here on Monday night raw.   # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2019-11-06 10:39:18 Block Num: 37,935,285
  • The new day vs the OC
    It's all abt battle, the arena is flooded with super stars ready to battle with anyone standing as obtacle on their path to success. And here comes the new day against the OC, it was a battle indeed, but the victory goes to the most exciting new day super stars. ... more
    2019-10-17 15:32:45 Block Num: 37,366,263
  • Monday night raw, 15/10/2019
    # It's monday night raw again 15-10-2019, the drafting of super stars from one category to the other, likes of Dolph, Nakamura and others. Also we have new tag team champion, the Vikings riders, The Man handling the Queen, Richochet handling Benjamin, Alester Black clearing all odds and so on. The list is endless, here are some of the highlihgts # Shared On DLIKE ... more
    2019-10-17 12:20:12 Block Num: 37,362,422
  • Smack down live really on fire this week
    # Here we go....smack down live has been on fire with intense hits coming from all super stars as they clear all odds on their path, here are some of the high lights for this week. The big Dog amd daniel Bran took care of Rawan and his friend, also the Man shows up after the clash between the queen and Her team mate against Baley and her team mate, guy's it's all fun.... # Source of shared Link ... more
    2019-09-25 17:14:06 Block Num: 36,736,008
  • It"s monday night raw agin.....super atars making it happen live again
    # Here we are, has super stars making happen on the ring and in the arena again. The beast and monster slayer still celebrating is victory against the monster among men. Truth loses 24/7 championship, Braun Strawman destroyed both the raw and smack down tag team champs. Its all cool here at monday night raw.....these are some of the highlights......... # Source of shared Link ... more
    2019-09-22 07:01:57 Block Num: 36,637,574
  • Kofi vs Orton at the clash of champions 2019
    # Kofi Kingston has proven himself again to be warden of the wwe championship bet arround his wirst . From Daniel brane to KO to Dolph, and now to the viper himself, Kofi still standing strong and tall against everyone of them that has come challenging him for his tittle. Two RKO could not bring him down and at the closing moment of the fight Kofi launched a paradise kick on Orton and that was oruvia she. It's a battle indeed for the champ. # Source of shared Link ... more
    2019-09-18 08:00:42 Block Num: 36,523,781

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        "name": "Prosper",
        "about": "I am a Web Developer and a Blogger. I do blog post on Web Development ,health and fitness ",
        "location": "Nigeria"
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