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2020-09-22 07:17:06

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2020-09-22 07:17:06
  • Why I'm Grateful for Steem and Splinterlands
    Ok, Guys! I was tagged in a Gratitude Challenge. Thank you, @Clove71!!! And thanks @theycallmedan for thinking of the idea. LOL. I do not normally do the challenge stuff, chain letter, or "blow on a leaf 3 times and magic money will appear in my bank account if I tag 10 people in 5 minutes" sorta stuff-- but this one seems to be fun! I mean, why not? I have a lot to be grateful for!!! So here it goes! First off, I want to say that I am very grateful for @Goldmatters who bought my Gold Foi ... more
    2019-07-21 03:34:57 Block Num: 34,845,509
  • Raynie's SteemFest Adventures: PART 2
    Today was the BIG Day!!! The day our sons' Passports finally arrived! This was a huge relief, and I then spent the entire day figuring out our flights and transportation to finalize our Steemfest trip to Thailand! I have spent months, weeks, days and many hours researching videos, reading blogs, tips etc reviews.... and I think I figured it out all out. Here is our itinerary: Oct 31st - fly from SFO to BKK. We have a layover in Guangzhou, China and spending the night. There won't be much ti ... more
    2019-07-19 06:44:15 Block Num: 34,791,778
  • Raynie's Guild Talk
    Hello Hello..... I am back to talk about Guilds!!! Are you excited? Do you have FOMO? Are you Nervous? Me too! I think it is coming soon, and I don't want to be the kid that gets picked last..... What do you want in a Guild? For me, I want the BEST Guild! I want everyone to FEAR my Guild when we walk on the battlefield! I want Thunder and Lightning and everyone to tremble! This is what I would like in a Guild.... 1. Hard-Core players! 2. Elite 3. Exclusive 4. To give each other suppor ... more
    2019-07-01 02:53:57 Block Num: 34,269,422
  • Raynie's Travels: Preparing for SteemFest
    Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing great! I am going to talk about.... 2019 Steemfest Thailand! First of all, I am very excited that Thailand was chosen this year! Kudos for that. My sweetie (@nateaguila ) gifted us passports for Valentines Day this year. So our very first International travel just might be to Thailand! I say "might" because alot can happen from now until November! We have a large family- 5 kids, with our daughter in college. So this trip may or may not happen! We ar ... more
    2019-06-20 04:44:45 Block Num: 33,955,174
  • Raynie's Point......
    Hello Hello! Just wanted to make a point of saying Happy Father's Day to all of you Father's out there! Yes, I know I am a day late....I was so busy trying to give my sweetie- @nataguila a great weekend! The weekend was pretty good! I even managed to try to play a few battles on my phone. That didn't go so well.... heha. I even attempted to play in Peakmonsters Tourney on Sunday. That was challenging as I was supposed to be watching the Giants vs. Mil. I was doing good up until the family de ... more
    2019-06-17 20:22:18 Block Num: 33,887,831
  • Raynie's Rants
    Greetings! Did you notice it is not a Ramble today? Nope. Today is a Rant!!! So here is what happened. My sweetie came to bed at 4:30 am (working so hard on the mobile apps) which woke me up. I went downstairs and made some coffee and started to play. I win, I lose, etc. For an hour or so, then I come across @steallion. I make my team- submit and wait. The battle begins. Now here I am sipping my coffee and start cheering on the stone Golem for killing the Flesh Golem, and I am like "yes ... more
    2019-06-14 04:21:54 Block Num: 33,782,333
  • Raynie's Rambles pt.3
    Hello Hello! Not much going on today. Although all the sharks are starting to come out to scramble to 1st place!! The season is almost over! I started this morning just wanting to climb into the 5200-5300th ranking. But then @jacekw comes along and gets up to 5922 ranking! This guy, dangit. Such a hard-core player! I am sitting at 3rd place but still haven't finished my quest. Blah!!! Not too many tourneys today. I did play in the Silvershield Knights at 11am, got up to 4th place. Other than ... more
    2019-06-13 00:59:27 Block Num: 33,749,522
  • Raynie's Rambles pt.2
    Hi guys! Today I will ramble about the fun things happening today. To start off- I must say that this heat wave is a killer out 104!! So thankful the A/C is fixed! I played in @contestkings tourney this morning- that was fun and so long! I got taken out by @cranium alt. Still fun! Next up is a tourney at 3pm The Golden Rule!!! Gold Foil Silver- Did I ever mention that I have a obssesion with Gold Foil cards? They are just so pretty to look at- they make me feel more powerful! Muwahahaahah.. ... more
    2019-06-11 22:08:06 Block Num: 33,717,335

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