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2020-01-28 17:26:34

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2020-01-28 17:26:34
  • SteemFest๔ Updates: DIY City Weekend Trip, Closing Dinner River Cruise.
    As I started writing this it was 5 AM. I'm sharing a bedroom with my son in the Prince Palace hotel and he had some little nightmare, woke me up with that too, calmed him and then brain started thinking about the event :) Bangkok by night - from Unsplash So what's funny. We checked in Prince Palace Hotel 2 days ago. Receiving all packages and boxes here. "Ah mr. Roeland", and stacks of boxes. But what's funny... At 5 Am you here roosters cuckoo-ing, in the middle of frickin Bangkok. Imagine t ... more
    2019-11-01 11:06:30 Block Num: 37,792,106
  • SteemFest๔ Updates: Mobile app live, evening venue day 2 revealed and Art at SteemFest
    Ok ok, now its really getting close, with 11 days to go :D My week was filled with lots of loose ends taking up time. But also the beauty of being here, is that so many things can be arranged on short notice. It's as if the whole economy is build on "last minute". Great to execute on last minute ideas and make them happen on the spot. I ordered all print materials, got the first goodiebags gifts arrived, ordered some other gifts for all attendees. Chao Praya river by night In between I manage ... more
    2019-10-25 14:28:18 Block Num: 37,594,930
  • SteemFest⁴ updates: Mai pen rai continues :) New venue Conference Day 2 + RoundTable sessions are back!
    TLDR; - lol whut, Conference venue day 2 also got cancelled on me. Bad luck or smth :P, but again, a solution is here already :) - Roundtable sessions can be proposed now through this form Photo by Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash Yes! Me and my family arrived in Bangkok on Wednesday and after checking in our guesthouse compound a bit to the north of the city (1 hour public transport to Siam) I went into the city. Jet-lagged as hell with only 1 hour of sleep because our 1yo daughter felt like only ... more
    2019-10-18 15:45:21 Block Num: 37,395,257
  • SteemFest⁴ updates - New names, heading to Bangkok, get ready for SteemFest Bangkok Bowling Bonanza and Win tickets (new!)
    Excuse me not checking in last week. As we were heading to a family weekend I was crazy busy. Also we had the broker coming to finalise our house rental. This week was all about prepaying downpayments with several suppliers for the event, working on the SF4 program booklet & map, design issues, SteemFest Mobile app updates and... slowly preparing to head to Bangkok: Tuktuk by Joshua Rawson Harris on Unsplash This Tuesday we'll be (finally) flying out and touching down on Wednesday in Bang ... more
    2019-10-11 20:52:27 Block Num: 37,200,209
  • SteemFest⁴ updates: New venue for Conference day 1 - Ticket price hike tonight
    TLDR; - New venue day 1 - mai pen rai - Ticket price hike tonight (executed tomorrow morning CET :P) Wow, what a week it was. Cryptos shaving off a cool 25% off the market cap. Wobbly it was. And the crypto markets is not the only thing wobbly, organising an event in a wonderful country such as Thailand also is :) Bangkok parking by Holger Link on Unsplash In previous posts I stipulated some "bumps" on the road, but I think I never got really into the depths of it. Since I started prepping ... more
    2019-09-27 21:47:42 Block Num: 36,798,943
  • SteemFest⁴ update: new names and shining a light on Thai etiquette
    TLDR; - When in Thailand, do as the Thai do - New names for SteemFest4 - Reminder: Next week price hike 2 (!) This was a week of finalising deals for the event. With an unforeseen cutback in one sponsorship I needed to emphasise on the costs with my final negotiations with some suppliers. Luckily help came in with a new sponsor, but the event is still looking for a couple of "K" to close the current budget. For that matter I decided to open up some adspace in the program / map of Bangkok boo ... more
    2019-09-20 20:15:42 Block Num: 36,595,932
  • SteemFest⁴ update: Conference Venue day 2 location - Steemit team represent - New names - Ticket Competitions
    TLDR; - Big Steemit Inc team attending SteemFest⁴ - Overview of SF⁴ competitions - Reminder: book your hotelroom Link 1, Link 2, sooner rather than later By Giulia Brochetto Excuse me skipping a week. On a personal level much had been going on preparing for our longer trip to Thailand and onwards after SteemFest. We are going to rent out our apartment in Amsterdam for the first time, so I was doing all kinds of overdue errants, small and large repairs, meh. Also we have met with the broker wh ... more
    2019-09-13 19:47:36 Block Num: 36,394,200
  • SteemFest⁴ update - introducing conference venue, new speakers, ticket price hike 1 and TRF SPS
    What a week it was on the chain :) But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? Hello Hardfork 22! With Hardfork 21 came the new economic changes, downvote pool, some new api calls and the Steem Proposal System. TLDR; - Ticket price hike #1 within 12 hours - Travel Reimbursement Fund - SPS Proposal open for voting Sunset over a night market in Bangkok - by Florian Wehde - Unsplash The Steem Proposal System...... is the automated community voted distribution of blockchain created ... more
    2019-08-30 21:24:45 Block Num: 36,010,530

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        "witness_description": "1) Initiator & organiser of SteemFest - the annual global Steem gathering. 2) - open source mobile steem wallet for iOS & Android, including account registration. 3) - lifesized whale sprouting 18 meters high on Steem donations. 4) - steem blockchain based file integrity. 5) - a gallery of projects worth delegating to. 6) More projects listed at: https:\/\/\/profiles\/steem\/roelandp",
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