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2020-06-03 10:19:37

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2020-06-03 10:19:37
  • Covid-19 will make me fat - CAKE RECIPE
    In Russia, the Covid19 epidemic does not have such threatening proportions as in the USA or Italy, but we still try to stay at home. Because of this epidemic, both good and bad events have occurred. The good thing is that my wife @agent.boobs learned how to cook various dishes. And the bad thing is that I gained extra weight. Today she decided to pamper me and her son with a new cake. And I decided that I would make a post and tell you how to cook a simple but very tasty cake. I don’t know what ... more
    2020-04-15 02:05:00 Block Num: 42,539,750
  • How to make hand antiseptics at home - INSTRUCTION
    Covid-19 is rapidly spreading around the world - it is necessary to protect yourself from infection. What to do? Whenever possible, crowded areas should be avoided. It is best to switch to remote work (or to a distance learning process) and not use public transport. Hygienic mask is not very effective. After all, it is quickly contaminated, microbes accumulate under it. In addition, coronaviruses are able to penetrate the body through any mucous membrane, including through the eyes. The mas ... more
    2020-04-13 17:44:12 Block Num: 42,501,802
  • Check - SEO ANALYSIS
    In my post, My Introduction to the Hive Community, I wrote that I opened the BitinvestNews website in 2018. The site did not exist for long, but it gave me experience with WordPress. I didn’t have money to promote the site and I did all the work on optimizing and promoting the site myself, by trial and error. That's when I met SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the comprehensive development and promotion of a site in order to reach the first position in the SERPs for selected queries in o ... more
    2020-04-03 19:59:15 Block Num: 42,223,102
  • My Introduction to the Hive Community
    And so, let me introduce myself - my name is Denis. I was born in 1980 in the USSR, in the photo on the right, I am not yet 2 years old. This is my first photo in my life, my parents signed up for the photo session in advance and carefully prepared for it. Now this sounds ridiculous - our world has accelerated over the past decades and we produce billions of photos a day. We forward them at the speed of light, we print body parts on a 3D printer, we even print our money online! But bac ... more
    2020-03-29 19:07:12 Block Num: 42,080,190
  • GOOD mood - Splinterlands - UNPACKING
    Recently, I began to notice posts saying that good rewards in #Splinterlands are rare. But today's game showed me that everything depends on luck. The game does not depend on your superpowers - this is not poker, here you need to think about how to win, but nobody knows what your reward will be. Passing the quest as usual came with varying success. And I think that I got good rewards - in 30 minutes of fun I received 5 cards, 2 of them rare 764 Dec. This is not a lot but not a little. It is ... more
    2020-03-25 19:55:39 Block Num: 41,967,477
  • Petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash tract (Altai Mountains, Russia) part 2
    Read "Petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash tract (Altai Mountains, Russia) part 2" on for the best experience Hello World! This second part of our family trip. I leave a link for those who are interested in the first part. Part 1 In the morning we stocked up with water, provisions and hit the road. Before the Kalbak-Tash petroglyphs, 300 kilometers remained. We had to overcome two passes - Seminsky pass and Chike-Taman. The temperature was above 32 degrees and we often stopped to ... more
    2020-03-13 16:38:33 Block Num: 41,620,645
  • Petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash tract (Altai Mountains, Russia) part 1
    Read "Petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash tract (Altai Mountains, Russia) part 1" on for the best experience Our journey to the mountains of ancient Altai began by car. My wife Jami, son Misha and son Makar decided to see with their own eyes the petroglyphs of Kalbak-Tash. We easily overcame 800 kilometers and stopped in the village of Monzherok. I rented a house for 3 days. To Kalbak-Tasha, the road ran through 2 passes and several serpentines, it remained to drive 300 kilometers. ... more
    2020-03-11 16:22:15 Block Num: 41,562,828
  • My Steemcity Progress | went in top 100
    This is a cross post of @rollie1212/my-steemcity-progress-or-went-in-top-100 by @russia-btc.My Steemcity Progress | went in top 100 ... more
    2020-03-01 12:14:42 Block Num: 41,271,395

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