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2020-06-04 20:10:24

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2020-06-04 20:10:24
  • Thoughtfuldailypost - Happy June 1st - Joyful!
    Welcome June...Joyful june ? You bring us....... Sunshine Fresh wind Dancing trees Beautiful flowers Much colours Amazing nature You give us..... Peaceful feeling Many Smiles Happy hearts HOPE! Thank you June... for your Joyful Presence Original rambling by @saffisara ??️? Ohh and we can't forget... All delicious bbq ? I had a DELICIOUS first june meal ? MMMM.. And BEST company ? YES.. he did get a piece Meat if anyone was wondering ? lol I hope ya'll had ... more
    2020-06-01 20:04:15 Block Num: 43,882,647
  • Shiny Monday - Silver from sweden and France!
    Happy monday Stackers! Last week I received some amazing silver that is a little different from what I usually buy. I know very little about them so I cant say to much, but I share the little info that I DID find ? Mabye one of YOU know more! 〰️?〰️ 200-krone anniversary coin in silver The 250th anniversary of the Royal Palace in Stockholm. (October 1, 2004) Denomination: SEK 200 Metal: 925/1000 Weight: 27.03 Diameter: 36 millimeters Number of coins sold: 30 580 pieces Photograph ... more
    2020-05-18 18:53:39 Block Num: 43,485,900
  • Monday fun - A mix of old embarrasing freewrites ? Try not to laugh!
    Happy monday amazing peeps ? Hope you are having a fantastic start on your week and finding things that makes you Smile! I SURE DID ?HAHAHAHA Sometimes its good to look back on your older posts, learn from past mistakes and sometimes you even come across hilarious writings that in a way... Is TO embarrassed to share but for some reason you just HAVE to ? Hahahaha This is some of my old freewrites that I did for @mariannewest and I never been much of a writer but it didn't stop me fro ... more
    2020-05-18 15:21:06 Block Num: 43,481,737
  • SKI - My missjudged situation ? try not to laugh!
    Happy sunday amazing peeps ? Hope your weekend is treating you well and that you are happy and smiling ? 〰️❤️〰️ Do you have any memory of a certain situation where you thought things were different than the reality? That you thought you were awsome at something that you really wasn't? Or is it just me? ? This is my missjudged situation ? ENJOY! 〰️?〰️ When I hear the word SKI, it brings me back to when I was a kid and we had this big ski slope close to home. Me and my ... more
    2020-05-17 20:23:36 Block Num: 43,459,471
  • Silverpornsaturday - 2020 2 oz Canadian Kraken Silver Coin Creatures of the NORTH!
    Happy Saturday amazing peeps ? Hope you are having a fantastic weekend, and finding time to relax and smile ? Today is #silverpornsaturday by @silverd510 and here is my newest silver that I been Keeping my eye on for a while ? and now its here. 〰️?〰️ 2020 2 oz Canadian Kraken Silver Coin - Creatures of the North 1st coin in a new series from the Canadian Mint. Weight: 2 oz approx: 62.2 grams pure silver. Purity: 99.99% silver Size: approx: 38mm in diameter, approx: 6mm thick. Photogra ... more
    2020-05-16 21:48:09 Block Num: 43,432,950
  • Public Enemy Al Capone - 2 oz High Relief Round!
    Happy tuesday amazing peeps? Hope your week is treating you well and that you are healthy and smiling ? I am having a crazy time at work and I am so exhausted lately that I just pass out every Day ? so I hope to post more as I miss it SOO much. I had a gift coming today that I got so ? what? ? Yeay... Oooh... Sooo cool ? I just had to share it with ya'll. Check this bad boy out ? 〰️?〰️ Public Enemy Al Capone Public Enemy # 1 Alphonse Capone 2 oz High Relief Round Manufacture ... more
    2020-05-13 00:37:33 Block Num: 43,323,614
  • Silverpornsaturday - 2018 2oz silver KOALA "Next Generation"
    Happy sunday amazing peeps ? I know Im one day late on my saturday silver post ? sorry @silverd510 But I have had internet issue almost all week and only had moments in the garage where I had a tiny little short connection ? lol But now Im back so I have some catching up to do... Like my #silverpornsaturday So here is my latest silver hottie ? 〰️?????〰️ 2018 2oz silver KOALA "Next Generation" Content: 2 troy ounces of 99.99% pure silver Fact value: $2 Australian Dollar (AUD$) Diamet ... more
    2020-05-10 18:15:51 Block Num: 43,259,855
  • Happy Star wars day - May the Force be with you!
    Happy monday and STAR WARS day ? May the force be with you and bringing you much love and blessings ❤️ How about sharing some of my favorite Star Wars items? BABY YODA!! Photograph by @saffisara Isn't that just the cutest baby Yoda? My coworker made this for me and I absolutly LOOVE it ? 〰️?️〰️ Shiny SILVER Star wars!! Poured silver Photograph by @saffisara This AMAZING poured silver was a gift from the amazing @silverd510 and just look at that ? I LOVE IT! 〰️?️〰️ ... more
    2020-05-04 23:12:48 Block Num: 43,096,950

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    "profile": {
        "name": "  Saffi #thealliance",
        "location": "Sweden",
        "profile_image": "http:\/\/\/YiVqc0c.jpg",
        "about": "\ud83d\udc76Preschool teacher\ud83c\udfa5Photagrefer\u2615Coffee Lover\u2615\ud83c\udfb6Music lover \ud83d\udc95\ud83c\udfacMovie lover\ud83c\udfa5\ud83e\udd17Hug Lover\ud83e\udd17 \ud83d\udc49Friend lover\ud83d\udc48 \ud83d\udc36Animal lover\ud83d\udc31\ud83c\udf38Nature lover\ud83c\udf39 ",
        "cover_image": "http:\/\/\/yCwZYZh.png",
        "signature": "*Just happy about life and Thankful for all the blessings in it \ud83c\udf39*"
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